Business Materials Composites Wholesale and Distribution
This category lists companies involved with the wholesale and distribution of composite materials.
ACP Composites
Materials for lightweight applications, supplies woven fabrics, tubes and panels, finishing and tooling resins. Also offers catalog and technical information.
Advanced Composite Materials
Distributor of composite support materials, including vacuum bag films, release films, liquids, and fabrics, adhesive and sealant tapes, autoclave valves and hoses, castable urethane elastomer, and tooling resins.
Applied Vehicle Technology
Distributor of advanced composite materials including epoxy resins, carbon fiber, honeycomb and foam core materials. [Indiana]
ARC Technologies
Massachusetts. Supplier of microwave absorbing materials for commercial and defense applications.
Complete Design Solutions Ltd
Supply Composite bearings, hydraulic cylinder Wear Rings and Seals.[Derby, UK]
The Composites Store
Distributors of all types of composite materials: E and S-glass, Kevlar and carbon tow, tape, rods, tubes, laminates and fabrics, epoxies and core materials, molding and vacuum bagging supplies. Small orders welcome, credit cards accepted. Some useful technical data and molding advice. [Tehachapi, CA]
Fiberglass Warehouse
Online distributor of fiberglass, polyester (UP), vinylester, epoxy, gelcoat, aramid, carbon, and other composite materials.
Fiberlay LLC
Seattle, WA. Retail supplier of materials used to manufacture and repair of fiberglass parts. Epoxy, vinyl and Polyester resins, Kevlat, carbon and S-2 glass fabrics.
FRP Services Co
Japan. Suppliers of chemicals, fibers, resins, color pastes and fillers to the composite products industry. Also, tools, machinery and equipment.
Haufler Industrievertretungen
Germany. Wholesale distributors of carbon and glass fiber and fabrics for the composite industry. Also, peel ply, release agents, resins, catalysts and auxiliaries, and custom fabricated carbon fiber reinforced sheets.
Infinity Composites Fiberglass
Ohio. Distributor of fiberglass materials and fabrics such as, boat cloth ,woven roving, chop strand mat, E-glass, S-glass, stitch mat, carbon, kevlar, epoxy resins, gelcoats, and gun roving.
Lavesan S.r.l.
Vetrotex distributor. Supply resins, woven roving, CSM, rovings. [Brentonico, Italy]
Lindgren RF Enclosures, Inc.
IL, USA. Global supplier of shielding solutions for EMI/RFI - electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
Maprac UK Ltd
Distributor of plastics; chemicals, including peroxide curing agents for polyester resins; and non-woven fabrics. Technical support, competitive prices and very fast delivery. [Hertfordshire, UK]
National Aerospace Supply Company
Distributor of Vacuum Bagging support materials: Release films and fabrics, Breathers and Bleeders, Bagging films, Sealant tapes, Flashstripper tapes, Vacuum hoses, valves, fittings, and pumps. Cutting surfaces, and wheel cutters. [CA]
Scott Industries, Inc.
Supply fiber glass products from OC, Johns Mansville and BGF.
TAP Plastics:
US distributor of E-glass and S-2 glass fabris, Polyester and epoxy resins, plastics. Focus on boat and race car enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys creating their own ideas from plastic. Useful for the do-it-yourselfer. Will sell small amounts over the internet, shipping globaklly. Good technical advice on resisn, and fibers.
U.S. Composites, Inc.
Sales of marine and composite materials including carbon fiber, polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins.
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