This category is for manufacturers and suppliers of microwave wireless systems, equipment, and component parts. In this instance microwave covers a generic frequency range from above 1 GHz to 30 GHz.

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Airlinks Networking
Provides wireless connectivity for LANs/WANs and MANs in both point to point and point to multipoint communications from 500 feet up to 15 miles.
Airlinx Communications
Supplier of spread spectrum and microwave radio communications equipment, wireless LAN computer hardware, and laser communications systems.
AVCOM of Virginia Incorporated
Manufacture satellite receivers, RF and microwave spectrum analyzers , DC power blocks and GPS antenna extenders . Includes a downloadable catalog and product software .
Axonn Corporation
Design and manufacture industrial and commercial spread spectrum wireless devices for equipment manufacturers and end users.
Comtech PST Corp.
Design, develop and manufacture linear, broadband and feed-forward solid state high power amplifiers. Online specifications.
Continental Electronics Corporation
Manufacture digital and analog transmitter systems. Includes product specification data .
Eclipse Microwave, Inc.
Designs and manufactures microwave mixers, detectors, limiter, filters, and multiplexers for military and space market. Site also features contact information and product descriptions.
Manufactures transmitters and receivers for the wireless industry. PDF catalogues available for download.
GRE America, Inc
Manufacture wireless LAN products, spread spectrum radio modems, broadband multiplexors, and RF Modules. Features product specifications and applications.
HD Communications Corp.
Offers a range of microwave components, and systems including attenuators, amplifiers, microwave switches, connectors, wireless networking.
Herley Power Amplifier Systems
Supplier of sophisticated RF, microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystems to the defense and aerospace industries.
JT Electronics
Specializing in microwave and RF telecommunications equipment, offering both repair of existing equipment and custom design and development services.
Leningrad Radio Research and Development Institute
Designs and manufactures a full line of broadcast and telecommunication equipment. From Russia.
Maksat Communications
Manufacture a range of wireless networks. Operating in the frequency ranges of 2.4 Ghz to 37 Ghz. Includes product features and specifications.
MECA Electronics, Inc.
Manufacture and design of power dividers, directional and 3dB hybrid couplers, attenuators and terminations.
Micronetics, Inc.
Manufacturer of RF microwave test equipment, components and subassemblies used in wireless, aerospace and defense applications
Microwave Mall
Listing for major manufacturers of RF and Microwave products.
Manufacture a range of landmobile and maritime communication products. Products include satellite phones, and radio-relay systems operating between 2 to 38 GHz . Features product brochures and manuals in pdf format.
Ogier Electronics, Ltd.
Manufacturer, designer, and operator of high technology microwave systems. Product areas include broadband wireless, CCTV transmission and Track to Train CCTV.
Remotek Corporation
Specializes in RF wireless communication technology. Outdoor and indoor repeaters, car booster, pre-amplifier, splitter, and antennas Oem/odm business.
Manufacture private switching communications systems, microwave radio equipment, avionics products and systems.
Terrasat Communications
Manufacturer of RF/microwave assemblies for VSAT and digital microwave radio systems. Products include transceivers and amplifiers. Includes product data and specifications in pdf format.
Manufacture a range of microwave products, including crystal oscillators, frequency multipliers, satellite receiving equipment and block down converters. Includes product guide with mechanical specifications and block diagrams.
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