This category is for providers of telecommunication messaging services that facilitate the transmission of messages to a designated party. This message transmission can be ad-hock, or scheduled, and is typically implemented in some sort of automated fashion. The form or nature of the messages whether voice, fax, or text is not important, however the underlying transmission technology should be telecommunications related.

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1rst Wireless Application Planet
Offer services to for mail notification, webroadcast, instant messages, community contacts and web instant news, to cellular subscribers, irrespective of ISPs.
AAP Message Connect
Australian firm offering four key messaging solutions for business communication. Distribute and receive information en masse in fax, email, SMS, or voice mail.
Access Direct, Inc.
Provides virtual PBX, voicemail, auto attendant, and fax services. Includes product and company information, and testimonials.
Advanced Voice Communications
Provides services for toll-free voice messaging, virtual office, fax on-demand, and auto attendant solutions throughout the United States.
American Voice Mail Inc.
Provides services for voice and fax messaging, virtual office, call transfer, and one number solutions throughout the United States.
The ARCOS (Automated Roster Callout System) automates roster management and call out process.
Barleywater Communications Inc.
Provider of voice mail and paging services for all area codes within California and Nevada. Includes features and prices.
Blast Companies L.L.C.
Offers voice broadcasting, e-marketing, podcasting and SMS text messaging.
Offers voice broadcasting services that allow you to record a voice message and broadcast it automatically to one or thousands of phone numbers from a list.
Voice broadcasting service provider that uses automated calls to send messages to a group or list. Includes pricing, product overview and FAQs.
Builds custom 900 number business packages for live and recorded lines.
Diamond Voice
Provides local and toll-free services for voice messaging, fax messaging, auto attendant, and call transfer.
E-Sync Networks, Inc.
Designs, implements and operates worldwide message and data communications services, which enable organizations with otherwise incompatible terminals, computers and communication networks to send and receive information from one another. (Nasdaq: ESNI).
Emergence Corporation
Offers nationwide toll-free voicemail services throughout the United States.
Offers automated residential wake-up call services.
Global Connect
Offers voice broadcasting services throughout the United States.
GoAmerica Communications Inc.
Focused on providing a broad mix of communications products and services to consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Golden Voice
Provides voice mail services to small businesses and individuals nationwide and worldwide.
Offers a messaging service that allows subscribers to distribute a recorded message to a list of telephone numbers in the United States.
Develops, markets and supports wireless messaging software solutions for alphanumeric pagers, PCS phones and PDA's.
Integrated Global Concepts
Provides voice and fax messaging services in many cities throughout the United States.
Offers services for voice messaging, voice broadcasting, and emergency notification solutions throughout the United States.
Offers services for voicemail, faxmail, and live answering throughout New York.
OneCall Systems
Offers a messaging service that allows subscribers to distribute a recorded message to a list of telephone numbers in the United States.
Protus IP Solutions
Offers messaging services for email, fax and virtual pbx solutions.
Offers a service to broadcast messages by e-mail, SMS, fax or voice.
Rosso WakeUp Service
Offers nationwide wakeup services based from Bend Oregon.
Satellink Communications, Inc.
Services includes local, regional, statewide, and national paging, voicemail, calling card, and prepaid long distance.
SkyTel Corp.
Provides traditional paging, text messaging, interactive two-way messaging and wireless telemetry services. Includes product and service information, and area of coverage .
SMS Global
Australia based global business SMS Gateway. Outlook to SMS, MobileWorks Web SMS, HTTP API, SMPP.
Offers e-minder services including wake-up calls, reminders calls, and reminder emails
Provider of universal messaging services. Features a product and services overview, news and events, and a demonstration tour.
Top Answer Communications
Provider of voice mail, paging, 800 voice mail, directory boxes, and voice mail to pager services throughout the United States. Includes coverage map, prices and instructions.
United Voicemail
Provides services for voice and fax messaging, virtual office, and fax on-demand solutions for all Metro Los Angeles area codes.
E-messaging service provider offering fax and email services. Montreal, Canada.
Offers services for voice and fax messaging, voice broadcasting, and one number solutions throughout the United States.
VoiceConnect, Inc.
Offers voicemail, live operator service, local phone service, data solutions, telephones, and other telecommunications services.
Voicemail Office
Provides voicemail, fax, toll free number and Virtual PBX services in the United States and Canada.
Offers services for voice mail, virtual pbx, and disaster recovery solutions throughout the United States.
Offers services for nationwide toll-free auto attendant with voice messaging in addition to voice broadcasting and Voice XML services.
Wake Up
A wake-up call service available throughout the United States and Canada.
Wake Up Line
Provides a nationwide automated wake up call service.
Provides services for toll free voice mail and virtual office solutions throughout the United States.

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