Business Textiles and Nonwovens Geotechnical Fabrication and Installation
This category lists fabricators and installers of geotextiles, geomembranes and complete geosystems for civil engineering and environmental projects.

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Abgal Pty., Ltd
Australia. Fabricators of covers and liners for liquids and bulk materials, from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). Detailed product catalog, including technical information. Brochures and instructions on PDF files. Extensive FAQ.
Aspect Environmental Lining, Ltd
New Zealand. Suppliers and installers of smooth and textured geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), rubber lining systems, geotextiles, and drainage and erosion control products. Technical information and FAQ.
Australian Lining Company Pty., Ltd
Fabrication and installation of high-frequency welded vinyl liners and membranes for geotechnical applications. Also, custom manufactured canopies, annexes, tarpaulins and shading products. Technical information and specifications.
Barber Webb Co., Inc
USA. Fabrication and installation of custom designed geosynthetic liners for landfills, leach pads, methane barriers and hazardous materials containment applications.
BTL Liners
USA. Suppliers and fabricators of pond, pit and lake liners for water and waste containment applications, from reinforced polyethylene. Also, woven and nonwoven geotextiles, membranes, geogrids and drainage systems. Detailed product catalogs, including technical specifications, installation video and FAQ. Product brochures on PDF files.
Butyl Products, Ltd
UK. Fabricators and installers of rigid and flexible storage tanks, waterproof liners and aid equipment. Also, geomembrane design consultants, and contracting, supply and export services.
C.W. Neal Corp
USA. Design, fabrication and installation of floating cover systems, and geomembrane liners and baffles for reservoirs, tanks and lagoons. Also, design and manufacture of patented tank systems. Detailed materials descriptions and data specification sheets. List of technical bulletins and articles.
Canadian General Tower, Ltd
Canada. Custom formulation, coating and calendering of thermoplastic sheeting for pool and pond liner, roofing, decking and containment applications, and the automotive and stationery industries.
Cascade Geotechnical, Inc
Canada. Contract fabricators and distributors of fabrics, blankets and finished products for erosion control and civil engineering. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications.
Colorado Lining Co
USA. Fabricators and installers of geomembranes for wastewater treatment ponds, landfills, hazardous waste confinement and fish hatcheries, from PVC, polypropylene and specialty materials. Detailed application descriptions. List of trade fairs and conferences.
Comanco Environmental Corp
USA. Environmental protection construction company, specialised in geosynthetics installation, earth and concrete works, and pipe installations. Job offerings. Links to related sites. English and Spanish.
Darling Downs Tarpaulins
Australia. Fabrication and installation of geomembranes and floating covers for damming, waste storage, lagoons and ponds, landfill and canal lining, and agricultural applications, from polyester, polypropylene, PVC and high-density polyethylene. Also, tarpaulins for a wide range of covering applications.
Emin Group
Chile. Multi-national engineering company, involved in civil and mechanical structural mining, real estate and industrial projects. Supply, fabrication and installation of geotextiles, blankets and membranes, geocells, retaining walls and geogrids. Extensive technical information. Links to related sites. English and Spanish.
EnviroCon Systems, Inc
USA. Suppliers and installers of geosynthetic linings and systems for environmental, industrial, architectural, commercial and agricultural applications. Also, technical consultants, and rental and sales of geotechnical equipment.
Environmental Fabrics, Inc
USA. Design, fabrication and installation of geosynthetic baffles, covers, liners and containment systems. Detailed product catalogs. List of case studies.
Environmental Protection, Inc
USA. Fabrication and installation of single-ply liners for water and waste containment, from polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene. Technical bulletins and papers. Product specifications and drwings. Installation and welding guidelines.
Erosion Control Applications, Inc
USA. Suppliers and installers of geotextiles, geosynthetics and erosion control systems in environmental construction projects.
Erosion Protection Systems Pty., Ltd
Australia. Supplier and installers of grout filled revetment mattress products for erosion control and embankment stabilisation. Technical brochure on PDF file.
Euro Gabions Sro
Slovakia. Manufacturers of galvanised steel gabions, mattresses and meshes for erosion control and soil stabilization applications. Also, geotextiles and geogrids.
