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ACS Industries, LLC
USA. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in woven and knitted wire mesh fabrics, wire and cable, optical fibers, foam products, precision machining and shielding technology. Multi-filament polypropylene yarns for carpet, webbing, upholstery fabric, and rope and cordage applications.
Agro-Poli Sp. zoo
Poland. Manufacturers of raw white and custom solution dyed polypropylene multi-filament yarns for weaving, braiding and sewing applications. Also, packaging and storage bags, and agricultural strings. English and polish.
AS Press
Russia. Manufacturers of polypropylene multi-filament yarns for ropes, nets and tapes, and knitting and weaving applications. Technical specifications. Links to related sites. English and Russian.
Bexco NV
Belgium. Manufacturers of polypropylene continuous filament yarns for ropes, agriculture and geotextile applications, Also, ropes, tapes and strappings. Detailed technical information and specifications.
Cahaya Chia Group
Malaysia. Diversified group of manufacturing and trading companies. Filament yarns and sewing threads, strings and filler cords for industrial applications, from polypropylene. Also, textile cleaning materials.
Chemosvit Fibrochem AS
Slovakia. Manufacturers of high-performance mass dyed, texturised polypropylene multi-filament yarns for knitting and weaving in apparel, furnishing and technical textile applications. Technical information. English and Slovakian.
Essegomma SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of flat, intermingled and twisted polypropylene multi-filament yarns for weaving applications. Extensive technical information and specifications. English and Italian.
Garware Wall Ropes, Ltd
India. Group of companies, active in geotechnical products and cordage. High-tenacity two and multiple plied polypropylene filament yarns for a wide range of technical applications. Also, woven and nonwoven geotextiles, clay liners, geomembranes and geotechnical products. Technical information. Product brochures on PDF files. List of job opportunities.
Industrias Murtra SA
Versatile textile manufacturing company, active in yarns, slings, furnishing accessories and bed linens. Multifilament polypropylene yarns for narrow fabrics, geotextiles, upholstery, carpets and industrial applications. English and Spanish.
Iran Riesse Co
Manufacturers of white and dyed polypropylene bulk continuous filament yarns (BCF) for woven and tufted carpet manufacturing. Also, polypropylene staple fibers. English and Iranian.
Lanex AS
Czech Republic. Diversified textile company, active in yarns and sewing threads, ropes, flexitanks and industrial bags. Polypropylene continuous filaments for weaving and braiding yarns, ropes and straps. Technical information and FAQ. Product brochures on PDF files. Multi-lingual site.
Madifil Srl
Italy. Manufacturers of raw white and solution dyed polypropylene mono- and multi-filaments for knitting, weaving and hosiery applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Italian.
Misr Elhegaz
Egypt. Diversified group of companies, active in plastics and textiles. Manufacturers of white, black and solution dyed polypropylene multi-filament yarns for weaving and industrial sewing applications. Also, polypropylene and polyethylene fibers, twines and ropes, raschel knitted shading and wind protection fabrics, and woven industrial sacks. Technical information and specifications. Links to related sites.
Nova Filament
Turkey. Manufacturers of raw white and solution dyed continuous fully drawn (FDY), partially oriented (POY) and draw textured (DTY) multi-filament polypropylene yarns for knitting, weaving and braiding applications. Also, a range of filler cords. Technical information and yarn specifications. English and Turkish.
Polisilk SA
Spain. Manufacturers of polypropylene multifilament yarns for industrial applications. English, Spanish, German and French.
Sapy Pty., Ltd
South Africa. Manufacturers of high tenacity and fine denier multifilament polypropylene yarns. Technical information and specifications. Color card. Part of Ninian and Lester Holdings, Ltd.
Seritcioglu, Ltd
Turkey. Custom developed low denier, flat, parallel and intermingled continuous filament yarns for knitting and weaving, from polypropylene. Also, upholstery accessories and components, and home decoration trimmings. Yarn shade catalog. Detailed packaging information. English and Turkish.
South African Polypropylene Yarns Pty., Ltd
Manufacturers of high tenacity, multi-filament polypropylene yarns in flat twist, false twist and intermingling.
Suraj Filaments Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of flat and twisted high-tenacity polypropylene multi-filament yarns for applications in technical fabrics and heavy-duty sewing processes. Also, fully drawn and twisted yarns, crimp yarns and narrow fabrics. Technical information.
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