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Anping Group Co.
China. Processors of animal hair for textile fabric and accessory manufacture. Detailed product specifications.
Asha Cotton Industries
India. Cotton ginning company, specialised in ginning and baling shankar 6 long staple cotton. Also, cotton seed oil and cakes, peanuts and sesam seed. Technical information.
Aslanli Absorbent Bleached Cotton
Turkey. Processors of raw, and textile and nonwoven cotton waste. Bleached staple fiber, combers and noil blends for the hygiene, medical and personal care products industries.
Birpas Birlik Pamuk AS
Turkey. Diversified company, active in cotton processing and metal wiring. Growers and ginners of raw cotton. English and Turkish.
Blackdown Hills Natural Fibres
UK. Cooperative group of alpaca, cashmere, mohair and wool farmers, processors and textile manufacturers, involved in scouring and yarn spinning, weaving and felting of local animal fiber. Links to member's sites.
Brickle Fiber Trading
USA. Processors of virgin and recycled wool fibers for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. Also, traders in waste fibers. Part of H. Brickle and Son, Inc.
Castellins NV
Belgium. Import and processing of flax fibers for yarn spinning. Carding, combing and cottonizing capabilities. Also, world wide trading in processed flax fibers. Multi-lingual site.
Goonvean Fibres, Ltd
UK. Fiber processing company, specialised in precision short and random cut cotton, wool, cellulosic and a wide range of synthetic polymer fibers for reinforcement, decoration and technical applications. Also, natural and synthetic powders and contract material processing services. Detailed fiber catalogs. Technical specifications and information.
Jalaram Cotex Pvt., Ltd
India. Cotton company, involved in the ginning and baling of shankar 6 cotton.
Jaydeep Cotton Fibres Pvt., Ltd
India. Fiber processing and trading company, involved in the ginning and baling of cotton.
Jingaotang Oil Velveteen Processing Co., Ltd
China. Processing, distributing and storage of cotton fiber. Also, manufacturers of cotton linter and yarn, sanitary oil and machinery.
John Marshall & Co., Ltd
New Zealand. Processors of super crimped high-bulk wool for filling purposes in bedding and furnishing. Also, wool filled comforters with cotton ticking fabrics. Wool auction report.
Karagiorgou SA
Greece. Raw cotton ginning company, specialised in long staple cotton. Also, cotton seed oil and cakes. Description of the Greek cotton industry. English and Greek.
Lawrence Long, Ltd
UK. Importers, stockholders and processors of natural and synthetic fibers for the manufacture of brushes and related articles. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
France. Processors of scutched, hackled and combed flax fiber for further processing in the linen industry. History of linen. English and French.
McAndrew, Ltd
UK. Recyclers and processors of natural and man-made fibers, from yarn, thread and fiber wastes. Also, trading in surplus and substandard lots.
Michas-LevCot SA
Greece. Processors of raw cotton. Links to ginning process, and cotton related sites.
Michell Pty., Ltd
Australia. International wool merchants and processors, specialised in super fine and high-loft carbonized and scoured wool fiber and tops for yarn spinning and filling applications. Market sales reports.
Morning Star Fiber
USA. Fiber processing company, specialised in washing, picking, dehairing, carding, drafting, spinning, plying and felting of Icelandic, alpaca and llama wool fiber.
Mouzakis SA
Greece. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. Ginners and distributors of raw cotton. Also, collections of ready-made garments, and manufacturers' representatives for yarns and sewing threads. Multi-lingual site.
Naranyan Group
India. Group of companies, active in the processing and export of agricultural produce. Ginning, baling and trading in shankar 6 raw cotton. Also, cotton cake and wastes. Technical specifications.
New Zealand Wool Services International, Ltd
Group of companies, involved in the scouring of pure New Zealand wool. List of international representations.
Noble Biomaterials, Inc.