Fabric Solutions
Australia. Design, fabrication and installation of geotechnical products and structures for the mining, spill control, agri- and aquaculture, petroleum and oil, and commercial and general industries. Detailed descriptions of products and services. Technical information on PDF files. Part of the Pyramiddome Group.
FLI International Lining Systems
Ireland. Multi-national suppliers, fabricators and installers of synthetic geomembrane liners for environmental and civil engineering works. Detailed products and services catalogs, including technical information.
Flint Industries, Inc
USA. Proprietary and contract manufacturing, fabrication, converting and field installation of polymeric materials and technical fabrics for civil engineering, erosion control and industrial applications.
Geofabrics Australasia Pty., Ltd
Australia. Design, fabrication and distribution of woven and nonwoven geotextiles. Also, geopipes, grids, and confinement and erosion control systems. Geosynthetics testing, research and development services.
Geofabrics New Zealand Ltd
Specialised in products and engineering solutions for retaining wall systems, steep slopes and embankments, road pavements, drainage systems, erosion protection, containment systems and building products. Also, suppliers of geotechnical software. List of case studies on PDF files. Links to related sites.
Geoff Miller Pty., Ltd
Australia. Custom fabricators and suppliers of hot welded polyethylene woven fabrics and sheetings for agriculture and greenhouse, shading, dam lining, and pond and pool covering applications.
Geomembrane Technologies, Inc
Canada. Design, fabrication and supply of floating covers and structurally supported geomembrane covers for water and wastewater treatment systems, and agricultural applications. English and French.
Geosynthetic Technology, Ltd
UK. Design, fabrication and installation of geomembranes, geotextiles and geocomposites for civil engineering, ponds, lakes and reservoirs, and gas barrier and drainage applications. Case studies.
Geotech Gulf, LLC
Dubai. Manufacturers' representatives, fabricators and installers of geosynthetics for civil and environmental engineering projects. Technical information.
Gidrokor, Ltd
Russia. Design and installation of geosynthetics for lagoons, vertical cut-off barriers, water reservoirs, mining tails, containments, tunnels, secondary containments and concrete protection. Also, manufacturers' representatives for geotechnical products. English and Russian.
Gordon Low Products, Ltd
UK. Fabricators and installers of synthetic rubber geomembranes for pond, lake, lagoon and streams lining applications. Technical information and specifications on PDF files.
GSE, Inc
USA. Multi-national company. Geomembrane lining systems, including nonwoven components. Large web site with much product specific information, applications, testing and quality assurance procedures.
Hallaton, Inc
USA. Design, installation, testing and documentation of geomembranes and lining systems. Suppliers of geotextiles, nets and grids, erosion control mats and cellular confinement structures. Also, storage tanks and drainage boards.
Hi-Tech Products, Inc
USA. Coated and uncoated, high temperature resistant fabrics, with various levels of insulation protection. Also, tapes, ropes, sleevings, packing, cloths, and custom fabrication services.
Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc
USA. Design, fabrication, and installation of standard, modular and insulated industrial cover and liner systems for a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications.
International Lining Technology
USA. Installation, maintenance, cleaning and repair of geosynthetic projects. Also, leasing and repair of geotechnical equipment.
J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc
USA. Design, installation and fabrication of geosynthetic systems for ponds and canals, and petroleum, fertilizer and waste containment, from polyethylene membranes and clay liners. Detailed product descriptions and specifications.
Lange Containment Systems, Inc
USA. Fabrication and installation of flexible geomembrane products for pond lining and covering, tank liners, water treatment facilities and containment systems, from polypropylene, urethane, PVC, polyethylene and specialty materials. Link to detailed case studies.
Layfield Geosynthetics
US, Canada. specialized in the manufacturing and fabrication of geomembranes, floating cover systems, baffles and turbidity curtains. Large site, providing material specifications, design content, technical articles, site reports, picture galleries and newsletter articles.
Lengen & Partner AG
Switzerland. Distribution, fabrication and installation of geosynthetics for civil engineering projects. Also, technical consultants. Links to related sites. English, German and Italian.
