To solder with a nonferrous alloy having a lower melting point than the metals being joined .
Bellman Melcor
Brazing alloys, brazing and soldering alloys.
Decap SL.
Manufacture and export worldwide soldering and brazing fluxes and alloys, and different kind of solutions related with water, gas, heat and refrigeration.
Eagle Alloys Corp.
entire range of sizes in 4047 ( Alloy 718 ) aluminum brazing sheet. Items are ready for next day shipping.
Epping Systems, Inc.
Designers and Manufacturers of Brazing, Soldering, Cleaning, Drilling, Tapping, Punching, and Vision Inspection Machinery. Each Machine is specifically tooled for your application.
Fusion Inc
Manufactures brazing and soldering filler metals, dispensers, and automatic machines for high volume operations.
Gasflux Company
Low cost process introduces a flux automatically into the flame for brazing of copper, brass and steel. Can be adapted to existing manual and automatic equipment. Also manufactures brazing pastes, rings and rods.
Handy & Harman of Canada, Ltd.
Handy One is a brazing alloy in strip form rolled around a powdered flux. Formulations exist for silver or aluminum based filler metals and it is available on spools or coils for wire feed applications or as preformed rings or shapes for automated brazing lines.
Harris Products Group
Manufactures soldering, brazing and welding alloys for metal joining, including phos/copper and silver brazing alloys for the HVACR industry.
Metglas Solutions is a manufacturer of Metglas High Purity Brazing Foils.
Morgan Advanced Materials plc
Global supplier of high-purity, low vapor pressure, precious and non-precious brazing alloys.
New Technology Products
Manufactures proprietary brazing rods for aluminum and cast iron.
North American Alloy Co. LLC
Offering a full line of brazing and soldering alloys in bulk, wire, rod, strip, paste powder forms along with pre-formed shapes such as rings, discs shims.
Omley Industries
OEM and prototype custom vacuum brazing. Areas of expertise include hermetic feedthroughs, radiation and optical windows, and electrical stand-offs. Materials brazed: Alumina, zirconia, Sapphire, Titanium, Beryllium, SST, and Copper.
Fluxes for soldering copper/brass and brazing aluminum for the automotive heat exchanger manufacturing industry.
Saru Silver Alloys Private Ltd.
Produces silver, copper and brass brazing compounds and alloys, solder, flux, welding rods. Based in India.
Vacuum Process Engineering, Inc.
Precision vacuum furnace brazing, heat treating, thin film deposition, diffusion bonding, materials testing and analysis, leak testing, Retrolite brand retroreflectors, cold plates, manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication services.
Vitta Corporation
Manufacture nickel brazing alloys, high temperature brazing aids, powder, paste and brazing foil and tape. Includes technical information on brazing and related subjects.
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