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A.E. Mohamedy & Co
Pakistan. International merchants and brokers of raw cotton and cotton waste. Links to related sites.
Al-Razaaq Commodities
Pakistan. Commodities trading company, active in cotton, plastics and rice. Cotton ginners, and merchants in raw cotton, cotton linters and waste. Also, import and export of recycled plastics.
Alcotan Cotton Trading & Export Co
Egypt. International merchants of long and extra long staple raw Egyptian cotton. Technical information and cotton specifications. Links to related sites.
Amcot International
USA. International sales agency of US cotton growers. Links to cooperative's web sites.
Atron sro
Czech Republic. World wide traders in raw cotton. Also, licensing of the Struto nonwovens technology and Sanfor logo. English and Czech.
Balaji Platinum
India. International trade in cotton linters and raw cotton. Also, cotton seeds. Technical information and fiber specifications.
Bale Cotton Pty., Ltd
Australia. Internet-based e-commerce venture for the domestic and international marketing of Australian cotton. Industry news. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
Basil Group
India. Diversified group of companies, active in cotton and chemicals. Exporters of graded, contamination-free shankar 6 cotton. Also, phthalocyanine pigments for textile printing, paint, ink, plastic and rubber, basic, solvent and fluorescent dyes, and rodamine B. Technical information.
Baumann Hinde & Co., Ltd
UK. International raw cotton merchants. Links to related sites.
Bean & Bean Cotton Co
USA. Raw cotton brokers. Buyers and forwarders of contract spot cotton. FAQs on cotton marketing. List of links to cotton related resources.
Bremen Cotton Exchange
Germany. International trading house for raw cotton, cotton linters, and waste from man-made fibers. Arbitration services, cotton seminars and laboratory testing of raw cotton. Two weekly trade reports. Links to spot prices and futures, events and the uses of the cotton plant. English and German.
Brunson & Co
Memphis (USA) cotton traders. Includes business history and information about services offered.
Calcot, Ltd
USA. Cooperative cotton marketing organization, owned by US growers of Far Western cotton, involved in promotion and export activities. Product information. Cotton events calendar. Links to related sites.
Cargill Cotton
USA. Multi-national cotton merchants, serving cotton growers, ginners, buyers and textile mills worldwide. Library of links to agents and subsidiaries. Market and business information. Part of Cargill, Inc.
Cargo Control Group
Germany. International logistics and warehousing, monitoring, quality control, weight control and certification company, specialised in raw cotton. Also, inspection and forwarding services for grain and metals.
Central Cotton Co., Ltd
UK. International merchants in raw cotton from Africa and Central Asia. Links to related sites.
Cotton Distribution Incorporated SA
Switzerland. International merchants of raw cotton, specialised in Egyptian, African and South American cotton. Library of flash reports. English and French.
Dayal Agro Products, Ltd
India. Group of companies, involved in cotton ginning and trading, and the export of raw cotton bales. Also, vegetable oil, cotton seeds and seed oil cake.
Dibb AB
Sweden. Importers of organically grown cotton for the feminine hygiene products and yarn spinning industries. Description of organic cotton. Links to related sites. English and Swedish.
DML Group
India. Group of commodity trading companies, involved in cotton, pulses, spices, seeds and grains. Information about Indian cotton and its position on the world market. English, Chinese and Arabic.
Drachenberg Trading Co
USA. International merchants of raw cotton. Also, risk management consulting, cotton market information services, and futures and options brokerage.
Ecom Agroindustrial Corporation
USA. International commodity merchants, involved in cotton, coffee, oilseeds and grains, cocoa and hogs. World wide trading in raw cotton. Description of cotton cultivation and processing. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
Canada. International fair trade cooperative, involved in buying, importing and marketing organically grown and ethically produced cotton, and cotton based yarns and textiles. Also, organizers of a range of educational events. Links to related sites. English and French.
Gill & Co
India. Traders and exporters of cotton, rice, wheat, coffee, sugar and soybeans. International merchants, indenters and ginners of raw cotton.
Goetz & Sons, Inc
USA. Exporters of cotton linters, gin motes and cotton waste. Links to related sites.
Golden Assembly Enterprises
India. Importers and international merchants of raw cotton, specialised in Egyptian and East African cotton. On-line bidding facility.
Green Group
Bangladesh. Group of companies, involved in the international trade of raw cotton. Also, custom sourcing of woven and knitted garment, and publishers of textile magazines.
Greencot, Ltd
Bangladesh. Representatives and importers of raw cotton to the local yarn spinning industry. Links to related sites.
Hakimuddin Hormusji & Sons
Pakistan. International merchants of raw cotton.
Heinrich Otto
Germany. Dealers in cotton comber noils, pneumafil, and card and yarn or threadwaste. Also, virgin and sub-standard polyester staple fiber. Links to related sites. English and German.
