This category lists trade and technical organisations of the global composites industry.
ACMA. American Composites Manufacturers Association
USA. Trade organisation for the composite manufacturing industry, dedicated to research and education, and regulatory and legislative issues. Company and product locator. Link to magazine.
ACSS. Australian Composite Structures Society
Technical society for Australian manufacturers of composite structures, dedicated to knowledge transfer, education and industry promotion activities. ACSS bulletin on PDF file. Links to related sites.
ASC. The American Society for Composites
USA. Volunteer-based organisation of professionals, dedicated to providing a communication forum for the engineering and scientific community in composite materials, knowledge transfer and the promotion of composites.
CANZ. Composites Association of New Zealand
Trade organisation of the New Zealand composites industry, dedicated to knowledge transfer, education and training, and market development. Company directory. Library of articles. Newsletter and publications.
CEAC. Composites Engineering & Applications Center
USA. Research center based in the University of Houston, focused on the development of reliable and economical cost benefits of composite materials in onshore and offshore operations.
Composites Australia
Trade organization of Australian manufacturers and fabricators of composite materials and products, involved in education and training, technology utilisation, employment and industry safety issues. Extensive information about composites, and its manufacturing technologies. List of publications. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
EPTA. European Pultrusion Technology Association
The Netherlands. Trade organisation for European companies and organisations, active in the fiber reinforced composites pultrusion industry. Description of pultrusion technology. Company directory. List of publications.
RadTech International
USA. Non-profit trade organisation for manufacturers of ultraviolet and electron beam cured coatings, inks, adhesives and composites and products. Description of technology. Technical articles and publications. Calendar of events.
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