This category lists articles, lectures, essays and studies on leather tanning, processing and products only.
Chrome Balance in Leather Processing
Technical paper about the environmental impact of the chrome tanning process, prepared by J. Ludvik as part of a regional program for pollution control in the tanning industry in South East Asia. [PDF]
Chrome Management in the Tanyard
Technical paper reporting on the environmental impact of chrome tanning, and the techniques most frequently used in order to reduce the amount of chrome in tanning wastewater. From the Uniter Nations Industrial Development Organisation. Prepared by: J. Ludvik. [PDF]
Formation, Prevention and Determination of Cr (VI) in Leather
Paper from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, presenting an overview of recently published articles on the sources, detection and avoidance of hexavalent chromium in leather and leather products. Prepared by: Christiane Hauber. [PDF]
Hair-Save Unhairing Methods in Leather Processing
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation paper about the ecological advantages of the hair-save unhairing technique in the leather tanning and processing industry. Prepared by: Willy Frendrup. [PDF]
History and Process of Leather
Short article about the history of leather and hide treatments, and current technologies for the tanning and processing of leather. From Canadian Contract Leathers, Inc. [PDF]
Markets for Skins & Leather
A 2003 report providing an overview of the characteristics and worldwide supply capabilities for emu, ostrich, goat, crocodile and camel skins and leathers to Australian producers and processors, prepared for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation by Kylie MacNamara and others. [PDF]
Mass Balance in Leather Processing
United Nations Industrial Development Organisation paper, providing a computation of the mass balance and the efficiency of the leather tanning process as an aid in the assessment of total waste generation. Prepared by: J. Buljan, G. Reich and J. Ludvik. [PDF]
Pakistan's Leather Industry
Review of the state of affairs of the Pakistani leather tanning, processing and finishing industry in 1996-1997. [PDF]
SC6000 and Other Surface Coatings for Leather
Technical paper providing a characterization of the various materials used in the conservation of leather and leather bindings, specifically focused on SC6000 which is an acrylic wax mixture. Author: Tish Brewer. [PDF]
The Scope for Decreasing Pollution Load in Leather Processing
United Nations Industrial Development Organization's study on the pollution load discharged in effluents during the leather tanning process, and the scope for decreasing that load. Prepared by: J. Ludvik. [PDF]
Sources, Detection and Avoidance of Hexavalent Chromium in Leather and Leather Products
Technical report of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, summarising the results of investigations about conditions conductive to or inhibiting generation of chromium VI in tanned leather. Prepared by: Christiane Hauber. [PDF]
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