This category lists companies involved in clutches, chucks, shafts, dancers, adaptors and related accessories for web and roll handling machinery.

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Antech Converting Solutions
UK. Manufacturers and distributors of airshafts, bowed rollers, air and mechanical chucks, Boschert safety chucks and brakes, inflator guns, and range of parts and accessories for converting machinery. Also, ergonomic lifting devices. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and part specifications.
Boschert, LLC
USA. Suppliers of safety chucks for low and high speed, and automatic winding and unwinding operations. Custom design services. Extensive technical information. On-line purchasing facility. Description of safety chuck technology. Part of Boschert GmbH.
Italy. Manufacturers of mechanical chucks, pneumatic roll pushers, expanding shafts and equipment for rolling and printing machines, cutters, and un- and rewinding machinery. Also, roll handling and lifting systems. Multi-lingual site.
Chucks and Shafts
Suppliers of expanding shafts, chucks and adapters for converting machinery. Also, a range of clamping cones, handling equipment and spare parts.
Convertech, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of shafts, chucks, adaptors and accessories for slitting and winding machinery. Custom design for wide web equipment. Product information on PDF files. List of agents.
Double E Company, Inc.
USA. Web handling accessories for the paper, film and foil based converting and packaging industries. Core chucks, carbon fiber shafts, air shafts, composite rollers, web guides, brakes, core cutters, roll movers, and cores.
Goldenrod Corp
USA. Manufacturers of air shafts, core chucks, and safety chucks for the web, fabric, film and foil based converting industry.
Jorni Machines & Parts International
The Netherlands. Design, development, manufacture and supply of shafts, chucks, clutches and brakes, tension controls and web guides for the processing and converting of paper, foils, plastic films, textiles and nonwovens. Also, upgrading of existing machinery, and custom engineering of parts. Technical information.
JRC Web Accessories, Inc
USA. Manufacturers and distributors of core chucks and shafts, safety chucks, brakes, clutches and rollers. Also, web guides, tension controls, spare parts and accessories. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Equipment specifications on PDF files.
MBC Guttin
France. Design and manufacture of safety chucks, expandable air shafts, spreader rolls and brakes for coating, winding and cutting machinery in textile and nonwovens, paper, film and foil converting. Technical specifications and machine drawings. Measurement conversion tables. Multi-lingual site.
Precision Products, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of a wide range of air- and mechanically expanding shafts and safety chucks, and knives and spare parts for textile, nonwovnes, paper and plastic film converting machinery. Also, full service repair and refurbishment facility for all makes of airshaft. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
Reel & Shaft Handling Co., Ltd
UK. Design, development and manufacture of industrial reel and air shaft handling equipment, manipulators, vacuum lifters, trolleys and stands for the paper, film and foil, packaging and converting industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
Schlumpf, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of core chucks, air shafts, unwind stands, roll and shaft handling equipment for the paper, film and foil converting industry. Also, roll handling equipment. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Links to related sites. Part of Schlumpf AG.
Svecom-PE Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of expanding shafts and chucks for converting machinery. Also, journal bearings and product transportation equipment. Multi-lingual site.
Tidland Corp
USA. Manufacturers of core shafts and chucks, safety chucks, brakes, slitting and winding equipment, and accessories for paper, plastic film, metal foils, and nonwoven materials. Part of Maxcess International, Inc.
Vortex Engineering Works
India. Manufacturers of standard and custom developed electromagnetic, pneumatic, and mechanical clutches and brakes for industrial and automotive applications. Electromagnetic single disc clutches, spring brakes, teeth clutches and clutch-brake units for air- and water-jet, and rapier weaving looms. Technical information, specifications and drawings on PDF files.
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