Business Materials Pulp and Paper Chemicals and Additives
This category lists manufacturers of process chemicals and additives for the pulp and paper industry.

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Ace Chemical
Supplier of cleaning, maintenance, and related chemicals and programs for the pulp and paper industry.
The Chemical Company
USA. Manufacturers of chemicals, resins and polymers for the drug, food, cosmetics and papermaking industries. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information and specifications.
EKA Chemicals
Sweden. Chemicals and systems for environment compatible pulp bleaching processes, and chemicals for the wet section of paper making. Also, design and supply of complete chemical plants and equipment to the pulp and paper and chemical industries. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. Part of Akzo Nobel.
Fluoron, Inc
Manufactures range of trademarked coatings and roll covers for resistance to sticking, build up, corrosion, pits, and grooves. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Manufacturer and supplier of chemical additives for the papermaking process. (NYSE: GP).
H & J Mineral Co., Ltd
China. Integrated company, involved in mining and processing of wollastonite ore. Wollastonite fibers for applications in papermaking, ceramics, plastics, metallurgy and paint. English and Chinese.
Multi-national minerals processing company, active in pigments and additives, building materials, refractories and abrasives, and ceramics and specialties. Kaolin and carbonates for use as fillers and coating materials in the papermaking industry. List of literature on PDF files. Calendar of events.
Intace SA
France. Manufacturers, marketers and distributors of specialty chemicals to the paper industry. Fungicides for mold resistant papers and boards. Biocides and dispersants for surface treatments. Also, cleaning agents for papermaking processes. Technical information. English, French, Spanish and Chinese.
Michelman, Inc
USA. Multi-national manufacturers of waterborne wax emulsions and dispersions, and water-based functional and decorative coatings for the paperboard and corrugated box industries. Also, design and manufacture of in-line coating application equipment.
Orient Packagings, Ltd
India. Manufacturers of paper sizing chemicals, wax emulsions and alum, deinking chemicals, defoamers, pulping additives and binders. Also, corrugated boxes.
Pioneer Companies, Inc
USA. Multi-national group of chemicals manufacturing companies. Chlorine and caustic soda for the pulp and papermaking, metal, petroleum, plastics, watertreatment and pharmaceutical industries. MSDS sheets. Extensive product and environmental information.
Plasmine Technology, Inc.
Manufactures and distributes a wide range of sizing products to the paper industry throughout the United States and Canada. Its products are based primarily on rosin and styrene acrylic acid technology.
Solstar Europe, Ltd
Wholesale suppliers of chemicals and auxiliaries, adhesives and inks for the paper and printing industries. Also, paper strength measurement instruments, and technical consultancy.
Suddeutsche Emulsions-Chemie GmbH
Germany. Manufacturer of waterborne paraffin, wax-dispersions and wax-emulsions for applications in waterborne coating systems and hydrophobing agents.
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