This category lists companies involved in the manufacture of rolls, roll coverings, and related parts and equipment for the textile and nonwovens industry.
A & E Ungricht GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of chrome plated and ceramic coated steel smooth, engraved and embossing rollers for a wide range of industrial applications. Rollers, anilox rollers and sleeves, and printing blocks for calendering, embossing, printing and finishing of nonwovens, textiles, paper and leather. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and machine lay-outs. Links to technical publications and representatives. Multi-lingual site.
Ainy Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of polyurethane covered rolls and rollers for the man-made fiber, textile and nonwovens, papermaking, printing and chemical industries. Also, friction discs, and metering pumps for fiber spinning and spin finishing systems. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, specifications and drawings. English and Chinese.
American Roller Co
USA. Design and manufacture of rollers, roller coverings and bushings for the printing, paper, film, nonwovens, metals and other speciality industries. Detailed product catalog. Technical articles and news releases. Job postings.
Atilim Group
Turkey. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture of rubber covered rollers and cylinders for industrial machinery. Rollers for textile and nonwovens calendering, coating and wet processing applications. English and Turkish.
Britannia Rubber Mfg., Ltd
Canada. Custom compounders of synthetic rubbers for roll covering applications in a wide range of industrial applications. Also, rubber molding compounds. Technical information. Part of the Clarke Group.
Carolina Roller & Supply Co., Inc
USA. Wholesale distributors of parts and accessories for textile cards, and spinning and winding lines. Also, general mill and industrial supplies.
Clarke Roller & Rubber, Ltd
Canada. Manufacturers of polyurethane rubber roll coverings for a wide range of industrial applications. Also, complete custom roll fabrication, roll and shaft repair, and roll machining and evaluation services.
Componex, Inc
USA. Design, development and manufacture of proprietary technology dead shaft idler rolls and specialty bearings for converting machinery. Detailed product catalogs, including technical specifications. Technology information, technical notes and glossary of terms.
Custom Etch, Inc
USA. Custom manufacturers of mold textured and photo-engraved metal embossing rolls for plastic film and sheet, paper, tissue, vinyl, rubber, nonwovens, leather, foil, steel, woodfibre composites, wallcoverings, and textile products. Detailed description of the texturizing process.
Design Rubber, Ltd
Canada. Manufacturers of rubber roll coverings for a wide range of industrial applications, from synthetic elastomers. Also, rubber rolls and molded rubber parts. Technical information. English and French.
Dixie Precision, Inc
USA. Industrial rubber roller servicing company, involved in grinding, cover renewal, journal repair, bearing replacement and dynamic balancing. Detailed description of available capabilities.
eRolls, Inc
USA. Custom design and manufacture of industrial slitting, embossing and laminator rolls and related equipment for the paper, converting and advanced composites industries. Also, brake systems.
Design, development and manufacture of high-performace coatings for polyurethane and nonwoven fabric rolls and rollers. Also, stainless steel and polyurethane covered rolls, and roll repair services. Technical papers on PDF files.
Freiria Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of machinery for the nonwovens and papermaking industries. Rollers, pre-calenders and finishing calenders, suction pick-up tables, and cutting and winding machinery for the nonwovens industry. Technical information.
Gomplast SA
Spain. Development and manufacture of hard chromium plated, and fluoropolymers and rubber coated rolls for processing and embossing in the paper, textile, plastic, leather, wood, and iron and steel industries. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.
Gravieranstalt Dornbusch GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of engraved embossing rollers and plates for textile and nonwovens, artificial leather, paper, plastics, rubber, and hardboard and fibercement applications. English, German and French.
Hannecard Group
Belgium. Manufacturers of custom rubber and polyurethane roller coverings and linings for a wide range of industrial applications. Also, steel and aluminium rollers, roller balancing, grinding and profiling services, and measurement and laboratory testing. Extensive technical information. Product brochures on PDF files. Multi-lingual site.
IBG Monforts Walzentechnik GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of precision brushing, functional, and guiding and transport rollers for flat glass, textile and carpet, printing and specialty industrial applications. Also, suction units and brushing machines. Extensive technical information. Shockwave presentation of production process. Multi-linguak site.
Imperial Rubber Products, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of rubber, synthetics, chrome and copper covered rolls for paper, plastic, steel, aluminum, wood, glass, nonwovens and textile manufacturing and converting applications. Also, roll repair and reconditioning services. Detailed product catalogs. Technical information on PDF files.
Impreglon, Inc
USA. Development and manufacture of coatings and surface treatments based on fluorpolymers, plastics, metals and ceramics for a range of industrial applications. Specialty wear resistant and non-stick coatings and roll coverings for high-speed nonwovens machinery. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Product brochures on PDF files. Part of Impreglon AG.
Industrial Roller Co
USA. Manufacturers of metal, and rubber and fiberglass sleeve covered precision rollers for the plastic film, industrial processing, graphic arts and printing industries. Also, core fabrication and reconditioning of used rollers. Technical information.