Mentanza Pty., Ltd
Australia. Marine and terrestrial containment system fabricators, specialising in marine geosynthetic sediment and turbidity curtains. Extensive product information.
ML Ingeniería
Mexico. Design, supply and installation of geotextiles, geosynthetic linings and systems in civil and environmental construction projects. Also, engineering, consulting and project management services. Technical information. English and Spanish.
Monotiki Makedonias, Ltd
Greece. Distributors and installers of geogrids, geotextiles, geomembranes and geonets for civil engineering projects. Also, technical consultants. English and Greek.
MPC Containment Systems, Ltd
USA. Design, fabrication and turnkey installation of secondary containment systems for hazardous liquids and gases, and the protection of water resources, from polyester and polyamide fabrics. Technical information and specifications. Case histories. List of clients.
Nilex Corp
USA. Fabrication and installation, and distribution of woven and nonwoven geotechnology fabrics, products and systems. Large site with project reports, newsletters and product specifications. Requires Adobe Acrobat file reader.
Northwest Linings & Geotextile Products, Inc
USA. Supply and installation of geosynthetics. Turn-key geomembrane services. Complete line of geotextiles, erosion control, geocomposites, dewatering and speciality geosynthetics. Product specifications on PDF files. List of case histories.
Permathene, Ltd
New Zealand. Geosynthetics and geotechnical design, supply and installation of geogrids, geomembranes, geotextiles, erosion control, gabions, lining systems, dewatering. Civil and environmental engineering.
Plastic Fusion Fabricators, Inc
USA. Fabrication and installation of customized containment systems and pipes, and floating covers for landfills, chemical processes and industrial applications, from high-density polyethylene. Also, design and consulting services. Detailed product descriptions.
Polilainer de México SA
Mexico. Suppliers and installers of geosynthetic liners for civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering projects. English and Spanish.
PT Tetrasa Geosinindo
Indonesia. Manufacturers representatives. Design, installation and distribution of geotextiles and geosynthetic products and systems. Detailed applications descriptions and products specifications. Extensive list of projects.
Quality Lining Co., Inc
USA. Fabrics, products and composite structures for geotechnical applications. Woven and nonwoven geotextile fabrics for protection, filtration and drainage, separation and reinforcement. Detailed product specifications and descriptions of usage.
Russetts Developments, Ltd
UK. Suppliers, fabricators and installers of storage tank, pond and lake liners, membranes and geotextiles, and roofing for consumer, public works, industrial and horticultural markets. Technical information.
Sheng Yi Environmental Co., Ltd
China. Design and installation of high density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes, nets and liners.
Strata Systems, Inc
USA. Fabricators of woven and nonwoven geotextiles, grids and composite structures for soil reinforcement, steep slope stabilization and retaining walls. Links to FAQ and related sites.
Terrafix Geosynthetics
Canada. Designers, fabricators and installers of a wide range of geosynthetic products and systems. Case studies. Detailed FAQs. Links to related sites.
US Fabrics, Inc
USA. Custom design and distribution of woven and nonwoven geotextiles, bi-axial geogrids and geomembranes for civil engineering projects. Also, filter bags, dewatering tubes and accessories. Technical information. Product specifications on PDF files. Library of technical articles. Glossary of terms. Links to related sites.
USA Lining, Inc
Suppliers and installers of woven and nonwoven geomembrane liners and geotextiles, and geogrids for civil engineering and environmental applications. Also, soil reinforcement and geosynthetic clay liners.
Walco Liners & Covers Pty., Ltd
Australia. Fabricators of liners and covers for pools, tanks and ponds. Also, suppliers of pool blankets and pumps. Technical information.
Western Environmental Liner
USA. Custom fabricators of environmental liners, tarps and curtains for geotechnical and environmental applications. Technical information and product specifications. Price charts. Part of Western AG Enterprise, Inc.
Western Tank & Lining, Ltd
Canada. Specialty contractors, offering a wide scope of membrane linings and geomembranes, steel bolted tank systems and custom engineered covers. Library of case histories.
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