This category lists companies involved in the trade, supply and processing of raw, cured and crust cow, calf, kip, buffalo and related animal hides.
Albert Sigl Warenhandels GmbH
Germany. Merchants and processors of wetblue split butts, bellies, shoulders and whole cow hides. Technical information. English and German.
International Hides & Skins, Inc
Canada. International merchants of raw, wet salted, trimmed and machine flayed cattle hides and skins for footwear, upholstery, automotive, garments and fashion accessories applications.
Murgon Leather Pty., Ltd
Australia. Manufacturers of wetblue whole hides, grains, drop splits, and drum salted hides and skins for footwear and upholstery applications. Also, contract tanning and finishing services. Detailed product catalog on PDF files. Description of tanning process. Links to related sites. Part of the Teys Group.
Möller Group
Germany. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in plastics technology, pre-formed flexible parts and leather processing. Tanning, retanning and preparation of wetblue, wetwhite and crust cattle and calf hides for automotive, apparel and fashion accessories, footwear and upholstery applications. Multi-lingual site.
NCT Leather, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of wet blue tanned full-substance and lime split bovine hides for upholstery, automotive, footwear and leather goods applications.
Nippon Meat Packers Australia Pty. Ltd
Group of companies, involved in beef processing and commercialisation of animal by-products. Manufacturers of wetblue, wet salted and drum salted cattle skins.
Northern Cooperative Meat Co., Ltd
Australia. Slaughterhouse and red meat processing company and leather tannery. Exporters of wetblue bovine hides.
Northwoods International, LLC
USA. Trading, consulting and marketing company, specialised in the global supply of cattle hides and skins. Links to industry news and related sites.
Osage Leather
USA. Manufacturers and suppliers of chrome and vegetable tanned suede and semi top grain polyurethane coated bovine split leathers. Also, job lots and leather sourcing services.
Oukro BV
The Netherlands. Manufacturers of trimmed, chilled and salted calf skins for the leather tanning and finishing industry. Also, wetblue tanned calf skins. Part of the VanDrie Group. Multi-lingual site.
Italy. Merchants in raw bovine hides, and wetblue, crust and grain cow leathers.
Südleder GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of wet white, wet blue and crust cow hides for automotive, upholstery, footwear and leather goods applications. Job offerings. English and German.
Twin City Hide, Inc
USA. Processors and suppliers of machine pulled, brinecured, fleshed and trimmed wetblue full-substance and top split cattle hides. Technical specifications.
Union Hide Co
USA. Manufacturers of trimmed, fleshed, and brine cured and wet salted cattle skins for the tanning industry. Description of process. Link to export standards for North American cattle hides.
UnionPelli Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of raw and wetblue split and full-substance calf and cow hides for footwear, upholstery, garments and leather goods applications. Also, hair-on cattle hides. Technical information.
Zengin Raw Hides & Skins
Turkey. Commission agents and importers of raw cattle hides and skins. English and Turkish.
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