Just Rollers, Plc
UK. Manufacturers of rubber and polyurethane covered steel, alloy, fiberglass and carbon fiber rollers for a wide variety of industrial applications. Also, unvulcanised rubber in slab, calendered and strip form.
Kansen Expander Industrial Co., Ltd
Japan. Manufacturers of rubber covered and stainless steel curved expander rolls for textile, nonwoven, paper and polymer film manufacturing and converting applications.
Kickert GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of spreader rolls for the textile and nonwovens, paper, and materials converting industries. Extensive technical information and installation manuals. Operation manual on PDF file. English and German.
Kolthoff Group
The Netherlands. Group of companies, active in roller coverings and laminated foams. Suppliers of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes for roller covering applications, from PVC, natural and synthetic rubber, silicone, cork and various other materials. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English, Dutch and German.
Kwality Rubber Industries
India. Manufacturers of silicone, ebonite, synthetic rubber and hard chrome covered rolls and rollers for textile and nonwovens production and converting applications. Also, a range of expander (bow) rolls. Technical information.
Lueraflex GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of rollers and roll coverings for the textile, nonwovens, polymer film, paper and rubber manufacturing and processing industries. Technical information and machine flow drawings. List of world wide agents. English and German.
Magnat-Fairview, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of precision rolls and calendering systems for the converting, printing, nonwoven, textile and papermaking industries. Also, custom laminating and embossing machinery, and roll refurbishing and repair services.
Metallic Bonds, LLC
USA. Metal finishing, repair and refurbishing company, involved in surface engineering and high-tech coating of industrial equipment. Carbide, molybdenum and metal alloy semi-fused coating of rollers for the textile, paper and nonwovens industries. Also, on-site repair services.
Mitex Gummifabrik Hans Knott GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of rubber and polyurethane roll coverings for the textile, paper, printing, steel and polymer industries. Roll coverings for intermediate and final squeezing processes for textile finishing. Also, custom manufactured machine parts. English and German.
Paul Heller GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of PVC, and natural and synthetic rubber roll coverings for yarn spinning, weaving and nonwovens machinery applications. Technical specifications. Product catalog, searchable by item and application. English, German and French.
PFE Rolls, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of custom engineered rolls for web handling, converting and processing. Also, repair and refurbishing services. Also, laminating, thermal bonding and compacting machines.
Phoenix Engineering
UK. Custom machining of mild and stainless steel products and constructions. Also, plant installation, maintenance and relocation services. Manufacturers of industrial rollers in wood, and mild and stainless steel.
PR International Ltd
UK. Wholesale distributors of pressure sensitive tapes for a wide variety of industrial applications. Silicone rubber coated rayon fabric and adhesive resin backed tapes for roll covering in plastics, paper, textile and nonwovens processing and converting machinery. Also, web splicing tapes. Technical information and specifications.
Republic Roller Corp
Manufacturers of rubber, polyurethane, silicone and teflon coated custom rollers for leather, coating, laminating, converting, printing, paper and steel mill processes. Specialty profiles and grooving services.
Roll Technology Corp
USA. Manufacturers of precision grinded, hard chromium and sulfamate nickel plated, and finished industrial rolls, rams, drums and shafts for applications in the man-made fiber, textile and nonwovens, plastics, paper, coating and laminating, and web processing industries. Also, roll cleaning and restoration services. Detailed list of capabilities. Glossary of technical terms.
Simec Group SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of laser engraved calender rolls for textile and nonwovens embossing applications.
Sirtres Srl
Italy. Development and manufacture of thermoplastic sleeves for roll covering applications in textile, paper and polymer film production and converting operations. Technical information. Product specifications on PDF files. English and Italian.
Standex Engraving Group
USA. Manufacturers of custom engraved rolls and plates for laminating, embossing and calendering in the papermaking, filtration, nonwovens, panel and automotive industries. Also, custom machinery and testing equipment. Part of the Standex International Corp.
Stewarts of America, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of loose pins and pointed wire products, pinned perforation rollers, bars, flats and stenter plates for the tobacco, food products and engineering industries, and textile fiber and waste processing, blowroom, carding and fabric weaving applications. Part of Leach Textile Systems.
TDF-Textape Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of high-temperature, oil and chemicals resistant and anti-static reinforced natural and synthetic rubber, silicone and PVC roll coverings for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, textile machinery spare parts. Technical specifications. Multi-lingual site.
Wetzel GmbH
Germany. Printing, roller engraving and embossing services for the textile, nonwovens, paper and leather industries. Embossing, calendering and thermobonding rollers for the nonwovens industry. Technical brochures on PDF files. Multi-lingual site.
Yuncheng Saueressig Plate Making Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of printing cylinders and embossing rollers for the nonwovens, leather, paper, plastics and foil industries.
Zenith, Ltd
India. Manufacturers of new and refurbished rollers for the printing, textile, plywood, leather and glass industries. Also, suppliers of machinery and materials. Multi-lingual site.
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