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AF Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of perforating and cutting systems and accessories for the genuine and artificial leather, textile and nonwovens industries. Technical information. English and Italian.
Aichele Werkzeuge GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of tungsten and diamond precision tools. Rotary cutting units for hygiene disposables, nonwovens, paper and foil applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications. English and German.
American Blade Source, Inc
USA. Suppliers of a wide range of carbon and wear resistant steel circular slitter and cutting knives and blades, and accessories for the paper, textile and nonwovens, metal working and plastics industries. Technical specifications.
Assyst Bullmer, Ltd
UK. Design and manufacture of CAD systems, product data management (PDM) software and cutting equipment for woven and knitted apparel, technical textiles, sewn products, composites and a wide range of flexible materials. Also, three-dimensional garment fitting software. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, PDF brochures and video presentations. Part of the Assyst Bullmer Group.
Atom SpA
Italy. Design and manufacture of cutting machinery, equipment and accessories for textile, leather, automotive, and industrial and consumer goods applications. Extensive technical information.
Besa Corp
Korea. Design and manufacture of ceramic, tungsten, carbide and steel knives and cutting blades for the nonwovens, film and foil, man-made fiber, yarn spinning, fabric weaving, cigarette, and corrugated paper and board industries.
Best Cutting Die Co
USA. Solid and segmented rotary die services for the paper and nonwovens industries. Web cutting accessories and machine parts. Custom design and engineering of dies.
Blickle Fabrikationsgesellschaft mbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of reaming and sinking tools, carbon drills, measuring instruments and cutting tools. Modular systems for cutting, embossing and sealing processes in the paper, nonwovens and hygiene disposables industries. English and German.
DM & E Corp
USA. Manufacture and repair of radial blade cutters and related equipment to process synthetic fiber tows for the textile industry, and staple fiber production. Also, crimpers, tension stands and reels. Custom machining services.
Elio Cavagna Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of pneumatic knifeholders and complete shear cutting modules for slitters in the paper, plastic film and nonwovens industries. Extensive technical information and specifications. List of world wide agents. English and Italian.
Elitron Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of CAD/CAM systems for leather footwear, apparel, furnishing and automotive applications. Automatic oscillating knife cutting systems for upholstery applications. Technical information and specifications. English, Italian and Spanish.
Everwear, Inc
USA. Industrial knives and anvils made of carbide, PM, high speed steel and ceramics for the diaper, feminine care and nonwovens industry.
Expert Systemtechnik GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of optimizing software for CAD/CAM, and computerised waterjet cutting machinery for the textile, nonwovens, leather, paper and plastics industries. Detailed product catalog. Technical information on PDF files. English and German.
France. Manufacturers of saw blades and tools for industrial applications. Band saw blades for leather, foam, rubber, chard board and synthetic materials. Technical specifications on PDF files. English and French.
Hirsch SA
Argentina. Development and manufacture of thermochemically hardened steel blades and knives for fleshing and shearing of hides and skins. List of available products. Multi-lingual site.
International Knife and Saw, Inc
USA. Manufacturer of industrial knives, saws and cutting blades for metal, wood, plastics, paper, textiles and nonwovens.
J. Schlenter GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of shearing cylinder assemblies, shearing spirals and ledger blades for applications in textiles, nonwovens, furs and cords. Multi-lingual site.
Lamebo Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of steel band knives for the splitting of leathers and furs, textiles and nonwovens, plastics and cork. Multi-lingual site.
Lutz GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of custom blades and cutting systems for the plastics, polymer film, man-made fiber, food products, medical and textile industries. Technical information. English and German.
Nordic Company
USA. Custom design and manufacture of non-metal tooling. Plastic shims and spacers, and rubber stripper rings for slitters and coil processors. Technical information.
Ot-Las Srl
Italy. Design, development and manufacture of laser marking, cutting and perforating systems for applications in the leather, nonwovens, textile, paper, plastics, wood, glass and stone processing industries. Technical information and machine specifications. English and Italian.
PNV Machinery Co., Ltd
China. Design and manufacture of rotary cutters and frames, and embossing rollers for the nonwovens, hygiene disposables and tissue paper industries. Also, milling machines for untreated pulp. English and Chinese.
Reynolds Carbide Die Co., Inc
USA. Manufacturers of precision carbide cutting tools, blades, dies, and wear parts for the textile, nonwovens and footwear industries. Custom manufacturing and reconditioning services. Catalogs on PDF files.
Scan Relation
UK. Suppliers of microprocessor controlled hot, cold and ultrasonic length cutting machines for narrow fabrics and tapes. Also, stacke feeders, and punching and marking machines. Technical information and operating instructions.
Schober, Inc
USA. Punching tools, rotary die cutting and perforating, ultrasonic sealing and welding, and special machinery for the paper, textile and nonwovens converting industries.
Seit Elettronica, Ltd
Italy. Design, development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for soldering, melting, marking and laser cutting applications. Laser guided auxiliaries and equipment for plotting, marking and cutting in embroidery systems and label manufacturing. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, specifications and application animations. Directory of world wide distributors. Calendar of events. English and Italian.
Sheffield Cutting Equipment, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of cutting machines, equipment, parts and supplies for rigid and elastic webbings, ribbons, belts, cords, and rubber, vinyl and leather strips. Detailed machine catalog, including technical specifications.
Sunny Computer International Corp
Taiwan. Manufacturers of a range of automatic machinery for label cutting, slitting and folding. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information, specifications and folding patterns. English and Chinese.
Taglio Group
Italy. Diversified group of companies, active in software, cutting systems and robotics. Design, development and manufacture of automatic waterjet cutting systems for the leather industry. Technical information. Machine specifications on PDF files. Presentation videos. English and Italian.
Tecnocut SpA
Italy. Design and manufacture of computerised waterjet cutting machinery and complete systems for metals, glass, stone, textiles and nonwovens, leather and plastics. Technical information. English and Italian.
TGW International
USA. Design and manufacture of OEM specified, precision-made circular and straight geometric shaped cutting tools for the nonwovens and paper converting, polymer film, label and printing, food products, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Thode Knife & Saw, Ltd
New Zealand. Manufacturers and suppliers of a large range of bandsaws, circular saws and industrial knives for the forestry, timber processing, printing, engineering and joinery industries. Manufacturers' representatives for knives and blades for leather splitting, fleshing, shearing and shaving machinery.
Germany. Design and manufacture of perforation machinery, equipment and complete systems for the nonwovens, paper, plastics, artificial leather, wood and foil processing and converting industries. English and German.
Wolstenholme Machine Knives, Ltd
UK. Design and manufacture of in-stock and OEM specified precision made straight, circular and formed knives for the packaging, food processing, graphics, and the paper, plastics, polymer film, textile and nonwovens converting industries.
Zincometal Group
Italy. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in galvanic basket and frame zinc plating and industrial machinery. Slitting systems, knife holders, blades and related equipment for the paper, polymer film, textile and nonwovens industries.
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