This category lists processors of flax fiber for industrial applications.

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Albert Brille NV
Belgium. Flax growers, involved in the processing and trade in scutched flax and tow for yarn spinning applications. Information on the growing and the scutching of the straw flax. English, Dutch and French.
Egy Flax Co
Egypt. Vertically integrated company, involved in flax cultivation and linen processing. Scutched and hackled flax fiber for yarn spinning and papermaking applications. Also, linen tow and slivers, and yarns on cones, bobbins and balls. Technical information and production flow chart.
Linolitas, Ltd
Lithuania. Diversified company, active in fiber processing, industrial bags manufacturing, and trade in forklifts and waste compactors. Processors of flax fiber for yarn spinning and nonwovens production. English, Lithuanian and Russian.
Procotex SA
Belgium. Commercial research and manufacturing company, active in the growth, development and processing of flax fiber for linen fabric and geotextile applications. Design and manufacture of specialty machinery and equipment for flax yarn production. Also, traders and processors of recycled fiber from nonwoven carpet waste. Information on flax fiber and its uses. Member of Dolintex NV.
France. Processors and distributors of flax and hemp fibers for yarn spinning, nonwovens production, and pulp and papermaking applications. Also, linen tops, flax dolls for plumbing, and manufacturing of yarns and twines for packaging and food processing.
Terre de Lin
France. Cooperative enterprise, involved in flax breeding and growing, seed trading, and the production and trade in hackled slivers, and scutched flax fibers. Links to related sites. English and French.
Van Robaeys Freres
France. Growers and processors of scutched flax fiber and tow. Also, flax seeds, shives and dust. Technical information. Links to related sites. English and French.
Waldland GmbH
Austria. Processors of vegetable and animal products. Cultivation and processing of long and short flax fiber for the textile and composites industries. English and German.
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