USA. Silver coating of fibers for the technical textiles, apparel and nonwovens industries, to impart antimicrobial properties. History and uses of silver. Reports of research projects. Requires Flash plug-in to access.
Ohio Valley Natural Fibers
USA. Custom fiber and yarn processing company, involved in wool, cashmere, mohair, camel and yak hair, and silk. Also, battings for quilting, and equipment and supplies for yarn spinning, knitting and weaving.
Pantex SpA
Italy. Wool processing company, involved in scouring, carbonising, and combing and recombing of open tops and tops for yarn spinning. Also, collection, sorting, garnetting and reprocessing of wool wastes. English and Italian.
Pashupati Cotton Industries
India. Cotton roller ginning, processing and exporting company, specialised in long staple Indian cotton. Also, cotton oil, seeds and seed cake.
Reward Wool Industry Corp
Taiwan. Fiber processing company, involved in wool scouring, carding, gilling and topmaking. Also, superwash and carbonised wool tops, and suppliers of wool grease. English and Chinese.
Schneider Group
Luxembourg. Traders and processors of superfine wools and precious natural fibers. Detailed product information. Market reports and indicators. Industry news and financial data. Links to related sites.
Shree Ram Cotton Industries
India. Raw cotton ginning and pressing operation specialised in shankar 6 cotton. Also, cotton linters and seeds.
Shree Sanjay Trading Co
India. Cotton ginning and processing company. Also, indenters of imported cotton. Information on Indian and global cotton qualities.
Greece. Cotton ginning, processing and exporting company. Also, exporters of wheat and maize. Statistical information on the Greek import and export of cotton and cereals on PDF and Word documents. Part of Sklapanis Bros SA. English and Greek.
Sowega Cotton, Inc
USA. Farmer owned raw cotton ginning operation. Links to cotton quotes and rates, and the eCotton community web site.
Tae Bong Fiber Co., Ltd
Korea. Processors of recycled cotton and linen shoddy from yarn and textile wastes, into finished products for medical, cosmetic and dental uses. Also, bleached and dyed cotton and flax fiber and shoddy. Detailed product information and specifications. English and Korean.
Thrakika Ekkokistiria SA
Greece. Cotton ginning mill, processing conventional and biological, long and short staple cotton. Also, cotton gin motes and linters, and cotton seed, oil and cake. Links to related sites.
Twynam Agricultural Group
Australia. Group of companies and rural industries, active in cotton, wool, rice, cattlefeed, cereals and beef. Cultivation and ginning of upland okra and normal leaf cotton.
Van Riel NV
Belgium. Fiber recyclers and processors. Depigmentation and bleaching. Specialty finishing treatments and flock dyeing. Dedusting, blending and baling. Also, recycling of textile mill wastes into reusable fibers. English, Dutch, French and German.
Victoria Wool Processors Pty., Ltd
Australia. Processors of raw, scoured and carbonized wool fiber and tops for spinning mills.
Vidarbha Group
India. Vertically integrated group of companies, involved in growing, ginning, processing and trading of raw cotton. Also, manufacturers of polyester strapping for packaging and fiber baling applications.
Wigglesworth & Co., Ltd
UK. Processors, distributors and merchants in sisal, jute, coir, abaca and flax fibers. Fiber catalogs include a history, botanical information, and information on fiber grading and industrial applications.
William Barnet and Son, Inc
USA. Processors and traders of staple fiber, filament and tow for the textile and nonwovens industries, from polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, rayon and acrylic. Also, twisting and heatsetting of carpet yarns, and custom processing of polymers and resins.
Zeilinger Wool Co
USA. Natural fiber processing company, involved in sheep, llama and alpaca wool, mohair, angora and dog hair. Preparation of fiber batts for filling purposes, top making and yarn spinning, roving and pindrafting, and custom yarn dyeing. Also, wool filled comforters, mattress pads, pillows, quilts, bedding accessories, rovings, yarns, socks, and sheep related crafts.
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