This category lists processors of industrial yarns only.
Abafil Srl
Italy. Yarn processing company, specialised in twisting discontinuous traditional, specialty and technical natural, synthetic and blended yarns. Directory of world wide agents. Part of the Abati Textile Group. English and Italian.
Alpha Tops Group
Switzerland. Multi-national group of companies, involved in topmaking and the processing and supply of alpaca, mohair, cashmere and camel hair for yarn spinning applications. Information about animal hair and its market.
Amital Spinning Corp
USA. Commission yarn processing and dyeing services. Links to related sites. On-line purchasing of acrylic yarns and triple woven throw blankets.
Beaver Manufacturing Co., Inc
USA. Suppliers, processors and converters of industrial yarns to the mechanical rubber industry. Detailed information about fibers in use. List of technical yarn terms.
Ca-Kar Tekstil AS
Turkey. Yarn processing company involved in two-for-one twisting of natural, synthetic and blended conventional and fancy yarns. Also, custom yarn dyeing services. Technical information. English and Turkish.
Concordia Fibers LLC
USA. Converters of polymer fibers and filaments into yarns for a wide range of medical, industrial, consumer and specialty applications. Also, braided and knitted fabrics, and nonwoven scaffolds for tissue engineering.
Consolidated Thread Mills, Inc
USA. Yarn processing company, involved in twisting, waxing, bonding, dyeing and cone winding of linen, cotton, hemp, viscose, polyester and polypropylene threads, yarns, twines and cords for textile, marine and packaging applications.
Custom Woolen Mills
Canada. Textile museum involved in processing wool on original machinery from the Industrial Revolution era. Commercial custom processing of wool and exotic fibers into fiber batts, rovings, tops and yarns. Also, knitting kits, socks, comforters, mattress pads and hand-woven blankets.
Electrical Fiber Systems, Inc
USA. Suppliers, distributors and converters of single twisted and multi-component plied high-performace technical yarns for the composite, reinforcements and electrical industries. Also, coil taping machines. Technical information. Yarn conversion and unit calculators. Part of the Westral Group.
Ertan Tekstil, Ltd
Turkey. Yarn processing company, involved in bobbin and cone dyeing of natural and synthetic spun and filament yarns. English and Turkish.
Fiber & Yarn Products, Inc
USA. Yarn processing company, involved in twisting, texturing, co-mingling and air-covering of rigid and elastic polyester and polyamide filament yarns and sewing threads for knitting and hosiery applications. Also, twisted and air-entangled natural and blended spun yarns. Technical specifications. Links to related sites.
Filtex Como Srl
Italy. Yarn processors involved in automated commission dyeing and finishing of natural, synthetic and blended yarns. Also, yarn stock services and sales of silk yarns. English and Italian.
Finelvo Srl
Italy. Yarn processing and finishing company, involved in polyamide 6.6 flocking on multi-filament polyamide yarns for automotive fabric weaving applications. Also, coated paper and technical yarns, and flame laminating, flocking, finishing and embossing of nonwovens, and jersey and tricot knits. English and Italian.
GH Michell and Sons, Ltd
Australia. Multi-national group of manufacturing companies, active in wool and leather processing for the garment, furniture and consumer goods industries. Carbonised and scoured wool, and woollen tops for yarn spinning.
GSI Creos Corp
Japan. Diversified company, active in textiles, industrial product and nanotechnology. Manufacture, processing, sales and export of textile raw materials, yarns, fabrics and ready-made fashion. Processors of polyamide filament yarns for the hosiery industry. English and Japanese.
H. Dawson
UK. Suppliers and processors of raw wool and speciality fibers. Greasy and scoured wool, tops, broken tops and noils. Range of value added treatments. Wool sales calendar.
Hickory Yarns, Inc
USA. Yarn processing and importing company, involved in dyeing and winding of polyester and polyamide yarns for weaving, knitting and sewing applications.
Hironen Co., Ltd
Japan. Yarn processing company, involved in twisted and dyed yarns for knitting and weaving, from cotton, viscose, acetate, polyester, polyamide, spandex and blends. Also, woven fabrics. English and Japanese.
