This category lists companies, involved in the manufacture and trade in the great variety of pins, and pinned products and assemblies as components of machinery for fiber processing in nonwovens, yarn spinning, and textile finishing industries.
Bajaj Industries Pvt , Ltd
India. Manufacturers of pins, staves and lags, pinned strips and inserts, and tenter pin plates for opening, blending and processing machinery. Also, mechanical spares for gill boxes and machinery for bast fiber processing, and sliver cans. Detailed product catalog, including technical information.
Basant Wire Industries Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of steel pins and pinned machine accessories such as blow room beaters, lattices, pinned lags, waste and rag opener pins and lags, top comb strips for combers, ring temples for weaving looms, and stenter pin plates.
Bayerische Nadelleistenfabrik Paul Leistner GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of standard and custom designed pin plates and rollers for stenter frames, and comb bars for winding machinery. Technical information on PDF files. Part of the Kern-Lieber Group. English and German.
Georg Koinzer GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of wooden, aluminium and PVC lattices, spiked lattices and needled parts for fiber opening and transport applications. Also, suppliers of spare parts. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. On-line ordering feature. English, German and French.
Lide Textile Equipment Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of pins, pinned rollers, and spiked lattices and conveyors for textile and nonwovens machinery. Detailed product catalogs. English and Chinese.
Paolino Lags Srl
Italy. Manufacturer of spiked lags and steel pins for spinning machines.
Srinivasa Textile Equipment Co
India. Manufacturers of pins, spiked and plain lattices, and pinned rollers for blowroom and carding machinery. Also, wooden and aluminium lags, comber brushes and brush rollers, carding belts and spinning rolls. Technical information.
Staedtler+Uhl KG
Germany. Design and manufacture of pins, pin plated, temple pins and pin systems for the fiber and textile processing and finishing industry. Technical information and drawings. List of world wide agents. English and German.
Stewart Pinned Products, Ltd
UK. Design and manufacture of beachwood and light weight aluminium alloy based pinned products for the textile, nonwovens and tobacco industries.
Tambula Textilmaschinenteile GmbH
Germany. Standard and custom design and manufacture of spiked and hot perforation rollers, embossing rolls, and wooden and aluminium pinned lags for fiber preparation and processing, foil and nonwoven finishing, and textile and wood processing applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. List of world wide agents. English, German and French.
WH Bagshaw Co., Inc
USA. Manufacturers of pins, pin assemblies and wire products for a wide range of industrial applications. Steel and plastic pins for fiber opening and rag tearing operations in the textile and nonwovens industries. Technical information and specifications.
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