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A. Ganapathi Chettiar
India. Suppliers of a range of ring and compact spun greige, fiber dyed, melange and slub yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from conventional and organic cotton, bamboo, man-made cellulosics and blends with spandex. Also, collections of knitted fabrics. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
Ameropa AG
Switzerland. Private international trading house, active in textiles, chemicals and grain. Buying and selling of fibers and yarns, from polyester, polyamide, viscose, acrylic and glassfiber.
B.L. Freedman & Co
USA. Brokers of fibers and yarns for knitting and weaving applications.
Spain. Textile agency, specialised in the import, export and wholesale distribution of jute yarns, twines and hessian cloth to the footwear, textile, geotechnical, construction, carpet and industrial sacks and bags industries. Also, cotton and polyester blended yarns. English and Spanish.
Evergreen Global Pte., Ltd
Singapore. Diversified company, active in yarns and automotive tyres. Manufacturers' representatives for cotton, polyester and viscose spun yarns, and viscose and polyester staple fiber and filaments.
Hajveri Corp
Pakistan. Indenters of open-end and ring spun greige yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from cotton and blends with viscose and polyester. Also, greige, bleached, dyed and printed woven and knitted fabrics, and stock lots and overruns.
Hall Tex Yarn, Inc
Import and export of a wide variety of natural, synthetic and blended yarns for knitting and weaving applications. Also, stock lots, seconds and close-outs, and chemical yarn dyes. Custom yarn dyeing services.
Impeks, Ltd
Turkey. Manufacturers' representatives and world wide traders in knitting and weaving yarns, and sewing threads, from natural and man-made fibers and blends. Also, ropes and twines, food grade jute bags, and viscose, polyester and polyamide staple fiber and chips. Technical specifications. English and Turkish.
Jinwoo Enterprise
Korea. Import and export of specialty yarns, and textile processing and finishing machinery and equipment. English and Korean.
India. Exporters of a wide range of regular and fancy spun and filament yarns for knitting, weaving and sewing applications, from natural and man-made fibers and blends. Also, fabrics and ready-made garments.
Lahoti Overseas, Ltd
India. Exporters of carded and combed, single and two-ply, course and fine count open-end and ring spun yarns, from cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyester and blends. Also, specialty yarns, and plain and pattern woven, and knitted greige fabrics. Technical information.
Landmark International
India. Manufacturers' representatives and distributors of raw white and dyed, single and double plied, regular and value added yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from natural and man-made fibers and blends. Also, raw, scoured, washed and greasy wool, and wool waste.
Meher International
India. Textile agency, specialised in custom sourcing of carded and combed, open-end and ring spun cotton, viscose and blended yarns, and viscose, polyester and polyamide filaments. Also, polyamide chips, and manufacturers' representatives for polyamide filament yarns. Technical specifications.
Nilgun International Trading Co., Ltd
Turkey. International merchants in silk fiber, and raw, thrown and spun yarns and fabrics, from silk and blends with cotton, linen and wool. Also, collections of silk filled comforters and pillows, and silk blankets. Technical information. English, Turkish and Italian.
RJK Impex
India. Diversified import and export company, active in raw cotton, textile machinery and materials, plastics and automotive equipment. Suppliers of combed, ring and open-end spun, gassed and mercerized yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from bamboo, cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyester and blends. Also, rayon filament yarn. Technical specifications.
Sai International Trading Co
India. Diversified company, active in machinery, exports and business consultancy. Exporters of cotton and synthetic yarns. Also, geotextiles, and woven and knitted fabrics.
Swedish Yarn, Inc
USA. Importer and distributor of hand knitting and crochetting yarns, from wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester and blends. Designs and color cards included. North American distributor for Hanne Falkenberg, Marks and Kattens, Jarbo Garn, and Gjestal.
Tengda Trading Co., Ltd
China. Exporters of a range of sisal fibers, yarns, ropes, mats and carpets. Also, bleached and natural colored, sheared, oiled and untreated yarns.
Textile Network Concepts, Inc
USA. Merchants, brokers, dealers and agents of natural and synthetic spun yarns, and synthetic continuous filament fiber. Also, wholesale of apparel.
Titan Textile International Inc.
Canada. Importers and distributors of regular and high-performance industrial yarns and sewing threads, from a range of natural, mineral and man-made fibers. A yarn conversion table. Links to related sites. [English and French]
India. Exporters of ring and compact spun, two-for-one twisted, and gassed fine and super fine count yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from long staple Gizza cotton. Technical specifications. Glossary of terms. History of cotton cultivation, and descriptions of the types, properties and characteristics of cotton fiber.
United Raw Material Solutions, Inc
Export and sourcing agency, active in textiles, petrochemicals, plastics and electronics. Raw white draw textured (DTY) polyester filaments for hosiery, knitting and weaving applications. Also, polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Technical specifications.
V. Jagadish
India. Exporters of regular and melange, gassed, twisted and dyed yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from cotton. Also, sewing threads. Technical specifications and color cards. Glossary of technical terms and definitions.
Vekway Import & Export Co., Ltd
China. International trading arm of a group of companies involved in the manufacturing of a wide range of natural white, and dope and cone dyed, mono- and multi-filament twisted and textured polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) yarns. Also, regular and core spun sewing and embroidery threads, twines and ropes, industrial filaments, and high-performance woven carbon and kevlar fabrics. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.
Zaki Trading, Ltd
China. International traders of raw cotton, cotton waste, carded and combed yarns for knitting and weaving, from cotton, viscose and polyester blends, and raw white and dope dyed acetate and polyester filament yarns. Also, woven and knitted fabrics.
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