This category lists manufacturers of metal fibers for textile and nonwovens applications only.
American Metal Fibers, Inc
USA. Manufacturers and suppliers of metallic fiber, wool, filters and component parts. Ferrous and nonferrous fibers for disc brake pads, drum brake linings and various friction products.
Bekaert Group
Belgium. Diversified multi-national group of companies, active in advanced metal transformation, and advanced materials and coatings. Manufacurers of steel fibers and chopped strands for concrete reinforcement, technical textiles and protective clothing applications. Technical information, product brochures and specifications on PDF files.
Fibretech Technology, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of amorphous, semi-amorphous and fine-crystalline fibres in a wide range of metal alloys and sizes for the automotive, construction and refractory markets. Extensive technical information on PDF files. Custom development and manufacturing services.
Global Material Technologies, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of abrasive, cleaning and polishing products for consumer and industrial uses. Carbon steel, copper and brass fibers for automotive friction applications. Technical brochures on PDF files.
IntraMicron, Inc
USA. Vertically integrated manufacturers of sorbent and filtration media. Multi-lobal microfibers for sorbent and filtration media, thermal conductivity and protection, medical and mist elimination applications, from stainless steel, nickel, copper and titanium.
Koolon Fiber Tech. Corp
China. Manufacturers of stainless steel chopped fibers, slivers and filament yarns for applications in conductive, heat resistant, electromagnetic shielding and anti-static fabrics and products. Also, woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics and felts, and ropes, sleeves, tapes and netting. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and specifications. English and Chinese.
Spain. Manufacturers of brass, copper, bronze and steel fibers and chips for construction, exhaust pipe and friction applications. Technical specifications. English and Spanish.
Saffil, Ltd
UK. Development and manufacture of high-temperature solutions and performance materials for the automotive and technical textile industries. Aluminium fibers for insulation, reinforcement, filtration, protective garment lining and battery separation applications. Product and health safety data sheets. English, German and Japanese.
Ugitech SA
France. Multi-national manufacturers of a wide range of stainless steel and alloy long products. Corrosion and crease resistant, high-strength and recyclable stainless steel fibers for protection, EMS shielding, composite and filtration applications. Extensive technical information. Product data on PDF files. Part of the Arcelor Group. English and French.
Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of engineered refractory and nonferrous metals, and metallic fibers for conductive plastics and textiles in the aerospace, aviation, chemical, electronics, and energy industries. Technical specifications and product information.
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