This category lists companies involved in the tanning, processing and finishing of animal furs.
Albarello Federico Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of printed and dyed rabbit, lamb and kid skins and furs for fashion and lining applications. Also, collections of furnishing accessories, blankets, carpets and cushions. Product designs catalogs. English and Italian.
American Legend Cooperative
USA. Farmer owned cooperative, involved in the marketing and sales of mink furs. Care and cleaning guide. Technical information and FAQ.
Bill Worb Furs, Inc
Canada. Wholesale merchants of dyed leathers, raw furs, dressed furs, and wild fur pelts. Also, a collection of fur related trimmings. Links to the historical, environmental and legal regulations and aspects of the Canadian fur trade.
Bleistein & Co., Ltd
Import and export of a range of furs for the garment and footwear industries.
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.
Canada. Trapper-owned auction house, dealing in raw fur pelts on consignment. Includes sales information, market updates, conservation information, and links to other trapping organizations.
Griñón Furs SL
Spain. Manufacturers of tanned, dyed and finished wooled lamb skins for garment and lining applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Spanish.
Industrie Pellami Srl
Italy. Manufacturers and suppliers of leathers and furs for apparel, leather goods and upholstery. Detailed products catalogs. English, Italian and German.
Jeil Fur Dressed Co., Ltd
Korea. Fur processing company, involved in dressing, dyeing, printing and finishing of mink and fox furs for the fashion industry. Description of tanning and finishing process. English and Korean.
LA-Impex Bt
Hungary. Manufacturers of panofix treated, natural and dyed chinchilla, blue fox, rabbit, hamster and mink furs. Also, importers of split and grain pig, cow, lamb, goat and buffalo leathers for apparel, footwear and upholstery, and raw and wet blue hides. English and Hungarian.
Manifattura Italiana del Brembo SpA
Italy. Fur tanning and processing company, specialised in natural, dyed and printed fox and mink skins for fashion applications. Links to related sites. English and Italian.
Montana Buffalo Robes
USA. Tanners of hair-on natural colored and hand shaved buffalo hides and robes for floorcovering, sofa covering, wall hangings and bedding applications for wholesale and retail. Technical information and prices. Presentation video of the tanning process.
North American Fur Auctions
Canada. Fur auction house, dealing in raw fur pelts on consignment. Includes sales information, market updates, industry information, and trapper publications. Links to related sites.
Oslo Fur Auctions, Ltd
Norway. Auction house for Norwegian mink and fox skins, owned by The Norwegian Fur Breeders' Association. Information about animal welfare and fur production. English and Norsk.
Saga Furs
Auction house located in Finland offers a wide selection of furs from strictly regulated European sources.
Serpelsa Furs SA
Spain. Manufacturers of chrome tanned, dyed and printed, and finished rabbit furs for garments and fashion accessories. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and colorways. English and Catalan.
Russia. Auction house for a wide variety of animal furs. Information about fur history, farming, processing and fashion. Fur care guide. Links to related sites. English and Russian.
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