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Bagasse Fiber for Production of Nonwoven Materials
Doctor of Philosophy dissertation about the development of a commercial method of characterization of the physical properties of bagasse and other fibers obtained through atmospheric extraction, and the creation and analyzation of different nonwoven structures based on bagasse, kenaf and other annual plants. Author: Ovidiu Iulius Chiparus. [PDF]
Bamboo Fiber
Extensive technical description and specification of the characteristics, chemical structure, properties and applications in yarn spinning and weaving of bamboo fibers. From Bambro Textile Co., Ltd. [PDF]
Banana Fibers - Variability and Fracture Behaviour
Technical paper describing an investigation into the diameter variability and mechanical properties of banana fibers obtained from the banana plant, with an emphasis on fracture morphology. From the Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics. Authors: Samrat Mukhopadhyay and others. [PDF]
Characterization and Factors Effecting Fiber Properties
Technical paper describing the chemical and physical properties of agro-fibers and factors which effect fiber properties. Authors: Roger M. Rowell and others. [PDF]
Chitosan Medical Dressings
Technical paper providing an overview of the properties of chitosan fiber in woven and nonwoven medical dressings, collected from a survey of current research. Author: Antoni Niekraszewicz. [PDF]
The Dry-line Method In Bast Fiber Production
Doctoral thesis introducing a new harvesting and processing method for flax fiber, linseed flax and hemp fiber. Author: Antti Pasila. [PDF]
Effect of Mechanical Treatment on Softwood Kraft Fiber properties
Doctor of Technology thesis about research aimed at gaining a better understanding of the changes affecting softwood fiber strength properties and fiber wall structure after mechanical treatment. Author: Olli Joutsimo. [PDF]
Fiber Morphology and New Crops
From the Purdue University's Horticulture department. Scientific study of wood fiber characteristics. References, tables and diagrams.
Fibers of Vegetal and Animal Origin
Detailed draft list of definitions and classifications of the various fibers derived from plants and animals. From the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Flax Fiber: Potential for a New Crop in the Southeast
Extensive paper about the cultivation, processing, properties, developments and applications of flax fibers. From the Purdue University's Center for New Crops and Plant Products. Also available on PDF. Authors: J.A. Foulk and others.
Green Fibres and Their Potential in Diversified Applications
Article about the possible uses of woody core, bast, leaf, cane, straw, grass and seed fibers in building materials, food, cosmetics, medicine, and textile and nonwovens production. Author: Ryszard Kozlowski.
Harvesting of Textile Animal Fibres
Comprehensive textbook about textile fiber producing animals, animal fiber production, fiber characteristics and end uses, and fiber harvesting and preparation for sale or processing. From the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.
Short article describing the retting, stripping, washing, drying and grading process for jute fibers.
Lecture Notes: Plant Fiber Materials
Definitions and descriptions of the various plant fibers used in the textile, papermaking, and the spices and herbes industries. Extensive links to related sites. From the University of Maryland.
The Milkweed Business
From Wiley, New York. An article on the history, production, product development, processing and uses of milkweed fiber. Authors: Herbert D. Knudsen and Richard D. Zeller.
Oil Sorption by Lignocellulosic Fibers
Report on a test conducted on cotton, moss, and kenaf bast and core fiber to determine their oil sorption capabilities. Authors: Beom-Goo Lee, James H. Han, and Roger M. Rowell. [PDF]
Plant Fibers
Extensive information about the physical construction of natural plant fibers, and paper and textiles manufactured from plant fibers. From pages of the natural history textbook, Wayne's Word.
Technical paper about the history, origin, cultivation, properties and textile applications of ramie fiber. Author: D.P. Singh. [PDF]
Research into the Process of Manufacturing Alginate-Chitosan Fibres
Technical paper, describing two different methods used in the development of two-component core-skin type alginate-chitosan fibers for medical applications. Authors: Wlodzimierz Steplewski and others. [PDF]
The Role of Research and Development in the Global Competitiveness of Natural Fiber Products
Overview of the current production and consumption of natural fibers and the current status of research and development, and a review of the future drivers for the growth and competitiveness of natural fibers. Author: Rajesh D. Anandjiwala. [PDF]
Underexploited Temperate Industrial and Fiber Crops
Technical paper examining the current status of several potential industrial fiber crops as they relate to their application in textile and nonwoven products. Author: Richard J. Roseberg.
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