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All About Cotton
Information resource related to cotton fiber and its properties and qualities for use in fabrics for garments and furnishings. Style information and calendar of events. Glossary of technical terms and FAQ. From Cotton Council International.
AMS Cotton Market News
Latest market and quality reports.
Certified Cotton Gin Program
Cotton certification program and seal that stipulates best practices procedures for cotton ginning companies. Extensive information, video presentation and FAQ.
China Cotton Textile Information Centre
Portal and information resource for the Chinese cotton growing, processing and trading industry. Market and business information. List of publications. Calendar of events. Links to related sites. English and Chinese.
Cn Cotton
Information resource for Chinese cotton and cotton textiles. Market reports, trade leads and export data. Industry statistics and news. Price watch. Extensive information on cotton crops, fiber consumption and products. English and Chinese.
Coir Kerala
Portal and company directory for the coir industry in Kerala, India. Information on coir bleaching and dyeing processes, coir history, and carpet and mat designs.
Cotton China
Information resource on Chinese grown cotton, the cotton textile industry, and related businesses. Market and pricing information. Business news. English and Chinese.
Cotton Dust
Information resource on present standards, and the hazards and proposed solutions in cotton fiber handling and processing. From the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor.
Cotton Inc
USA. Home of the cotton industry. News, magazines and editorials. Information on research, production and uses of cotton fiber. Listings of companies and organizations.
Cotton International
Information portal for global cotton growers, merchants and traders, and the cotton yarn spinning and textile manufacturing industry. Industry news and business reports. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
Cotton Outlook
UK. News and indices of worldwide cotton marketing and prices. Public access area provides links to information, conversion tables, calendar of events and glossary of terms. From Cotlook, Ltd.
The Cotton Program
Universal classification standards for cotton, developed and distributed by the United States Department for Agriculture. Also, classification and market news for cotton growers and dealers, and the textile industry.
Cotton's Journey
Cotton education site for classroom teachers providing curriculum, literature resources, links to cotton and educational organizations promoting the importance of this crop.
Cotton: From Field to Fabric
Information resource about the cultivation, production and processing of cotton fiber, and the applications and technologies for cotton utilised in the textile industry. Also available on PDF file. From the National Cotton Council of America.
USA. Market news, statistics and analysis concerning cotton crop information, cotton related government programs, prices, and reports and publications. Links to weather reports and related sites.
Fiber Futures
Dedicated advocacy and consulting group within, focused on catalyzing the use of agricultural residues and fibers from non-wood plants for building materials, pulp and paper, textiles and other industries through engineering assessments, market research, business plan refinement, educational forums and financing expertise.
Fibre Producing Animals
Short descriptions of fiber producing animals other then sheep, including information on animal farming and fiber harvesting. From the Scottish Fibres web site.
Global Hemp
Information resource for hemp growers, processors and users. Searchable database of categorised directories of educational, research and business sites. Links to events, investor information and legislation, media articles and news.
The Golden Fibre
Portal for the Indian jute fiber processing industries. Business data, statistics and information on fiber processing. Categorised manufacturers' directories. Technical articles.
Guidelines for Purchasing Raw Cotton
The International Textile Manufacturers Federation Spinners Committee's guidelines for buyers and sellers of raw cotton. [PDF]
Hemp Advocates
Information resource and global network for the promotion of the use of industrial hemp. Description of industrial hemp. News. Links to organizations, manufacturers and retailers.
Hemp CyberFarm
USA. Informational and commercial web site of Hemp World, Inc. Promotion of hemp farming and use of its fibers in industrial processes. Scientific and environmental studies and reports, descriptions of the various qualities of fiber. Market place for seed, fiber and products.
Hemp Info
Information resource about hemp for medical, agricultural and industrial applications. List of trade events. Links to related sites. Multi-lingual site.
Jute, Kenaf and Allied Fibres
Introduction to the cultivation, processing, consumption and trade in jute, kenaf and related fibers in East Asia and Latin America. From the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United nations.
Information resource on the properties, characteristics, evaluation, grading and testing, and the production of llama and alpaca wool fibers. Includes a glossary of technical terms.
Natural and Synthetic Fibers
Extensive information about the cultivation of natural fibers, the manufacture of man-made fibers, and their history, properties and applications. From Swicofil AG.
From Purdue University. Internet database for new crops and plant products. Use the search function to reach information on every plant or bast fiber known today.
The Organic Cotton Site
USA. The Sustainable Cotton Project, which was founded to search for, develop and promote ways to grow clean, chemical and pesticide free cotton.
Wool Net
Australia. Informational web site for wool related topics. Market reports and services. Consultancies and direct selling services to wool growers. From Congruent Systems.
Wool Search
Internet based service, providing woolclassers, shearers and wool handlers with a tool to promote their services to potential clients, as well as access to up-to-date and relevant wool industry information.
Wool Wise
Information resource for researchers, consultants, students and others related to, or interested in wool and the wool industry. Discussion forum. Educational resources. Links to related sites. From the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Premium Quality Wool.
Wools of New Zealand
From the New Zealand Wool Board. Informational web site. Wool fiber, applications and processing technologies. Carpet technology and care. Educational site for children. English, German, French, Dutch and Chinese.
Wools of Uruguay
Information resource of the Uruguayan Wool Secretariat. Production data and properties of local wool. Industry statistics. Directories for wool exporters and brokers.
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