Trunked radio systems include towers with repeaters and controllers for wide-area coverage, also known as Repeater Service, or Wide-Area Coverage Service. These systems extend the range of radio communication throughout a large geographic area and allow a large group of users to share relatively few radio frequencies by dynamically assigning frequencies, then releasing the frequency back to a pool.

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Air Wave Radio Inc.
USA - Offers wide area trunking service covering Central and South Texas.
Arkansas Valley Communications
USA - Offers wide-area repeater service for Eastern Oklahoma to Central Arkansas.
Commuications Specialists, Inc.
USA - Offering wide-area trunking service in the Columbia, South Carolina area.
Crudele Communications
Sales and service for two-way radio trunking repeater systems. Conventional two-way including UHF, VHF and low-band. FCC licensing and Nextel Phones.
Cygnal Ltd
England - Provides trunking service covering North Eastern England.
Entropia Network
Commercial wireless voice and data provider with its own trunked radio network in Belgium.
Fylde Micro, Ltd.
Provides trunking systems to OEMs, dealers, and end users. Includes dealer locator.
Gould Electronics
Offers trunked radio solutions as well as shop watch schemes, conventional 2-way radio and fire service communications systems.
Resources for EDACS TrunkTracking. Includes guides on frequencies, programming, talk groups, and related links.
High Tech Communication Services, Inc.
Puerto Rico - Provides trunking site rental and related repeater services.
Land Mobile Spectrum Planning Options
Article discussing the sharing of trunked public safety radio systems among Federal, State, and local organizations .
Nighthawk Communications, Inc.
USA - Offers wide area trunking service in the greater Los Angeles area.
Potomac Spectrum Partners LLC
Located in USA - Chevy Chase, MD. Provides trunking integration services, for radio communication networks.
Simoco Group
Designs, installs, and maintains conventional and trunked radio systems.
TCCA TETRA Association
TETRA and Critical Communications Association supports the development of TETRA standards and promotes adoption for terrestrial trunked radio, an open digital trunked radio standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute .
TETRA Consultancy
Netherlands - Consultants in Telecom and IT for design, roll-out, expansion and maintenance of TETRA networks and mobile radio networks.
Trunking Information
Information on several Motorola systems, the EDACS system which is operated by the City of Clearwater, as well as conventional frequencies for the Greater Tampa Bay Area.
United States Patent: 5,815,799
Priority system for a wide area transmission trunked communication system. Here is the LTR Multi-Net Patent that explains the signaling protocol.
United States Patent: 5,822,314
Communications system and method of operation. A typical operational function, using timing information inherent in the transmissions, is the encryption/decryption process within the Trans European Trunked Radio (TETRA) standard.
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