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Antimicrobial Polymeric Materials: Cellulose and m-Aramid Composite Fibers
Technical paper, describing a novel method of creating polymeric fibers with lasting anti-micribial properties by chlorinating liquidised m-aramid and cellulosic polymers, before the dry-jet wet spinning process. Authors: Jaewoong Lee and others. [PDF]
Characterisation of Fibers Produced from Blends of Polybutylene and Polypropylene
Technical paper, describing the physical properties of extrusion spun fibers composed of various mixtures of polybutylene and polypropylene polymers. Authors: Robert L. Shambaugh and Diana L. Ortiz. [PDF]
Charge Characterization of an Electrically Charged Fiber Via Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Technical paper presenting a study to demonstrate the feasibility of using electrostatic force gradient imaging as an analytical tool to monitor charge in electrically charged fiber, and to probe the solvent-induced charge deterioration of the electret fiber used in filtration media. Authors: Joyoun Kim, Warren J. Jasper and Huan P. Hinestroza. [PDF]
Gecko-Inspired, High-Friction Microfibers
Article about the development by engineers of the University of California, Berkeley, of an array of synthetic micro-fibers using ultra-high friction to support loads on smooth surfaces. From EurekAlert.
Graft Copolymerization of PET fibers in a Swelling Agent
Technical paper about improving the dyability of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers by grafting vinyl monomers onto them by chemical initiation, utilizing dimethyl formamide (DMF) as a swelling agent. Authors: H.I. Unal and others. [PDF]
Introduction to Fiber Science
From the College of Textiles of the North Carolina State University. Concise descriptions of the morphology, formation and properties of natural and chemical fibers.
Man-made Fiber Specifications
List of technical specifications for a range of common and high-performance man-made fibers. From MC2 Market and Competitive Convergence.
Nonbitumous Components of Bitumous Paving Mixtures
Article about nonbitumous materials used in asphalt paving mixtures, including mineral, cellulosic, polyester and polypropylene fibers as stabilizers. From the US Transportation Research Board. [PDF]
Research on the Degradation of PA6 Waste and Utilization of the Degradation Products for the Synthesis of Copolyamide Resins
Technical paper reporting on an investigation concerning the utilisation of polymer waste in the manufacture of polyamide fibers. Authors: Jacek Wesolowski and Karolina Grzebieniak. [PDF]
Silk Protein Project
Detailed description of the Ph.D. project of Kimberly Carlson about research into spider silk, and the possible utilization of the resulting knowledge in the manufacture and processing of existing man-made polymers and fibers.
The Soybean Protein Fibre - A Healthy and Comfortable Fibre for the 21st Century
Short article, presenting the characteristics of soybean protein fibers and the perspectives for their development and applications. Author: Li Yi-You. [PDF]
Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing
Instructional classroom module on the manufacturing and processing technologies for man-made fibers. Author: Charles B. Weinberger. [PDF]
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