This category lists manufacturers of weaving and knitting yarns for specialty applications, or which are produced from specialty materials.

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Artofil BV
The Netherlands. Development and manufacture of a range of open-end, friction spun and core spun, assembled, twisted and coated specialty yarns for the technical textiles market, from polymer staple fiber, filaments and blends. Also, swellable super-absorbent waterblocking yarns for the cable industry. Technical information. English, Dutch and German.
Betis Textil SA
Spain. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Regular, anti-bacterial and flame-retardant yarns for cleaning mops, specialty fabrics and blankets. Also, a range of ready-made cleaning mops. Detailed product catalogs, providing technical information. English and Spanish.
Blanchard SA
France. Manufacturers of custom developed regular and core spun yarns and filaments for weaving, knitting, sewing and embroidery applications, from a variety of metallic coated slit films, and natural and man-made fibers. Also, trimmings for apparel, furnishing, footwear and decorative purposes. English and French.
Conneaut Industries, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of industrial specialty yarns for automotive, wire and cable, aerospace and fiber composite applications, from a wide range of natural, synthetic and high-performance fibers. Glossary of technical terms.
Cortex Hümbelin AG
Switzerland. Development and manufacture of high-performance yarns and threads, cordage and ropes for braiding and knitting of technical fabrics and products, from natural and man-made fibers, and rubber. English, German and French.
Culimeta GmbH
Germany. High-performance yarns and finished products for thermal and electrical insulation, from glassfiber. Extensive information on the uses of glassfiber, yarn manufacturing technology and product applications.
China. Manufacturers of raw white and custom dyed conductive and anti-static yarns and threads for knitting, weaving and sewing applications in the footwear, technical textile and electronic industries, from stainless steel fibers and high-tenacity filaments and spun polyester. Also, carbon fibers, and silver and carbon coated threads. Part of the Durafil Group.
Elektro-Feindraht AG
Switzerland. Manufacturers of conductive yarns for weaving and knitting of textile fabrics for radiation protection and fashion. Detailed technical information and specifications. English, German and Italian.
Essers GmbH
Germany. High-temperature resistant yarns for technical textiles, and regular yarns and filaments for the textile industry. Also, warping services for fabric manufacturers. English, German, French and Italian.
Ferlam Technologies
France. Manufacturers of specialty composite yarns for heat insulation applications, from stainless steel, glass and rockwool fibers, and high-performance man-made fibers. English and French.
Fiber-Line, Inc
USA. Custom engineered, coated and impregnated yarns for technical textiles, wire, cable and cordage, and mechanical packaging applications, from a wide range of high-performance fibers. Detailed specifications. Technical properties chart for synthetic yarns.
Filtec W. Hermanns GmbH
Germany. High temperature, chemicals and hydrolysis resistant yarns, from stainless steel and polymer fibers. Also, high-tech liquid filtration media, stainless steel fibers, and filter bag disposal systems. Product development and consulting services. English, German and French.
Fischer Tech Garne Gmbh
Austria. Manufacturers of single and multiple plied dref friction spun regular, core and hybrid yarns for technical and industrial textile applications, from natural and man-made fibers. Description of spinning process. English and German.
Glowyarn Co., Ltd
Korea. Development and manufacture of specialty light emitting staple fiber, and spun and filament yarns and embroidery threads, from polyester, polypropylene and polyamide mixed with photoluminescent pigments. Also, luminescent dry and wet finishes for artificial leather. Material safety data sheet and test reports. English and Korean.
Gotex SA
Spain. Manufacturers of specialty technical yarns for water blocking in the cable industry, and for pharmaceutical, sports goods, military, automotive and cosmetic applications, from raw and polyurethane coated glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. Also, a wide range of technical woven and nonwoven tapes, and polymer films. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications on PDF files. English and Spanish.
Kaity Fiber Co., Ltd
China. Development and manufacture of fancy yarns for weaving applications, from long and short staple FAR infra-red fiber. Also, blankets, quilts, pillows and cushions. English and Chinese.
Marchi & Fildi Group
Italy. Manufacturers of open-end and ring spun carded regular and fancy yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from wool, cotton, linen and silk. Also, high-performance technical yarns for filter media, personal protection, anti-bacterial and flame-retardant textiles, from cotton, viscose, acrylic, modacrylic, meta- and para-aramid, polyester, polypropylene and steel fibers. Detailed product catalogs, including technical specifications. Directory of world wide agents. English and Italian.
MMT Textiles, Ltd
UK. Design, development and manufacture of proprietary technology micro-climate humidity sensitive fibers and yarns capable for applications in woven and nonwoven fabrics in apparel and sportswear, and military, healthcare, agricultural, technical and industrial textiles. Technical information. Links to related sites.
The Multiple Winding Co., Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of plied, texturised and multi-end wound spun yarns filaments for industrial and technical applications, from glass fiber, cotton, viscose, acetate, polyester, polyamide and blends. Also, woven narrow fabrics.
Patrick Yarn Mills, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of dref and rotor spun specialty yarns for gloves and technical applications, from a wide range of natural, man-made and high-performance fibers and blends. Technical information and specifications.
Belarus. Manufacturer of high temperature silica yarns, silica sewing threads, glass yarns and glass roving. Also, insulation fabrics and fibers. Detailed product catalog, including technical information. English, Russian and Chinese.
Saunders Thread Co
USA. Natural and dyed, anti-wick treated, bonded and glazed, specialty threads and yarns for the textile, wire and cable, and filtration media industries, from cotton, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, acrylic, and a range of high-performance fibers and filaments. Also, commission package dyeing and winding services. Detailed product specifications.
Italy. Manufacturers of paper yarns and cords for furniture, hand weaving, braiding, tying and covering applications. Color cards and packaging information. Multi-lingual site.
SST Fibretech
Manufacturers of anti-bacterial treated technical fibers and yarns developed for sports product applications, from polypropylene and merino wool.
Tecnofilati Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of spun technical yarns, based on silver, copper, carbon and stainless steel. Also, fancy single and doubled yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from cotton, linen, hemp, polyester, polyamide and blends. Directory of world wide agents. Part of the Abati Textile Group. English and Italian.
Zwirnerei a.d. Wutach GmbH
Germany. Twisted, plied and cord yarns and sewing threads for technical applications in the medical, food, disposable products and packaging industries.
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