J H Ashworth & Son, Ltd
UK. Processors of flat, textured and specialty viscose, polyester and polyamide yarns and filaments for apparel, furnishing and industrial applications.
KnitWitches Yarns
UK. Processors of hand dyed silk, and merino, mohar and cashmere wool yarns for knitting applications. Yarn care guide. On-line purchasing facility.
L & B Williams Pty., Ltd
Australia. Commission dye house, specializing in the dying of textile fibers in tops, loose stock and yarn, both in cheeses and hank form. Also, natural nonwoven waddings and felts. Links to related sites.
Marduel SA
France. Custom processors of sewing threads and technical yarns in natural, synthetic and high-performance fibers, and in a wide range of titrations. Also, manufacturers of polypropylene filament yarns. English and French.
Mayfield Yarns, Ltd
UK. Yarn processing company, involved in warping and twisting flat, textured and specialty finished polyamide, polyester, polyolefin, aramid and cellulose mono- and multi-filament yarns for further processing, and weaving applications. Technical information.
Miranli Tekstil, Ltd
Turkey. Textile company, specialised in twisting, sizing and warping of cotton, viscose, polyester and blended spun and filament yarns. Part of the Harput Group. English, Turkish and Russian.
Ongetta Srl
Italy. Yarn processors, specialised in twisting of continuous and discontinuous silk yarns and slivers, and blended threads. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Italian.
RE Dickie, Ltd
UK. Processors of rare breed wool fleeces and tops to the yarn spinning industry. Also, distributors of wool yarns and ready made garments.
Ruoss-Kistler AG
Switzerland. Diversified manufacturing and trading company, active in industrial electronics, yarns and real estate. Processors of knotless, voile, crepe, multiple and specialty twisted yarns for knitting and weaving. Encyclopedia if the yarn twisting technology. Multi-lingual site.
Schaefer Yarn Company, Ltd
USA. Hand dyeing of variegated knitting yarns for wholesale, from cotton, wool and blends. Color concept cards. Patterns. List of stockists.
Selim Textile, Ltd
Korea. Yarn processing company, involved in commission cheese dyeing and inding of natural, synthetic and blended yarns for knitting and weaving applications. English and Korean.
Sidhvan Group
India. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles and sanitary products. Processors of partially oriented (POY), twisted, dyed and finished polyester filament yarns for weaving and knitting applications. Description of manufacturing process.
Soieries Elite
Yarn processing company, involved in uptwisting, twisting, assembling, heatsetting and winding of a variety of polymer and metal filament yarns. Also, round twisted metallic covered yarns for knitting, weaving, sewing and embroidery applications. Multi-lingual site.
Subbifil SpA
Italy. Yarn processing company, involved in rewinding, doubling, twisting, gassing, fractional and sectional warping, and sizing of viscose, polyester and polyamide filament yarns. Part of the Bosio Group. English and Italian.
Tintoria Vago
Italy. Yarn processing company, involved in commission reel and mercerized skein dyeing and finishing of cotton, linen, viscose, polyester and blended yarns. Also, gassing, reeling, unwinding, spooling and conditioning services. Lists of available cabinet and reel capacities. Glossary of technical terms and definitions. English and Italian.
TP Industrial Yarns & Fabrics BV
The Netherlands. Custom converting of industrial viscose, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and glass fiber yarns for knitting and weaving applications.
Têxtil São João
Brazil. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Yarn processors, specialised in twisting, re-reeling and dyeing of filament and spun regular and fancy yarns for knitting, weaving and hosiery applications. Also, plain, dobby and jacquard woven fabrics for drapes, tapestries and interior decoration. English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Valley Mills
UK. Custom package yarn dyeing services. Also, yarn sourcing and supply.
Ververij Ovelacq BVBA
Belgium. Merchant and commission package dyeing of industrial yarns. Technical information and glossary.
Zipper Cord Corp
USA. Custom yarn processing company, specialised in precision twisting and winding of industrial spun and filament yarns, cords, threads and twines from natural, man-made and blended fibers.
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