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Cotton - A History
Collection of short narratives about the history of cotton, from pre-history to the present, in trade and industry, and its role in slavery and African culture. From the New Internationalist Magazine.
Cotton History
Information resource on the history of cotton, including links to cotton spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, the Industrial Revolution, and cotton production and trade. From the Plant Cultures web site.
Cotton: From Field to Fabric
Fact sheet about the origins of cotton, cotton cultivation, grading and processing, and the properties and applications of cotton in textiles and garments. From the Georgia Cotton Commission's web site. [PDF]
Cotton: King of Crops in Georgia
Fact sheet about the history of cotton cultivation, the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney, the inventive uses of cotton during the Industrial Revolution in the US, the appearance of the Boll Weevil which severely damaged cotton production, and current state of affairs. From the Georgia Cotton Commission's web site. [PDF]
Fabric History
Time line with concise descriptions for natural and man-made fibers, utilised in the manufacture of textile fabrics. From Fabriclink.Com.
Fiber Wars
Historical record of the hemp industry, introducing hemp and its early importance to mankind, and defining hemp's political struggle in the 20th century. Author: Dr. David P. West.
Flax & Linen
Homepage about the history and development of flax and linen in Belgium. Information about flax cultivation, harvesting and processing into linen fibers, and the home-based flax industry in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Flax Page
Web site of the North Dakota State University containing the history and industrial uses of flax, links to article search and a catalog of photographs.
Flax Production in the 17th Century
Brief history on growing flax crops for linen manufacturing. Descriptions of flax fiber, its properties and uses, and methods of processing. From Jamestown Historic Briefs.
The History of British Wool
A history of wool processing and the manufacture of woollen yarns and fabrics on the British Islands, from the Bronze Age to modern times. From the web site of the British Wool Marketing Board.
The History of Cotton in Oklahoma
Short history of cotton cultivation in Oklahoma, USA, beginning in 1908 and developing into one of the most valuable agricultural crops of the state. From the Oklahoma State University's web site.
History of Du Pont's Nylon Fibers
Extensive history of the Du Pont de Nemours Company, the invention of the polyamide polymer and subsequently developed man-made fibers, and their commercialization in consumer and industrial products. From CHA, Inc.
The History of Flax Use in New Zealand
Short article about the history of flax plants and fibers the Maori people used as a raw material for clothing, food gathering, hunting, fishing, homeware and medicine, long before the arrival of European settlers. Links to linen weaving and dyeing. Author: Ali Brown.
Jack Herer.Com
On-line excerpts of the writer's book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes", dealing with the history of hemp, its past uses and future possibilities.
King Cotton In The Civil War
The story of cotton and its importance during the American Civil War. From Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War.
Mohair - The Diamond Fiber
The history of mohair and angora fiber uses and goat breeding, from biblical times to the present day. From the Singing Falls web site.
Northampton Silk Project
Community wide effort to uncover, understand and convey the story of mulberry silk in Northampton, Massachusetts, and its place in the history of silk throughout the world.
Plant Cultures - Cotton
Information about the plant profile, history, production and trade of cotton fiber and by-products in textiles, food and medicine. From Plant Cultures.
A Short Cultural History of Linen
The history of flax cultivation from the ancient Egyptians in 5000 BC to the present, including a description of linen fibers extraction and processing. From The Linen Weavers' web site.
A Short History of Manufactured Fibers
History of manufactured fiber from the invention of artificial silk in 1855 to the wash and wear revolution of acrylic, polyester and microfiber. Time line for first US production of various fibers. From Fibersource. Com.
Silk Production in the 17th Century
History of the development of the silk trade. Description of sericulture, and the properties of silk fiber and cloth. From Jamestown Historic Briefs.
Spinning the Web
Manchester Library and Information Service led New Opportunities Fund internet project, presenting the history and development of the cotton industry, and the impact it had on the British economy and society.
Wild Fibres
Information resource about the history of natural fibers from animals and plants, and their use for weaving, spinning and dyeing. Glossary of terms. Textile timeline from the Stone Age to the Victorian period.
Worm Spit
Michael Cook's homepage about sericulture, and the harvesting, processing and dyeing of silk fiber. Library of full text out of copyrighted antique books, articles, monographs, and images about silk, on PDF files. Links to related sites.
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