Optically variable materials reflect light in ways that create a different look or image depending on the angle from which it is viewed. They include holograms and other techniques. These materials are incorporated into other products for a variety of purposes.

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API Security Foils
Manufacturers and distributors of holograms, holographic hot stamping foils, blocking foils, leaf, film and laminates for security and authentication.
Bajaj Holographics (I) Pvt Ltd.
Manufacturers of holograms and holographic products for document security and product authentication. Located in India.
Computer Holography Centre
Specializes in computer generated e-beam holographic masters. Located in Russia.
Holo East
Specializes in the mass production of security holograms. Located in Bulgaria.
Holo Solution Inc.
Laser holography manufacturer specializing in Sparkle dot matrix and 3D holograms. Located in Taiwan.
Holo-Source Corporation
Global source for holographic films, paperboard, labels, packaging and security solutions.
Holoflex Ltd.
Supplier of stock and custom holograms, true color holograms, and holographic packaging films and sealing wads. Located in India.
Supplier of stock and custom holograms and hot stamping foils with individualized overprinting available. Located in Russia.
Holograma Ltd
Custom and stock security holograms for documents, brand protection and packaging authentication. Long and short run project solutions.
Holographic Label Sdn. Bhd.
Manufacturer specializing in security hologram labels and holographic hot stamping foil. Located in Malaysia.
Holoshape Products, Inc.
Provider of custom and stock hologram labels and holographic items for apparel, promotion and security.
Holostik India Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of holograms for security, authentication, and promotional purposes. Located in India.
Supplier of holograms for security and brand authentication purposes, aluminum foil for blister packs, and induction wads for plastic containers.
International Hologram Manufacturers Association
IHMA membership is comprised of hologram manufacturers worldwide. An online database is available where holographic images can be registered to protect against counterfeiting.
Jinda Holographic
Mastering and manufacture of holograms and dot matrix images. Also offer specialty die cutting and epoxy domed products. Located in China.
Karmic Sàrl
Supplies optically variable marking solutions and services based on their proprietary ROVID technology. Applications include brand protection and first-line authentication at point of sale.
Security Hologram, Inc.
Security hologram labels for security, product authentication, and protection against counterfeiting.
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