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AGEA Gomma Snc
Italy. Manufacturers of elastic rubber bands, tapes and threads for swimwear, underwear, fitness gear and technical applications. Technical information and specifications. English and Italian.
Central Textiles, Ltd
Hong Kong. Manufacturers of core spun stretch yarns, from cotton, viscose and spandex. Also, suppliers of stretch fabrics. Technical information. Links to related sites. English, Chinese and Japanese.
Chin Hsiung Industry Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturers of elastic yarns covered with textured polyester and polyamide filaments for knitting and weaving applications. Also, single and doubled, twisted elastic yarns, covered with cotton, viscose, polyester and polyamide staple fiber. English and Chinese.
Colakoglu AS
Turkey. Manufacturers of raw white and dyed elastic yarns for weaving and knitting, from cotton, viscose, polyester, polyamide and blends with spandex. Technical specifications.
DS Group
India. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles, food and beverages, personal care products, tobacco, packaging and hospitality. Manufacturers of heat-resistant natural rubber threads for weaving and knitting of elastic tapes and narrow fabrics. Technical specifications.
Erich Baumeister GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and materials for a range of consumer and technical applications. Collections of standard and custom developed, white and dyed core spun elastic yarns for knitting and weaving applications, from polyester, polyamide, cotton, flax or metal foil covered rubber threads. Technical information. On-line purchasing facility. English and German.
Fein-Elast Group
Germany. Multi-national yarn spinning company. Core and siro spun, single and double plied, twisted elastic and non-elastic yarns for weaving and knitting, from natural and man-made fibers. English and German.
Filati Elastici di Maghina Snc
Italy. Manufacturers of covered elastic yarns for hosiery, knitting and medical textile applications. Color card. [English and Italian]
Filelmo Srl
Italy. Single and double covered, and specialty air intermingled elastomeric yarns for hosiery, socks, and knit and woven fabrics manufacturing. English and Italian.
Fulflex Elastomerics Worldwide
USA. Manufacturers of natural and synthetic elastomeric products for a range of industrial and consumer applications. Tapes and threads for use in elastic narrow fabrics in apparel and garment production. Also, customised polymer compounds. Part of the Moore Company.
Gimatech Sdn Bhd
Malaysia. Manufacturers of rubber and spandex yarns for knitting and weaving, covered with polyester and polyamide. Also, sampling testing and manufacturing, and consulting services.
Gipelast, Inc
Turkey. Manufacturers of elastic, single and double covered yarns for socks, hosiery and knitting applications. Technical specifications. English and Turkish.
H.V. Fila Co., Ltd
Thailand. Manufacturers of talc and silicone coated round natural latex threads for applications in the apparel and fashion accessories industries. Part of the HV Group.
Hyosung Spandex Co
Korea. Manufacturers of dry-spun spandex yarns for specialty textile fabric applications. English and Korean.
Jorg Lederer GmbH
Germany. Single and double covered, air-covered, corespun and twisted yarns for weaving and knitting processes, from ployamide elastomerics. Descriptions of the various spinning technologies. English and German.
Longtex Rubber Industry Co., Ltd
Thailand. Manufacturers of extruded threads for knitting applications, from natural rubber. Also, yarn covered rubber threads, and elastic cords and tapes. Technical specifications.
Luyi Hitech Fiber Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of high-performance spandex filaments for warp and weft knitting, hosiery and covering core applications. Technical information and specifications. Part of the Ruyi Group. English and Chinese.
Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Manufacturers of core spun greige and dyed yarns for weaving and knitting processes, from spandex, polyamide, polyester, rayon, cotton and blends. Also, textured yarns from blends of metallic covered fibers and polyamde.
PT. Industri Karet Nusantara
Indonesia. State owned company, active in palm oil and rubber cultivation and processing. Manufacturers of round shaped, heat resistant and colorfast natural latex threads for apparel and sports wear applications. Also, natural latex resins for industrial coating, and solid rubber components. Technical information and product specifications.
Radici Spandex Corp
USA. Manufacturers of polyester and polyether based elastene fibers for yarn spinning. Extensive product information, with technical specifications. Links to related sites. Part of the Radici Group.
Rubfila International, Ltd
India. Manufacturers of talcum and silicon coated rubber threads for elastic tape manufacturing, used in apparel and medical products. Detailed specifications.
Sapona Manufacturing Co., Inc
USA. Manufacturers of textured filament yarns, from nylon and spandex.
Sheepon Textile Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Single and double, ring covered spandex yarns for spinning and weaving. Also, air-jet covered yarns. English and Chinese.
Taiwan E-Tex Co., Ltd
Manufacturers of spandex polyester and polyamide filament covered stretch yarns for knitting and weaving applications. Technical specifications. English and Chinese.
Thai Rubber Latex Corp
Thailand. Group of companies, involved in natural rubber extraction and products. Manufacturers of extruded natural rubber threads. Also, rubber gloves for medical and industrial markets.
Ultraflex Corp
USA. Manufacturers and processors of elastic rubber and synthetic sheeting, webbing and yarns for commercial and residential seating applications. Natural and synthetic rubber covered elastic yarns for weaving and knitting, with cotton, polyester and polyamide cores. Also, a range of stretching machines. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
Union Pioneer Co., Ltd
Thailand. Manufacturers of natural rubber threads and tapes for braids, webbings, swim suits and trouser edges. Also, elastic braids and webbings. Part of the Saha-Union Group. English and Thai.
W. Zimmermann GmbH
Germany. Covered stretch yarns and threads for knitting and weaving, from cotton, viscose, polyester, rubber, spandex and blends. English and German.
Wanyu Trade Co., Ltd
China. Sales office of the TaeKwang Industrial Group, manufacturers of 40 and 70 denier spandex yarns. English and Chinese.
World Flex Co., Ltd
Thailand. Manufacturers of extruded, talcium and silicone coated rubber threads. Part of the Thai Rubber Latex Corp.
Yongxin Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
China. Manufacturers of polyurethane elastic yarns and threads. English and Chinese.
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