This category lists companies involved in the manufacture and trade in sizing chemicals for yarns and fabrics.
India. Manufacturers of toxin free sizing agents for textile fabrics from cotton and blends with polyester.
Emsland-Stärke GmbH
Germany. Multi-national group of companies, involved in the manufacture of potato starch products for applications in the textile food, paper and adhesives industries. Starch based agents for textile sizing, finishing, printing and binding applications. Technical information on PDF file. English and German.
Grain Processing Corp
USA. Manufacturers of corn based ethyl alcohol, maltodextrins, corn syrup solids, and starches for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, textile,paper and industrial applications. Also, corn oil; animal feed ingredients, and pet care products. Specialty starches for textile processing, sizing and finishing, and natural binder systems for granular and fibrous applications. Technical information.
H.M.Rubensperger GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of sizing agents for natural, synthetic and blended yarns. Also, a range of paper coatings. English and German.
Japan Vam & Poval Co., Ltd
Manufacturers of polyvinyl alcohol, vinyl carboxilate and vinyl acetate resins for industrial applications. Water soluble polyvinyl alcohol based products for yarn and textile fabric sizing, processing and finishing. Chemical properties and specifications. Application guide. English and Japanese.
Karandikars Cashell Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturer of modified tapioca and maize starches and adhesives for applications in dyestuffs, textile sizing agents, and in the paper industry. Also, dextrose and liquid glucose. Technical information.
Matangi Chemical
India. Manufacturers of acrylic sizing binders and natural softening agents for textile processing and finishing applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
Refnol Resins and Chemicals, Ltd
India. Manufacturers of textile sizing and auxiliary chemicals. Also, polyester resins for fiberglass composites and coating, and laundry and cleaning chemicals. Part of Refnol International, LLC.
Super Glanz Spa
Italy. Manufacturers of sizing, waxing, preparation, dyeing, finishing agents and flame retardants for the textile industry. Extensive product catalog, searchable by product name, code or generic terms. English and Italian.
Swiss Formulations
India. Manufacturers of starch based sizing chemicals for the textile and papermaking industries. Technical information.
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