Manufacturers of radios and related equipment.

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Producers of amateur radio and commercial two-way radio products including antennas, antenna analyzers, time domain reflectometers, and data products.
Amateur radio and UHF micro-transceivers. Product specifications, manuals, dealer locator, and links.
Manufacturer of VHF, marine band, airband transceivers, receivers, and color image facsimile systems.
Manufactures wireless intercom headsets and staff paging systems.
Manufactures two-way radio systems for domestic and commercial use.
Communications Specialists Inc.
Manufacturer of tone signaling products for two way radio and telemetry receivers. Includes a product catalog and downloadable hook up sheets and switch charts.
Computer Automation Technology
Manufacturer of microprocessor based repeater controllers and accessories for amateur radio applications, including digital voice recorders, and linking control switching cards.
Connect Systems
Makers of interconnects and LTR conventional repeater panels. Product features and specifications.
Connectivity, Inc.
Provides two-way, solar-powered communications products for a range of industries. Products include call boxes and systems. Includes a listing of dealers.
Daniels Electronics
Manufacture base stations, repeaters and transportable radio systems. Includes product literature and technical notes and a listing of representatives .
Digital Voice Systems
Developer and manufacturer of low-bit-rate, voice compression software and hardware solutions for use in consumer, commercial, and military communications.
Doug Hall Electronics
Manufacture signal to noise voting systems. Products include receiver and repeater voters and remote base interfaces. Includes product specifications, literature, and documentation.
Wireless communication systems for teams working in difficult environments. Products include radios and headsets. Product descriptions and specifications.
EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.
Offers communication solutions in two core areas: information security and land mobile radio products and systems.
EMR Corporation
Manufacture RF filters, couplers amplifiers and related equipment.
Precision time, master clock and signal distribution equipment for broadcasting and military applications.
Wireless one-way communication systems for alarm generation, and two-way radio communication systems for targeted intercom systems.
Genave Electronics
Equipment for portable, mobile, and base station radios. Products include encoders, receivers, decoders and controllers. Includes application and radio technical data.
Specialized in producing two way radios and supplying walkies talkies. China.
Icom America
Manufacturer of amateur, avionic, land mobile, FRS and marine radios, and scanner and receiver equipment. Includes product information and dealer list.
Icom UK
Manufacturer of amateur, commercial, and aviation radio products.
ICT Power
Provider of mobile radio base stations and a range of switching power supply products. Base stations selectable by radio type. Includes a listing of distributors.
They design, engineer, and manufacture antennas and RF site equipment products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems. Our main frequency ranges: VHF, UHF, DECT, GSM, WLAN.
Information Station Specialists
Supplier of AM advisory and information radio stations and associated equipment. Includes case studies, specifications, and assistance with planning.
Jenal Communications
Repeater/beacon controllers, battery cut-off timers and DTMF controlled relay boards for use in the two-way radio industry.
Kace Electronics
Supplies communication products including CB, FRS, GMRS, and GPS systems, and various two-way radio accessories. Product features and photographs.
Manufacturer of wireless data controllers. Products include paging controllers and UHF/VHF modems. Includes product overviews, specifications, and pin out charts.
KAVIT Electronics Industries
Encryption modules for two-way radios.
Kenwood Communications
Two-way radios for the commercial and amateur markets. Includes product documentation.
LDG Electronics
Microprocessor controlled repeater voting systems and antenna tuners. Includes product photographs, specifications, and an online store.
Link Communications
Repeater control systems for amateur and commercial radio.
Midian Electronics
Manufactures equipment for two-way radio including voice scramblers, encoders, decoders, and interconnects.
Midland Radio
Manufacturer of FRS, GMRS, and CB transceivers in addition to weather receivers.
Providers of analog and digital two-way voice and data radio products and systems for conventional, shared and private applications worldwide.
NHRC Repeater Controllers
Repeater controllers and related accessories for amateur and land-mobile radios. Order by mail or phone.
Pacific Wireless Communications
Portable radio systems for emergency service agencies.
ParaComm Technologies
Portable HF radio equipment for harsh environments.
Pryme/ADI Radio Products
Two-way radios, audio accessories, antennas, battery packs, and other communications products.
Pyramid Communications
Mobile repeaters and data transmission equipment for use in the public safety sector. Includes a dealer listing.
Ranger Electronic Communications, Incorporated
Manufacturer of amateur and citizens band, VHF commercial, and marine radios. Includes links to online dealers and FAQs.
RELM Wireless
Designs, manufactures and markets wireless communications equipment consisting of land mobile radios, utility load management systems, and base station components and subsystems.
RF-Tel Communications
Manufacturer of fixed and mobile radio telephones and modems. Includes product specifications and downloadable setup software.
Professional radio systems, portable radios, repeaters, programmable mobiles and data telemetry systems. Includes product catalog.
Designer and supplier of TETRA portable and mobile radios to the police, fire, ambulance, military and transportation markets.
Sharman multiCOM
Importers and exporters of two way radios and accessories.
Simoco Telecommunications
Manufacturer of private mobile radio communications equipment and systems. Based in the United Kingdom and India.
Standard Communications
Manufacturer of cellular modems for data applications and satellite and broadband systems and equipment.
Tait Communications
Designs, delivers and manages critical communication solutions for public safety and utility organizations worldwide.
Teledesign Systems
Manufacturer of wireless and radio modems for commercial and industrial applications. Product brochures and specifications available for download.
Manufactures wireless rural loop telecommunication equipment. Includes a sales representative locator and links to industry events.
Teltronic S.A.
Manufacturer of radio communications equipment including two-way radio, PMR products, MPT1327, TETRA and applications.
Supplies a range of conventional radio equipment, digital telephones, vehicle locators, and trunking systems.
Designs and manufactures packet radio and telemetry modems for the commercial and amateur radio markets.
Timewave Technology Inc.
Designs, manufactures, and sells leading-edge voice and digital communications products to the world-wide military, government, industrial, and amateur radio marketplaces.
Design and manufacturers tone signaling products for the land mobile radio, amateur radio and remote control (SCADA) industries.
XCOM760 VHF Airband Radio
Lightweight airband transmitter for ultralights. Includes drawings and product specifications.
Yaesu / Vertex
Produces communications equipment for marine, amateur and shortwave use.
Yaesu UK Ltd
Supplies two-way radio products for land based commercial, marine and amateur radio markets.
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