This category lists manufacturers of polyamide filament yarns.

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BeYarns Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Manufacturers of raw white and solution dyed polyamide textured filament yarns for knitting, weaving and hosiery applications. Also, polyamide filament single and double covered elastic yarns. Technical information and yarn specifications.
Chang Yiang Hsif Enterprise Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Transparent and dyed, spun and filament yarns for the footwear and textile industries, from polyamide. English and Chinese.
Cittadini SpA
Italy. Manufacturers of yarns and threads, braids, ropesand fishing nets. Raw white and dyed high-tenacity polyamide continuous filament yarns for heavy duty sewing and weaving of technical textiles. English, Italian and French.
Contifibre SpA
Italy. Multi-national company, involved in draw-twisting, texturising, air-texturising, and spandex air-jet texturing and covering of partially oriented (POY) polyamide filament yarns. Detailed product catalogs, including technical specifications. Description of manufacturing process. Multi-lingual site.
Firestone Textiles Co
Canada. Manufacturers of monofilament, solution dyed polyamide yarns for technical uses. Also, polyamide resins. Product information sheets on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader. Part of Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
Gujarat Polyfilms Pvt., Ltd
India. Joint venture between the Pratibha Group and the TM Patel Group, specialised in the manufacture of fully drawn (FDY), bright, dull and semi-dull, and intermingled polyamide continuous filament yarns. Technical information and specifications.
Kordsa Global, Inc
Turkey. Multi-national manufacturers of high-tenacity polyamide 6 and 6,6 filament yarns for weaving and knitting applications. Also, tire cord and conveyor belt fabrics, and single end treated cords. Technical information and specifications. Material safety data sheets on PDF files. Part of Sabanci Holding.
Lih Shyang Industrial Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Manufacturers of raw white, and cheese and dope dyed textured yarns for knitting and weaving, from polyamide 6 and 6.6. Also, spandex yarns for hosiery. Technical specifications. Multi-lingual site.
Meida Nylon Co., Ltd
China. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Polyamide stretch and continuous multi-filament yarns for knitting and weaving. Also, polyamide 6 chips. English and Chinese.
Nilit, Ltd
Israel. Manufacturers of polyamide flat, texturized and partially oriented yarns for knitting applications. Also, polyamide monomer production, polymerization, and processing and compounding for the plastics industry. Detailed product specifications. List of trade events. Links to partner companies.
Perlon Monofil GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of polyamide and co-polyamide filaments for fishing, papermachine clothing, textile, rope making and agricultural applications. Technical specifications on PDF files.
Sherng Yii Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Plied, twisted, textured and false textured, regular and micro continuous filament yarns for embroidery, and knitting and weaving, from polyamide. English and Chinese.
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