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Carbon Nanotube Fibers
Short article about the development of a process for the production of macroscopic carbon nanotube fibers and strips for possible applications in medical, electronic and textile products. From the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal.
Electrospinning Nanofibers of Polyaniline and Blends
Technical paper about electrospinning of nanofibers from pure doped polyaniline dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid, and doped polyaniline blended with polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene oxide (PEO) dissolved in chloroform. Author: Manuel J. Diaz de Leon. [PDF]
Electrospinning of Nanofibers from Polymer Solutions
Short technical article about the mechanism and electrohydrodynamic modeling, experimental realization and a number of applications of electrospun nanofibers from polymer solutions. Authors: A.L. Yarin and E. Zussman. [PDF]
Enhancing the Properties of Nanoscale Electrospun Polymer Fibers
Technical paper about the development of a new method to induce a nanoporous texture on polymer fibers, and a unique processing protocol to enhance the properties of nanoscale electrospun polymer fibers. Authors: John Rabolt and others. [PDF]
Hydrogen Storage in Graphite Nanofibers
Report on the discovery that graphite nanofibers are capable of absorbing and storing up to 40 wgt % of hydrogen, through the establishment of a strong interaction between hydrogen and the delocalized p-electrons present in the graphite layer. Author: C. Park and others. [PDF]
An Investigation on Phase Behaviour and Orientation Factor of Electrospun Nanofibers
Master of Science thesis presenting an investigation on phase behaviour of nanofibers electrospun from polymer blends, and orientation factors within nanofibers electrospun from both, a single polymer solution and blended polymers. Author: Kai Feng. [PDF]
Meso- and Nano-scaled Polymer Fibers and Tubes
Dissertation about the development, production, characteristics and industrial applications of nanofibers and structures. Author: Jun Zeng. [PDF]
Reading the Small Print
Extensive article about the legal issues related to the fast developing use of nanotechnology in industrial and consumer products. From the Environmental Law Institute. Authors: Lynn Bergeson and Bethami Aurbach. [PDF]
Research of Electrospinning
Short article, describing the principle of the electrospinning process, and an ongoing research project performed at the TANDEC institute for nonwovens research, dealing with electrospinning of nanofibers from polyamide. Author: Peter P. Tsai.
Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Graphite Nanofibers
Report on a laboratory project, focused on the development of a new carbon based nanofiber from the metal catalyzed decomposition of certain hydrocarbonates, at temperatures ranging from 400 to 800 degrees centigrade. Author: Terry K. Baker.
What is Nanotechnology?
Short description of nanotechnology in general and its possible applications in science and industry. From the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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