This category lists companies involved in the manufacture and trade in parts and supplies for machinery and equipment in the leather tanning, processing and finishing industry.
Awuko Schleifmittelwerk KG
Germany. Manufacturers of abrasive materials in jumbo rolls, and sheets, discs, belts, pads, sleeves and papers for a range of industrial and consumer uses. Aluminium oxide grain coated sanding belts and papers for leather processing and finishing applications. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.
C.S. Osborne & Co
USA. Wholesale suppliers of hand tools for general industrial, leatherworking and upholstery applications. Detailed product catalog, including technical information.
Cermac Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of machine spare parts and accessories for the tanning industry. Also, marking equipment and laboratory testing instruments. English and Italian.
Falloppi Srl
Italy. Design and manufacture of mechanically engraved rollers for forward and reverse coating in the leather finishing industry. Also, trading in pre-owned leather tanning machinery and accessories. English and Italian.
Flamarplak Snc
Italy. Design and manufacture of engraved rollers and plates for the leather finishing industry. Detailed product catalogs, including surface designs. English and Italian.
Galvano Tecnica Snc
Italy. Chrome plating and engraving services for a wide range of industrial applications. Sand-blast engraving of through-feed pressing rollers and vertical press plates for leather finishing. Also, mirror finishing of stainless steel bands. Technical information. English, Italian and Spanish.
Ing. Tomas Dudr
Czech Republic. Manufacturers of suppliers of band saw blades and knives for the leather, metal and wood industries. Band knives for leather splitting applications. Technical information. Multi-lingual site.
Labour & Craft
India. Manufacturers of shaving, fleshing and splitting knives for the leather, foam, rubber, cork and coir industries. Technical information, including drawings.
Otto Specht GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of instruments, equipment and tools for the leather tanning, processing and finishing industry. English and German.
Partwell Group
UK. Group of companies, active in cutting technologies and supplies, and plastics engineering. Manufacturers and suppliers of knives and blades for the leather processing industry. Also, trading in pre-owned and reconditioned leather processing machinery. Detailed product catalogs. Technical brochures on PDF files.
Rudolf Alber GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of band blades and knives for a wide range of industrial applications. Band knives for hide and leather, texile and nonwovens, and foam splitting machinery. Technical information. Trouble shooting list for splitting band knives. Multi-lingual site.
Standard Embossing Plate Mfg., Co
USA. Design and manufacture of chrome plated embossing plates for the leather processing and finishing industry. Also, custom leather embossing services, and suppliers of used embossing plates and accessories.
Supasplit, Ltd
UK. Manufactures bandknives for splitting leather, rubber, plastic, and cork materials, as well as for sheepskin shearing. Can also supply grinding wheels for slitting and shaving machines.
Turato Officine Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of spare parts for vacuum drying machinery in the hide and skin processing industry. Also, reconditioning of existing machinery. Multi-lingual site.
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