This category lists companies which' primary business is recycling of textile waste products into reusable fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Companies, collecting and processing textile waste and used clothing for reuse as is, or as wiping materials, are listed in Business/Industries/Waste Management/Recycling or in Business/Industries/Wholesale/Matrials/Wipes and Rags/

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August Beyer GmbH
Germany. Recycling of natural, man-made and glass fibers for the needlepunch nonwovens industry. English and German.
Belrey Fibres
Belgium. Recycler of polypropylene and polyamide filaments and yarns into custom cut staple fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens manufacturing. Multi-lingual site.
Eros Group
India. Buyers and sellers of all grades of textile wastes. Acrylic, polyester, viscose, polyamide and wool fibers, yarns, tow and chips.
Fibral NV
Belgium. Recyclers of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, acrylic and viscose fibers for the textile and nonwovens industries, and polyamide pellets for extrusion. Also, global traders in virgin, substandard and waste staple fiber and tow.
Gladbacher Spinnstoffindustrie M. Mühlen GmbH
Germany. Dealers and processors of viscose, polyacrylic, polyester and mixed quality filament and fiber wastes for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Continuous fiber dyeing and finishing services.
Heinrich Otto GmbH
Germany. Trading company focused on cotton fiber and yarn wastes, cardfly, combers and droppings, and recycled polyester fibres. Links to related sites. English and German.
Hivesa Textil S.L.
Spain. Processors and traders of first grade, sub-standard and recycled natural, and man-made fibers and flock. Also, recyclers of textile wastes. English, Spanish and French.
Leigh Fibers, Inc
USA. Buyers, processors and traders in recycled cotton, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, acrylic, polyamide and aramid fibers for the mattress, furniture, nonwovens and automotive industries.
Martex Fiber Southern Corp
USA. Nationwide collection of textile and nonwovens wastes for recycling into processible fiber blends of cotton, viscose, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, acrylic and aramid, for yarn spinning and nonwoven production processes.
Miller Waste Mills, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of multiple grades of fiber-based filter media, white and colored thread wiping waste. Also, distributors of colored and white cloth wipers for cleaning and polishing.
Norman Paschall Co
USA. Brokerage of textile mill by-products and fiber wastes. A glossary of technical terms, and sort and freight abbreviations.
North American Wool Stock
Canadian: recycler of textile wastes, synthetic, cotton and wool. Produces reusable fiber.
Profillin SA
Belgium. Textile trading and converting company, specialized in recycled natural and man-made fibers for yarn spinning and concrete reinforcement, from textile and nonwons wastes. Also, tops and sliver makers.
Sama Snc
Italy. Collection, sorting and recycling of textile wastes into natural and man-made fibers and blends for yan spinning and cleaning and polishing cloths for industrial applications. English and Italian.
Schwarzwalder Textilwerke GmbH
Germany. Textile fiber and waste recycling company. Short cut and chopped fiber and fiber fillers for a variety of industrial applications, from natural, mineral and man-made fiber, and wood pulp. English and German.
SE Textiles Pvt., Ltd
India. Importers of sub-standard and waste polyester, viscose and acrylic staple fiber, filament and tow.
Sempere Puerto, SL
Spain. Traders in natural and man-made fibers for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Also, textile recycling services. English and Catalan.
Textile and Carpet By-Products
Recycler of waste carpet and textile into plastic raw materials. Collect scrap carpet and converts it into usable Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PET, PP plastic pellets and nonwoven products.
Textile Recycler, Inc
Converters of wiping materials for industrial applications, from textile wastes. Also, exporters of used and vintage clothing. Multi-lingual site.
TJ Beall Co
Manufacturer and supplier of an array of natural cotton fibers for the nonwovens, traditional textiles, technical textiles and paper industries. Produces and supplies recycled cotton fibers, greige premium cotton fibers and an assortment of absorbent cotton raw materials.
Wilhelm Kind GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers' representatives for recycled polyamide granulates, secondary cotton fiber and regenerated polyester staple fiber, and paper and plastic cones, bobbins and tubes. Powerpoint presentation. English and German.
YF International BV
The Netherlands. Recyclers of technical polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, meta- and para-aramid, glass, carbon, rayon, p-84, PPS and peek fibers, filaments and fabric wastes for re-use in industrial applications.
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