This category lists public and commercial organizations involved in research, development and educational activities for the leather tanning and processing, and the leather goods manufacturing industries.
BLC Leather Technology Centre
UK. Membership based organization for the global leather industry. Technical support, collaborative research and environmental services. Education and training programs. Consulting services and employee recruitment.
Center for Leather, Rubber & Plastic
Indonesia. Government agency for research and development for the Indonesian leather tanning, processing and finishing, footwear and leather goods, rubber compounds and finished goods, and plastic products. English and Indonesian.
France. Cooperative research organization and technical support center for the leather tanning, footwear, garment and accessories, and leathergoods industries. English and French.
INESCOP. Technology Center for the Footwear and Leather Industries
Spain. Non-profit organization of the leather processing and footwear industries, active in research and development, training and education, and technology transfer. Company directory. List of innovation projects. Links to related sites. English and Spanish.
IULTCS. International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies
UK. World wide membership based organization of leather technologists and chemists societies, dedicated to scientific study and development of international methods for sampling and testing of leather, and materials associated with leather manufacture.
KIFLT. Korean Institute of Footwear & Leather Technology
Institute for research in the Korean leather and footwear industries, dedicated to the development and knowledge transfer of materials, design techniques, components and processes, factory automation, and testing and analysing services. English and Korean.
LASRA. Leather and Shoe Research Association
New Zealand. Applied research and commercial development, and testing and certification organization of the leather tanning and processing, and the footwear industries. Also, technical training courses.
The Leather Institute
USA. Research institute involved in the development of leather care processes and products, and the organization of training courses on leather, and leather care and maintenance. Catalogs for industrial and consumer products.
Leather Research Laboratory
USA. University of Cincinnati laboratory dedicated to leather performance testing, research and analysis. Also, training courses. Detailed listing of testing services.
European Community sponsored project, dedicated to research and development of innovative and environmentally responsible processing procedures and methods in the leather tanning and manufacturing industries.
Textile and Leather Research Institute
Romania. National institute for research and development of the Romanian textile and leather industries. Technical articles and standards on DOC files. English and Romanian.
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