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C & J International Trade Co., Ltd
China. Importers of man-made fiber, plastic resins and petrochemicals. Raw white, semi-dull and dull, solid, hollow and siliconised polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Also, intermediates for polyester and polyamide fiber spinning, and fiber grade polyamide chips.
Connacher Group
South Africa. Group of textile and nonwovens trading and manufacturing companies, active in virgin and recycled natural and man-made staple fiber and tow, mill textile and nonwovens wastes and cuttings, scoured wool tops and noils, and natural and synthetic yarns. Also, suppliers of fully reconditioned textile machinery, and needlepunch fabrics and relief blankets from recycled fibers.
Davy Textiles, Inc
USA. Wholesale distributors of natural and high-performance fibers for yarn spinning, nonwovens production and stuffing applications. Also, commission processing and recycling of fibers. List of fiber properties.
Euroflax Industries, Ltd
India. International merchants in raw cotton, natural and man-made fibers, yarns and textiles. Part of the KKM Group.
Gianni Vencato
Italy. Manufacturers' representatives for natural and man-made fibers and yarns. Links to principal sites. English and Italian.
Glaeser GmbH
Germany. Diversified group of manufacturing and trading companies, active in textiles, hygiene products and chemicals. Wholesale buying and selling of natural and man-made fibers, yarns, used clothing, and textile odd lots and wastes. Also, fiber recycling services. English, German and French.
Multi-Fiber Handels GmbH
Germany. Worldwide operating trading company for synthetic and natural fibers, and polyester and polyamide filaments.
Mühlmeier GmbH
Germany. Wholesale of fibers, grinding media and welding equipment. Fibers and fabrics for reinforcement applications, from glass, carbon, aramid, flax and varieties of hemp. Also, polyester resins, chemical additives and fillers. English and German.
Pössiger Textilrohstoffe GmbH
Germany. Wholesale distributors of cotton, acrylic and polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production, and spun yarns and tows. Also, high-tenacity polyamide 6 and 6.6 filaments for technical textiles, and cotton greige fabrics. Extensive technical information and specifications on PDF files. English and German.
Rohtex Wolff Faser GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers' representatives and traders in polyester, polyacrylic, polypropylene and viscose staple fiber, and viscose, polyester and polyamide filaments for textile and nonwovens applications. Technical specifications. English, German and French.
USA. Merchants in natural and man-made fibers, yarns and textile waste products. Detailed product catalogs, with technical specifications. English and Spanish.
Sree Tycofab Pvt., Ltd
India. International merchants of natural and man-made fibers, yarns and fabrics.
Stein Fibers, Ltd
USA. Wholesale suppliers of polyester staple fiber for nonwovens applications. Also, rayon viscose, cotton and specialty fibers.
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