This category lists companies involved in the chemical tanning, processing and finishing of leather.

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African Leather
South Africa. Manufacturers of tanned and finished cow and kudu leather, and custom processed game skins. Technical and wildlife information.
Al-Ahli Leather Co., Ltd
Saudi Arabia. Manufacturers of wet blue, crust and finished sheep, goat, cow and camel leather for upholstery, footwear, apparel and leather goods. Also, fur and wool, and finished footwear and jackets.
Ansar & Co
India. Manufacturers of dyed, printed, embossed and finished cow and sheep leathers for garments, fashion accessories and leathergoods. Also, collections of ready-made products.
Antonio Esteve SA
Spain. Manufacturers of chrome tanned, dyed and finished nappa and suede cow, calf, goat, sheep and deer leathers for garments, lining, footwear and leather goods. Description of tanning process and color card. English, Spanish and German.
Bader Group
Germany. Manufacturers of specialty leathers for automotive applications. Also, leather care products. English and German.
Badia SA
Spain. Manufacturers of wetwhite tanned, dyed and finished nappa leathers for garments and fashion accessories. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and colorways. Directory of world wide agents. Multi-lingual site.
Ciensa, Ltda
Bolivia. Manufacturers of nubuck and nappa, crust and wet blue tanned, dyed and printed bovine, goat, sheep, lizard and llama leathers for footwear and leather goods. Also, ready-made work shoes and bags.
Cisarua Leather Factory
Indonesia. Manufacturers of wet blue chrome tanned split, drum dyed, crust and finished cow, buffalo, goat and sheep leathers for footwear and garments.
Colonia Leather GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of pigmented, semi-ainline finished natural grain goat and calf lining leathers, and full aniline, sprayed and finished vegetable tanned lamb leather for footwear and orthopedic uses. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.
Concurmex, Ltda
Mexico. Manufacturers of wet-blue tanned and retanned, dyed and finished brush-of, nappa and full grain leathers for footwear and leather goods. Technical information. English and Spanish.
Dias Ruivo, Lda
Portugal. Manufacturers of dyed, printed, painted, embossed and finished leathers for footwear, upholstery and leathergoods applications. Detailed catalog of leather designs. Calendar of events. English, Portuguese and French.
Five Stars Tannery
Egypt. Manufacturers of chemical tanned cow, goat and buffalo leathers for garments, footwear and leather goods.
Gara TZL Plus Sro
Czech Republic. Manufacturers of chrome tanned, dyed, embossed and finished cow, calf, horse, pig, goat, sheep and lamb leathers for upholstery, footwear, garments, leathergoods and accessories. English and Czech.
Gmelich & Söhne GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of nappa, nubuck and heavy, chrome tanned, split grain and suede, dyed and finished leathers for footwear, upholstery, bookbinding, orthopedic products, and leather goods applications. Leather care guide. English and German.
Good Leather Pvt., Ltd
India. Group of companies, involved in the processing of dyed and finished cow, calf and goat leathers for the footwear industry. Also, shoe uppers and ready-made footwear.
Habeeb Tanning Co
India. Manufacturers carcinogenic substances free, dyed and aniline finished cow, buffalo and goat leathers for footwear and leathergoods. Also, shoe uppers and collections of footwear.
Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries
The Netherlands. Chrome tanned, dyed and finished leathers for upholstery applications. Detailed description of manufacturing process. FAQ. List of trade fairs. Virtual interior selector. English and Dutch.
Masip SA
Spain. Hide processing company, specialised in tanning, dyeing and printing of rabbit skins for the fashion industry. Catalog of print designs.
Meridiana SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of printed, embossed and finished leathers for footwear, garments, fashion accessories and leather goods. Detailed leather designs catalog. Directory of world wide agents. English and Italian.
Morera Pell SL
Spain. Manufacturers of split leathers for footwear and belt manufacturing applications. English and Spanish.
Palomares Piel SL
Spain. Manufacturers of drum dyed, full-grain and split nubuck and nappa goat, cow and calf leathers for footwear and fashion accessories. Multi-lingual site.
Paris SA
Uruguay. Manufacturers of chemically tanned, dyed and finished sheep and cow leathers for apparel applications. Also, ready-made garments.
Peretti Group
Italy. Group of tanneries, involved in aniline finished, nubuck and embossed bovine leathers for garments, footwear, leathergoods and upholstery applications. English and Italian.
Rahman Group
India. Manufacturers of chrome tanned, full-grain and split, dyed and finished goat, cow, calf and buffalo leather for footwear, upholstery and leathergoods. Also, collections of footwear and equestrian products. Detailed product catalogs, including colorways.
Rompa Leather BV
The Netherlands. Tanners of full-chrome leathers for apparel and upholstery. Detailed product catalog. Stocklist. Calendar of events.
Saeed International
Pakistan. Manufacturers of chrome tanned, crust, nappa aniline and semi-aniline, drum dyed, split and finished cow, buffalo, sheep and goat leathers for garments, fashion accessories, footwear and leathergoods applications. Also, collections of ready-made industrial gloves and protective wear.
Senlu Tanning Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of chrome tanned and dyed pig and cow leathers for apparel, footwear and upholstery applications. Color cards. English and Chinese.
Shahbaz Leather
Iran. Manufacturers of sheep, goat and calf crust and sheep wetblue tanned and finished leathers. Includes a brief company profile and product photos.
Simran International
India. Vertically integrated leather manufacturing company, involved in tanning, processing, and the design and manufacture of collections of ready-made garments and fashion accessories. Chrome tanned, crust and finished cow, buffalo, goat and sheep leathers for garments, fashion accessories and leathergoods. Multi-lingual site.
Sirte SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of dyed, finished, printed and embossed cow, sheep and goat leathers for footwear, garments, fashion accessories and leather goods. Detailed product catalogs, including color cards. English and Italian.
Tanneries Mégisseries du Maghreb Co
Tunisia. Manufacturers of pigmented, aniline finished, fine grain nubuck and nappa calf, cow, sheep and goat leathers for footwear, apparel, leather goods and upholstery applications. Detailed leather catalogs, including technical specifications and color cards. Multi-lingual site.
Townsend Leather Co., Inc
USA. Chrome tanned, custom dyed and finished leathers for upholstery in marine, transportation, automotive and retail markets. Extensive care and cleaning guide. Organizers of a two day workshop on leather maintenance and repair techniques.
Universal Bossert Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Germany. Wholesale suppliers of wet salted, wetblue, crust and finished leathers for footwear, upholstery and leathergoods applications. English and German.
Zeeshan International
India. Manufacturers of crust and finished cow, buffalo, goat and calf nappa and suede leathers for fashion accessories and leathergoods.
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