This category lists manufacturers of carbon and related fibers only.
Conoco-Phillips, Inc
USA. Multi-national petrochemical company. High-performance, continuous filament pitch carbon fiber in nonwoven mats, chopped, milled and micronised form, for filtration, construction and a wide range of industrial applications. On-line job offerings.
Grafil, Inc
USA. Manufacturer of carbonized polyacrylonitrile fibers for aerospace and industrial purposes. Detailed product specification sheets on PDF files. Requires Adobe Acrobat file reader. Part of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
Hexcel Corp
USA. Versatile industrial corporation, specializing in high performance composite materials and fabrics. Manufacturer of continuous filament and chopped carbon fiber for composite structures, from polyacrylonitrile precursor filaments. Extensive glossary of terms. Technical data on PDF files.
Mitsubishi Rayon America, Inc
Manufacturers of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and acrylonitrile (AN) based products. Poly-acrylonitrile based (PAN) carbon fibers for composite and high-performance applications. Part of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.
Nanoledge SA
France. Manufacturers of carbon nanofiber and -tubes for applications in composites, energy storage, and electronic and plastics processes and production. Description of nanotubes, and properties and applications. Price list. On-line ordering. English and French.
Nippon Graphite Fiber Corp
Japan. Manufacturers of pitch based carbon chopped fibers and filament yarns. Also, prepegs and woven fabrics. Detailed product specifications. List of trade shows.
Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd
Japan. Diversified manufacturing company, active in coke, chemicals and carbon products. Pitch based carbon fibers and filaments for construction materials, resin products, insulation materials and composite reinforcement applications. English and Japanese.
Taiwan Carbon Technology Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Manufacturer of activated carbon fiber and fabrics from polyacryionitrile, as well as papers and felts. Composite fabrics and felts with aramid and modacryl.
Toho Tenax America, Inc
USA. Development and manufacture of tow, continuous filaments, staple and short fiber, and spun yarns for a wide range of high-performance applications, from carbon and oxidised PAN fibers. Also, metal coated fibers. Extensive technical information. Product and safety data sheets on HTML and PDF files.
Toho Tenax Co.,Ltd
Japan. Multi-national manufacturers of polyacrylonitrile based carbon staple fiber and filament for technical and industrial purposes. Acrylic and rayon staple fiber and filament for nonwovens and textiles. Also, yarns and textile fabrics from man-made and natural fibers.
Zoltek Companies, Inc
USA. High-performance, low cost carbon fiber for reinforcement applications in the composite industry. Composite design manual and users' guide. Detailed information on the manufacturing process of carbon fiber, its properties and uses. On-line job offerings.
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