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Alcast Company
Employee owned foundry specializing in aluminum castings. Includes brake calipers, torque converters, industrial fans, valve bodies, and castings designed for incorporation of tube and steel inserts.
Aliasa Injected Aluminium
Spanish based aluminum die casting company with facilities in five locations: France, Germany, Denmark and United States.
Aluminum Foundries, Inc.
An aluminum foundry of sand castings, die castings, and permanent mold castings from ounces to 500 pounds.
Chamundi Die Castings
India based high pressure die casting manufacturer making components in aluminium and zinc.
Chicago Aluminum Castings Company
Aluminum sand casting specialist since 1910. Offers furnished castings for machine tools, scientific products, conveyor equipment, railroads, food processing equipment, pumps, and decorative items.
CIF M├ętal
Aluminum and zinc-aluminum casting company with permanent moulds in cast iron, iron and graphite. Quebec, Canada.
Firdi Company Limited
China manufacturer of aluminum extrusions, aluminum heatsinks, sheet metal stampings and aluminum die castings.
Fundicion Torrey
Features an aluminum foundry making sand and permanent mold castings. Based in Mexico.
Grandview Aluminum Products, Inc.
Suppliers of cast bronze and aluminum products. Custom products and ordering information.
Gupta Permold Corp.
Supplier of aluminum castings, CNC machining, metal finishing, product assembly, metal fabrication, based in Pittsburgh, PA.
Haworth Castings
Southampton UK aluminium castings manufacturer specialising in aluminium castings, sand and gravity die castings.
Littlestown Foundry Inc.
Produces variety of aluminum castings, including awnings and marine hardware. Site provides details of capabilities and available products.
Longton Light Alloys Ltd.
Aluminium and aluminum castings are made in a non-ferrous foundry, from very small up to 2 tonnes.
Modern Aluminum Castings
Offers aluminum alloy sand casting production services from design to delivery.
Morris Bean & Company
Makes aluminum castings with dimensional accuracy, exceptional metallurgical qualities, and parts with complex geometry.
O.D.T. Engineering
Designers and suppliers of casting equipment, material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouses.
Ormet S.L.
Spanish firm dedicated to producing die-casts mazak 5 and aluminium. Design, die-making, polished, baths, die casting.
Paul Voss GmbH & Co. KG
German aluminium die casting foundry producing cast parts with a piece weight of 0.050 - 5,000 kg according to drawings or samples.
Premier Aluminum, Inc.
Manufacturer of complete machined aluminum castings. Offers in-house CNC machining, heat treating and tool and die engineering for medium volume assembly ready OEM components
UK Racing Castings
England based magnesium or aluminium alloys sand casting foundry specialising in casting for automotive applications. Low volumes of 1 - 500 units. Pattern making and CNC Machining services available.
ZincAlu Casting Sdn Bhd
Malaysian manufacturer and processor of aluminium and zinc alloy die-casting components. Currently produces components for computer peripherals, electrical and electronic equipment, motorcycle engines and office systems. Currently, the company supplies die castings for use in: computer peripherals electrical and electronic equipment motorcycles and office systems.

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