This category is for manufactures and suppliers of satellite systems, equipment, and parts used within the commercial telecommunications industry. Satellite equipment sold directly to the consumer market should be listed in one of the following categories: Arts/Television/Satellite/Digital_Satellite_Systems or Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Digital_Satellite

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AAE Systems, Inc.
Offers sustainable infrastructure solutions to public agencies and private companies anywhere in the world. AAE specializes in design; engineering; procurement; construction and project management; and operations and maintenance of global infrastructure projects.
Advanced Switch Technology
Manufactures microwave waveguide, dual and coaxial switches for the telecommunication industry.
Manufacturer of Solid State High Power Amplifiers (SSPA) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) and associated redundancy equipment. Also manufactures broadband amplifiers and multiplexers.
Antesky Science and Technology
Specialized company engaged in the design and manufacture of satellite communication earth station antenna and relevant servo equipment, and radar telemetry and telemonitor antenna servo sub-system. China.
Applied Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer of test equipment for the telecommunications industry, include CATV and satellite meters, finders, RF signal generators and noise power ratio test sets.
Atlantic Satellite Corporation
Designs and manufactures satellite beacon receivers, up and down converters, test loop translators and other satcom products.
AVL Technologies
Manufacturer and supplier of mobile satellite antenna systems for SNG vehicles.
California Amplifier, Inc.
Manufactures low noise amplifiers (LNA), low noise block down-converters (LNB) and antennas for satellite communication applications.
Carrick Communications
A consultancy and management company with a wide range of experience in the field.
Castell Satcom Radio
Supplier of satellite phone, radio equipment and services to organizations working in remote and hazardous areas.
CcS Satcom
Supplier of RF matrix switches, splitters, frequency converters and directional couplers for frequencies from 5MHz to 14GHz. Also supply GSM modems and terminals.
Comtech EF Data Corporation
Manufacture a range of satellite communications products. Products include digital modems, frequency up and down converters, transceivers , amplifiers, and network management systems .
Crystal Communications Inc.
Provides telecommunications consulting and contracting services and equipment, mainly, but not limited to the cruise ship and maritime industry.
DataPath, Inc.
Provides fixed earth and deployable satellite terminals, broadcast networks, VoIP with turnkey solutions, installation and training.
Delta Communication Ltd.
Satellite communication consultancy and software engineering products. Site also contains some useful java satellite communication calculation tools.
Delta Wave Communications Inc.
Offer a range of services and products for terrestrial and marine applications for worldwide mobile satellite communications. Includes downloadable pricing schedules, and equipment brochures.
DigiVision Satellite Services
Installer of satellite dishes, wireless internet devices and home theatre.
Specializing in remote communications, providing secure, reliable remote communications, VoIP, Internet, data and Wi-Fi for business needs.
Finninger and Helbach
Provides satellite television receivers and installation services.
Flann Microwave
Manufacturers of a wide range of wave-guide and related products.
Provides worldwide satellite communication solutions.
Global Professional
Manufacture and custom construction of satellite, GPS and VSAT equipment for the professional user market.
Global Satcom Technology, Inc.
Design, manufacture and install transportable satellite communications systems. Includes product specifications and photographs.
Glowlink Communications Technology, Inc
Provide hardware, software, and system expertise to help broadband satellite service providers optimize the capacity of their networks. Products include spectrum monitoring systems and link power controls.
GMPCS Personal Communications Inc.
Full service provider of global mobile personal communications by satellite, via the Inmarsat, Globalstar, TMI and emerging systems. Includes a facility to purchase online, and career opportunities.
Greatdvb Digital Technology
Manufacturer of satellite and cable receivers, GPS systems, and related equipment. China.
Telecommunications satellite organisation from Spain.
Horizon Satellite Services
Provides satellite services in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Hughes Network Systems
Provides a range of global broadband, satellite, and wireless communications products for home and business.
IDG Europe AB
Suppliers of satellite communications systems and portable power supplies.
INFOSAT Telecommunications
Offer a range of products and services including terminals for individual users, and large earth stations for infrastructural projects. Includes product specifications and solutions.
Integral Systems, Inc.
Provides satellite ground systems, computer systems for satellite command and control, data processing, simulation, and flight software validation. (Nasdaq: ISYS).
Iridium Phones and Accessories
SatWest provides satellite phones, pagers, data transfer equipment, and satellite accessories.
Latitude Technologies Corporation
Data and messaging systems to complement satellite phone systems with remote operation and aviation applications.
Lun’tech Luneberg technologies
Designs and manufactures lenses using the Luneberg principle, passive radar reflectors and antennas.
Supplier of satellite telephones and airtime including Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat Fleet Broadband. Also email compression services, global weather downloads and GPS tracking service.
Micro Phase Communications
Manufacturer of frequency converters and audio modulators and demodulators for satellite communications.
Mid-State Distributing
Supplier of satellite systems, off air antennas, audio/video and home theater products.
