This category lists companies involved in the manufacture of leather which is tanned, processed and finished with natural chemicals.

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Anaconda Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, hand painted, airbrush finished and hand plugged reptile leathers for footwear, garments and leather goods. Detailed leather designs catalog. Technical information. English and Italian.
Carvalhos Group
Portugal. Group of companies, involved in the manufacture of chrome free and semi-vegetable tanned, dyed and finished sheep, goat and bovine leathers for garments, fashion accessories, upholstery and footwear applications. Technical information. English and Portuguese.
Colonia Leather GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, crust, nubuck and nappa calf, sheep and goat leathers for footwear and leather goods applications. Multi-lingual site.
Combalia SA
Spain. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, crust, dyed and finished leathers for footwear, leather goods, saddlery, upholstery and technical applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Italian.
Cuoificio Otello Sas
Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned full grain, buffed and nubuck leathers for footwear applications. Calendar of events. English, Italian and French.
Curtidos Julbe SL
Spain. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned suede, and aniline and semi-aniline finished lamb, calf and goat leathers and hair-on hides for the footwear and leather goods industry. Technical specifications. Multi-lingual site.
Danfield, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of mimosa extract tanned, naturally stock and custom colored and finished leathers for upholstery, footwear and leathergoods. Technical information, FAQ and color card.
Greenhalgh Tannery Pty., Ltd
Australia. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, dry and wax finished cow, kangaroo and sheep leathers for applications in saddlery, harnesses and bridles. Also, hardware and accessories for the leather craft and saddlery trades. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and colorcards.
Huajie Leather Industry Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of natural tanned pig skin leathers for apparel and fashion accessories, leather goods, footwear, upholstery, and luggage and bags. English and Chinese.
J & E Sedgwick & Co., Ltd
UK. Manufacturers and suppliers of vegetable tanned, dressed and finished leathers bridle, saddle and equestrian, and leather goods applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and color range. List of global distributors.
Kershaws Tannery
UK. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, aniline and semi-aniline finished, nubuck and nappa lamb and cow leathers for fashion, industrial, technical, military and upholstery applications. Also, ready-made apparel and fashion accessories. Technical consultancy services.
La Bretagna Conceria Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned and natural chemicals' processed, hand painted, printed and finished cow leathers for leather goods, footwear and upholstery applications. Detailed product catalog, providing technical information and descriptions of tanning process. Multi-lingual site.
La Querce Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of slow-tanned sole leathers. English and Italian.
Lederfabrik Rendenbach
Germany. Traditional cellular ground, oak bark tanned leathers for the consumer and orthopeadical footwear industry. Description of technical properties and footwear manufacturing process. English and German.
Macchi & Salvadori snc
Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned sole leathers for the footwear industry. English and Italian.
N J Leather Enterprise
India. Vegetable tanned cow, buffalo and goat leather for the garment, footwear and accessories industries. Custom finishing services. Also, collections of ready-made small goods.
Russo di Cassandrino SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned, dyed, and aniline and full grain finished kid, lamb and calf leathers for apparel and gloves applications. English and Italian.
Sepici Holding
Turkey. Vertically integrated multi-national group of companies, active in pit and drum vegetable tanned kid, sheep, goat and bovine nappa and suede leathers for upholstery, garments, footwear and fashion accessories. Also, ready-made collections of leather garments and footwear. English and Turkish.
Sunderland Leather Co., Inc
USA. Contract tannery of crust, grain or split, custom dyed and finished North American white tail deer, elk, moose, bison, cow, goat and horse leathers for footwear, apparel and fashion accessories. Leather shaving and splitting conversion table.
Traditional Tanners
USA. Suppliers of brain tanned elk, deer, moose and buffalo hides for garments and accessories. Also, distributors of books and videos about hide tanning, and organizers of tanning classes.
Twin Leather Co., Inc
USA. Manufacturers of vegetable tanned leathers for bird toy supplies and footwear. Contract cutting of washers and gaskets.
Tärnsjö Garveri AB
Sweden. Manufacturers of wood extract tanned, natural colored, and semi- and full-aniline dyed leathers for garments, bags, footwear, upholstery and straps. Also, a range of finished accessories, leather harnesses, bags and backpacks, folders and document cases. Description of tanning process. Leather care guide. Links to related sites. English and Swedish.
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