ICT Cotton, Ltd
International merchants of raw cotton.
Ina SA
Greece. Traders and agents for raw cotton and cotton wastes. Links to international cotton trading sites.
Jess Smith & Sons, Inc
USA. Merchants of raw cotton. Links to cotton related sites, weather reports, agricultural information and futures trading.
Khudabux Enterprises
Pakistan. International merchants of raw cotton, cotton comber noil and cotton waste. Also, sourcing of cotton, linen and blended yarns, polyester filaments, and collections of bathroom, beach and kitchen towels. Part of the Khudabux Group.
India. Marketing organization for Indian cotton growers involved in the procurement, grading, quality control, processing, storage and sale of raw cotton.
Mambo Commodities Cotton Trading Co
France. International trading house for raw cotton. Market reports, comments and forecasts, and technical articles.
USA. Cotton futures trading site from Moss Capital Management, Inc. Quotes, daily options and prices. Market comments and technical analysis. Open, live chatroom for commodity traders and brokers.
Multan Group
Pakistan. Diversified group of companies, active in cotton, leather tanning, fruit and beverages. Exporters of processed cotton, and cotton waste and linters.
Namoi Cotton Cooperative, Ltd
Australia. International merchants of raw cotton, involved in ginning, marketing, warehousing and world wide shipping.
Nikju Tech Consultancy
India. Export agency, involved in fibers, software, cosmetics and healthcare products. Merchants of shankar 6 raw cotton. Also, cotton yarns and fabrics.
Oro Blanco SA
Peru. Marketing company, involved in the promotion of organically grown cotton and its derived products. Technical information and prices. Links to related sites. English and Spanish.
Otto Stadtlander GmbH
Germany. International traders in short, long and extra long staple cotton fiber. Links to related sites. English and German.
Pamuk Toprak Mahsulleri AS
Turkey. International merchants and agents of raw cotton. Trade reports and statistics. Links to related sites. English and Turkish.
Paul Reinhart, Inc
USA. World wide cotton merchants serving organic and traditional growers, ginners, buyers, and textile mills. Statistics. Futures and options closes. Cotton calendar. Directory of global agents and representatives. Links to related sites. Part of Reinhart AG.
Paulo Monteiro Cotton
Brazil. International cotton merchants. Also, trading in cotton yarns and ginnings, and pre-owned textile machinery. Links to related sites. English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Plexus Cotton, Ltd
UK. World wide network of Fairtrade approved companies, active in the farming, ginning, warehousing, logistics and marketing of cotton. Cotton futures, market reports and prices. Corporate video presentation.
Queensland Cotton
Australia. International merchants of raw cotton, involved in cotton transport, ginning, classing, warehousing and shipping. Also, crop financing, and marketing and risk management services. Links to related sites.
Rakesh Soni
India. Processors and wholesale suppliers of cotton linters. Also, biodegradable castor oil based grease for industrial applications.
Rescali Cotoni Sas
Italy. Sales agents for cotton growers and merchants, specialised in medium and long staple cotton fiber, carded and combed, and open-end spun cotton yarns, and cotton yarn wastes. Links to related sites. English and Italian.
S & J Corp
Pakistan. Processors and traders in raw cotton and cotton mill wastes. Also, recycled polyester and food stuffs.
Societe Misr Pour L'Exportation Du Coton
Egypt. International merchants of long and extra long staple Egyptian raw cotton, cotton waste and by-products. Cotton fiber specifications.
Staplcotn Cooperative Association
U.S. producer-owned cotton cooperative offering domestic and export marketing, cotton warehousing and agricultural financing.
Suminter India Organics
Commercial organization dedicated to the cultivation, development, sourcing and marketing of organically grown and processed textile materials and food products. Suppliers of organic and fair trade grown and processed raw cotton for yarn spinning applications.
Italy. Manufacturers' representatives, agents and importers of raw cotton and cotton waste, carded and combed single and twisted open-end spun cotton yarns, and wide width woven greige fabrics for bedding applications.
Toyo Cotton Co
Japan. International merchants of raw cotton. Cotton futures and weathr reports. Links to related sites. English and Japanese.
TransGlobal Inspections, LLC
USA. Internationally operating controllers of raw cotton, involved in weighing, sampling, quality control, and supervision with loading, unloading and tallying of containers, trucks and vessels. Directory of world wide representatives. Library of industry news articles.
Unicot, LLC
Switzerland. Merchants of raw cotton from Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Pakistan and Brazil. Also, market and financial consulting services.
White Gold Association, Inc
USA. International group of companies, involved in the world wide cotton trade, and cotton ginning and processing. Extensive industry and business news, weather reports, and cotton futures ad quotes.
Wienco, Ltd
Ghana. Warehousing, and import and export company, active in cotton, cocoa and fertilizers. International merchants of raw African cotton. Also, processors of coir fibers, and manufacturers of coir erosion control blankets.
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