Manufacturers of satellite communication products, components and assemblies.
MobileSat Communications Inc.
Provides secure high-speed internet, multiple phone and fax lines to remote locations.
ND SatCom
Satellite systems manufacturer operating in the Broadcast, Corporate and IP networksin the MilSat fields. Supplies a range of satellite communication components and turnkey earth stations.
Network Innovations Inc.
Provides satellite communications products and services.
A research and development center and manufacturer of satcom related solutions.
Norsat International Inc.
Designs, manufactures and distributes electronic products used to receive broadcast audio/video and data information from communication satellites, land broadcasting systems and fiber optics. (Nasdaq: NSATF).
Novella Satcoms
Manufacturers of satellite communication products including frequency up and down converters, tracking receivers, test translators and uplink power control systems.
Novra Technologies Inc.
Develops broadband receivers, transceivers, and gateways for satellite, terrestrial wireless and cable applications. Includes product specifications, investor information, and career opportunities.
Optimal Satcom, Inc
Provider of software for satellite operators and satellite capacity users. Software products include COMPLAN and COMSAT STAR to enable optimal use of satellite capacity.
Orbit Research Ltd
Satellite Communication Systems. Carrier monitoring equipment. Satellite earth station command and control, and remote monitoring equipment. Satellite phones.
Paradise Datacom
Design and manufacture high specification digital satellite communication equipment. Products include satellite modems, framing units and Doppler buffer equipment.
Quake Global, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets ruggedized mobile satellite communications products for asset tracking and remote monitoring applications.
Quintech Electronics
Designs and manufactures RF signal management solutions for Satellite, Cable, Broadcast and other telecommunications networks.
RTI Products
Manufactures electronic snow sensing and anti-icing systems for telecommunications industry.
S3 Satcom Ltd.
Supplies and installs fixed earth station uplink systems for TV contribution and distribution, internet backbone connections and VSAT networks for broadcasters and telecom operators worldwide.
Specialist builders of satellite newsgathering and television production vehicles for the broadcast industry. Product details and contact information.
SatCom Global
Provider of Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, VSAT satellite communications equipment and airtime for those working and traveling in remote areas. Offices in the UK, Europe, US, Oceania and Asia.
Satcom Resources
Source for satellite communications equipment and services for both buyers and sellers. Includes product brochures in pdf format, pricing, and facilities to purchase online.
Satellite Engineering Group
Source for products and services for customers' current needs as well as new technologies related to satellite, broadcasting and cable.
Satellite Maniacs
Wholesale distributor of satellite FTA receivers.
Satellite Smart Solutions, Ltd
Developer of wireless communication hardware for the telemetry, tracking and messaging markets. Includes information on the technology, products and applications, and related links.
Satphone UK
Supplier of satellite telephones and airtime including Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat and Globalstar
SatService GmbH
Provides solutions for satellite ground stations and communication systems including antenna control, monitoring, and network management systems.
Sematron (UK) Ltd
A specialist distributor of RF and Microwave Components, instrumentation, Satellite Communications ground station equipment and Time and Frequency instrument and systems.
Sintel Satellite Services Inc.
Provides satcom project engineering, system integration, on-site project implementation, and program management services .
Skardin Industrial
Manufacturers of satellite receivers, video sender, audio senders and IR extenders.
Skynet Mobile Communications
Supplies satellite navigation and asset tracking equipment, computer hardware and software.
Sotca Inc.
Designs and manufactures synthesized frequency converters for satellite communications, low noise amplifiers and custom products.
Spirit Wireless
Satellite phones, Portable Docking Kit, sales and rentals for mobile, marine and data applications.
Swedish Microwave AB
Manufacturer of microwave and RF components for satellite receiving equipment. LNAs, LNBs, frequency converters, waveguide components.
Techno-Sciences Inc.
Provides satellite ground station equipment for the international COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue program. Installing local user terminals and mission control centers.
Thrane & Thrane
Supply a range of global services and products using the Inmarsat global satellite communication system. features an overview of services, news, events, a listing of distributors, and career opportunities.
Supplier of systems for receiving data from weather satellites. Includes product descriptions and contact details. Dartmouth, Devon, United Kingdom.
TRL Electronics plc
Turnkey satellite earth stations, satellite modems, mobile satellite communications for military and civil applications.
ViaSat, Inc.
Designs, produces and markets advanced digital satellite telecommunications and wireless signal processing equipment. Features a technical library, investor information, and career opportunities.
Vocality International Ltd
Provides multiplexers and satellite simulators for mobile satellite users.
Wegener Corporation
Digital video and audio equipment for the satellite broadcast industry.
Wright Technologies Limited
Rents, sells and services satellite telephones for use by business, not for profit, government and defence organisations. Also services marine electronic equipment.
Yojia Technology
Manufacture of digital satellite receiver. China.

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