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Basic Geosynthetics: A Guide to Best Practices in Forest Engineering
Recommendations for best practices in the application of geosynthetics in forest and civil engineering, based on a case report involving the stabilization of a cutslope. Author: Jonathan Fannin. [PDF]
Estimating the Concentration of Sediment-Laden Runoff from Hillslopes
Technical paper presenting a method for estimating sediment concentration of rainfall-induced runoff from hillslopes. From the American Excelsion Company. [PDF]
Short paper about the applications of geotechnical products in the construction of roadways, airports, railways and waterways. Authors: Ryan R. Burg and L. David Suits. [PDF]
Geosynthetics in Dams
Lecture notes reviewing geosynthetic applications in dams according to performed functions, i.e. barrier to fluid, drainage, geomembrane protection, filtration, reinforcement and erosion control. Author: Daniele Cazzuffi. [PDF]
Geotextile Sand Container Mattress (GSCM) Liner for Temporary River Diversion Channels
Technical paper presenting the design approach, adoption of design for different soil conditions, construction methodology, performance review and the economics of geotextile sand container mattress linings for temporary river diversion channels. From Hindustan Construction Co., Ltd. Author: Rajendra Deshpande. [PDF]
In-Situ Behaviour of Geosynthetically Stabilized Flexible Pavement
Master of Science thesis on the results of falling weight deflectometer (FWD) tests performed on prepared pavement test sections stabilized with woven geotextile, geogrid, and without stabilization, to determine the extent of intermixing at the base-subgrade interfaces. Author: Alexander Kwasi Appea. [PDF]
An Overview of the Functions and Applications of Cellular Geosynthetics
Technical paper presenting an overview of the materials, functions and applications of geotechnical products with either a closed or an open cell structure (geofoam and geocomb). Author: Prof. John S. Horvath, Ph.D, P.E. [PDF]
Quantifying the Performance of Hillslope Erosion Control Best Management Practices
Technical paper summarizing the results of hillslope erosion testing, including a determination of soil loss rates analysed and interpreted using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). Authors: Paul Clopper and others. [PDF]
Two-Dimensional Vibrations of Inflated Geosynthetic Tubes Resting on a Rigid or Deformable Foundation
Master of Science thesis about the potential of the use of inflated geosynthetic tubes in flood protection instead of the traditional device of sandbagging. Author: Stephen A. Cotton. [PDF]
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