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AATCC. American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
USA. Worldwide association of professionals active in textile wet processing. The AATCC is focused on education, technical applications and research, technology transfer and test method development.
BAMM. Basic Acrylic Monomer manufacturers, Inc
USA. Trade organization for manufacturers and importers of acrylic acid and its esters. Technical information about acrylates. Links to member companies and organizations.
The Chlorine Institute, Inc
USA. Technical research and safety institute for manufacturers and distributors of chlorine, sodium and potassium hydroxides, hydrogen chloride and sodium hypochlorite.
CIMA. Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association
USA. The association represents the technical, scientific and professional interests of manufacturers of cellulose insulation materials. News, reports and information.
EBFRIP. European Brominated Flame Retardant Industry Panel
Belgium. Organization of European manufacturers of brominated flame retardants, serving as the main spokesperson for the industry on key issues such as fire safety, eco-labels, electronic waste and risk assessments. Extensive list of publications on PDF files.
EFRA. European Flame Retardants Association
Belgium. Trade organization for European manufacturers of industrial flame retardants. Market statistics. Descriptions of technology. Library of articles. List of member companies.
ETAD. Ecological and Toxical Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers
Switzerland. International organization of companies, focused on efforts to minimise the adverse impact of organic colorants on health and environment
FSCT. Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology
USA. Non-profit, multi-national organization, dedicated to providing technical education and professional development to individuals and companies in the global coatings industry.
IAA. International Antimony Association
Trade organization for manufacturers, users and traders in antimony oxide fire retardants, dedicated to environmental, health and safety regulatory affairs concerning antimony substances and their uses. List of member companies and organizations. Newsletters. Links to related sites.
ISCC. Inter-Society Color Council
USA. Non-profit membership organization for professionals in science, art, history and industry, involved in the description and specification of color.
Korea Dyeing Technology Center
Joint venture, non-profit, organization of government and industry, involved in research, development and promotion of textile dyeing and finishing technologies for the local industry. English and Korean.
MPA. Methacrylate Producers Association, Inc
USA. Trade organization for manufacturers and importers of methacrylic acid and its esters. List of member companies. Links to related sites.
NAIMA. North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
USA. Trade association of North American manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool and slag wool insulation products.
NAPIM. National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers
USA. Trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers of printing inks, and allied industries. Events calendar. Extensive list of publications.
NIA. National Insulation Association
USA. Trade organization for the industrial insulation and asbestos abatement industries. The site has a large, online resource library with technical information and articles.
OCCA. Oil and Colour Chemists' Association
UK. International society for individuals in the surface coatings industry, involved in the publication of technical journals, training and charity activities.
SADFA. South African Dyers and Finishers Association
Non-profit trade organization for the textile dyeing and finishing industry and its suppliers. Organizers of a three year academic course on dyeing and finishing technologies. Links to related sites.
Society of Dyers and Colourists
UK. International professional society for the advancement of the science of colour.
SOCMA. Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association
International trade association for the organic chemical industry. Large site provides links to events and seminars, library resources, products, marketplace, training and educational programs.
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