This category lists companies involved in the trade, supply or processing of raw, cured and crust sheep, lamb, goat, kid and related animal skins.
Adobinve SA
Spain. Manufacturers of pickled, wetblue tanned and crust ovine skins. Also, nappa dewooling, double face processing and wool washing. English, Catalán and Spanish.
Argolanda BV
The Netherlands. Suppliers of wet and dry salted, crust, wetblue, split and finished goat, sheep, pig and deer hides and skins. Also, chemicals for leather tanning and processing applications.
Australia's Quality Sheepskin Pty., Ltd
Merchants of raw sheep and lamb skins for the tanning industry. Grading and selection information. Article about Australian merino sheep.
Australian Lamb Skin Processors
Processors and suppliers of double face Australian spring and shorn lamb, and sheep skins.
Chris´ Cuir
France. Wholesale and retail suppliers of a wide variety of raw, wetblue and wet salted sheep and lamb skins. Also, cattle hides and finished hair-on hides. Multi-lingual site.
Hermanos Martín del Val SA
Spain. Wholesale suppliers of double face and nappa salted and air-dried sheep skins to the leather tanning and finishing industry. Also, suppliers of raw wool. English and Spanish.
Knox International Group
Australia. Processors of Australian drumsalted and air-dried sheep, and spring and shorn lamb skins. Also, pickled, crust and finished sheep skins, and greasy and scoured wool.
Nibor Australia Pty., Ltd
International merchants of Australian raw, and air-dried and drumsalted sheepskins, and spring and shorn lambskins. Information about local sheep breeds.
Parsitalia Srl
Italy. Manufacturers' representatives for Iranian raw skins, pickled ovine and goat skins, wet-blue and crust leathers for the tanning industry. Also, importers and distributors of textile fabrics, home and institutional linens and workwear. Technical information. English and Italian.
Skinspark CV
The Netherlands. Suppliers of vegetable crust, wetble and pickled sheep and lamb skins to the tanning industry. English and Dutch.
Southern Lambskin Exports
Australia. Exporters of drum salted lamb and sheep skins.
Zivana Skins SA
Switzerland. Trading company, involved in the commercialisation of salted lamb and sheep skins. English and French.
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