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3M Composites
Worldwide manufacturer of Nextel ceramic fiber textiles and composite solutions including metal matrix and polymer composites, and epoxy bonding adhesives for the aerospace industry. [St. Paul, MN]
3TEX, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of 3D woven and braided composite reinforcement materials, from carbon and glass fiber. Detailed technical information on PDF files.
AAM Armor Composites
Manufacture lightweight bullet resistant panels used in vehicles and architecture. Based on UHMWPE and aramid. [East Palmetto, Florida]
Accel Materials Inc.
Release films for composites industry. Various finishes available. [California, Massachusetts]
ACE - Applied Composites Engineering
Designing and manufacturing from advanced composites since 1982. Autoclave, RTM, VARTM. ISO 9001 and AS 9100, FAA Repair Station (EIGR091O). [Indiana]
ACM Marine
Range of advanced fibre reinforced plastic laminates, ideally suited to highly loaded bearing applications. [Rotherham, United Kingdom]
Advanced Carbon Technologies
High temperature thermal, halogen and vacuum purification services for graphite, composites, carbon filters, ceramics, metal oxides, alloys, tungsten and refractory materials.
Agni Fiber Boards Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of High Temperature structural - thermal and electrical insulation boards and sheets suitable for temperatures from -45°C to 800°C.[Vadodara, India]
Aim Composites PLC
Composite and honeycomb specialists. Design and consultancy.
Air Logistics Corporation
Manufacturers of composite materials and frp materials. Specializes in corrosion protection, pipe wrap, and pipeline repair.
Airtech International, Inc
USA. Multi-national manufacturers of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials for resin infusion and hand lay-up processing. Multi-lingual site.
Amber Composites Ltd.
Manufacture and supply Composite Materials, Prepregs, Honeycombs, Adhesives, Tooling Materials, Consumables, Release Agents. Distribute toolmaking and prototyping materials. [Nottingham, UK]
American Autoclave
Supplier of technologically advanced autoclaves and composite systems. 
Developer and manufacturer of composite materials. Small quantities can be supplied via e-mail orders. Price list available online. [Plainfield, Connecticut]
Aplicator System AB
Sweden. Design and manufacture of handling and application systems and accessories for resins and materials in the composite industry. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information in PDF files. Guide for gelcoat applications, spray-up processing, and spray equipment safety procedures.
Aradhana Fibreglass Technologies
Manufacturer of GRP products, fabricators, bonnet covers. [Bangalore, India]
ArmorCo, Inc.
Distributor of bullet resistant products such as kevlar fabric, fiberglass and armored cars. [Ashtabula, Ohio]
Atlas Composites
Derbyshire. Manufacture carbon fibre composite components for aerospace and Formula One (F1) motor racing industries.
B&P Products
Specialise in the development of moulds, the production of thermoset parts, technical synthetics, injection and compression moulding. Multi-lingual site - French, German, Dutch and English. [Overpelt, Belgium]
BAC Technologies
Filament winding consultancy. Manufacturing lightweight composites for over 12 years, including structural tubes, driveshafts, cylinders and D.O.T. certified high pressure vessels. [West Liberty, Ohio]
Beaufort Composite Technologies, Inc.
Manufactures large, epoxy prepreg, composite panels and sheets, from which products and parts are machined, as well as manufacturing composite parts from dedicated tooling. Online interactive design, quoting and ordering.
BGF Industries Inc.
Greensboro, NC. Fabrics for composites, electronics, reinforcements, insulation and filtration. Woven from E-glass fiber yarns, aramid and carbon. S-2 glass woven roving for armor. Owned by Porcher Industrie of France
Supplies rollers, dust collection, sprayers and other tools to manufacturers of fiberglass reinforced plastics.
Brenner International
USA. Design and manufacture of equipment for fiber chopping, festooning, sheet mold compounding, creeling and preforming in fiberglass composite processing. Also, custom engineering services. Detailed equipment catalogs, including technical information.
Bruce Pfund/Special Projects LLC
Consultants providing services and equipment offered for marine surveying, defence and other industries. Specialists in vacuum bagging. [Westerly, Rhode Island]
Canadian Commercial Vehicles
Custom manufacturing of honeycomb structures, sandwich panels of polypropylene sheets, fabricated metal products for transport, construction and industrial applications. [BC, Canada]
Carbon Technology, Ltd
UK. Custom design, prototyping and manufacture of compression molded, epoxy resin pre-impregnated carbon and fiberglass composites. Also, CNC routing of composites, plastics, MDF and metals.
Century Design, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of machinery and complete plants for the composite industry. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information.
ChangHong Brake Material Manufacture Co.
manufacturer of texturized fiberglass cloth/tape, braided fiberglass rope, fiberglass fire blanket, ceramic and carbon fiber products. [Zhejiang, China]
Chattahoochee Specialty Composites
Custom manufacturer and supplier of composite building materials including pultruded profiles, and panels. [Alpharetta, GA]
Chelton Applied Composites
Development, design and manufacturing of Composite parts. FW, HLU and RTM. Thermoset resins reinforced with boron, glass, carbon and aramid. [Sweden]
Chemfab Corporation
Part of CSG (St. Gobain) group. High performance polymer solutions specializes in flexible, nonstick, and high temperature fire-resistant products. Sheerfill(r) architectural fabrics from beta (3.5 micron) glass yarns, Chemglas(r) industrial fabrics, Chemlam(r) laminates from PTFE film bonded to fiberglass or aramid fibers. [Merrimack, NH]
CME Argentina
Offers a wide range of pultruded products. Site in English and Spanish.
Coes of Derby UK
Produce GRP mouldings for the construction utilities and transport industries. Polyesters, vinylesters, phenolics.
Composite Resources
GRP and CFRP design, prototypes, and manufacturing. [Rock Hill, SC]
Composite Solutions Inc.
Part maker specializing in autoclave prepreg processing for marine industry. S-glass, carbon, aramid, and spectra fibers. [Hingham, MA]
Composite Sourcing Solutions
PA. CSS consulting services enable companies to develop and confidently source low cost, high performance FRP composite products from well established overseas manufacturers.
Composite Technologies, LLC
NY. Manufactures and installs composite materials for construction and fire protection. Seismic Strengthening; Blast Mitigation ; Concrete Repair; Masonry Strengthening ; Wood Strengthening
Composites Atlantic, Ltd
Canada. Design and manufacture of advanced composites for aircraft, space, defense and commercial products. A guide to the history of composites and fibers, and composite reinforcement technology. Part of EADS, the German/French aerospace group.
Compotech AG
Manufacturer of compression moulded parts SMC, BMC and fibre reinforced plastic parts (GRP, FRP) in hand lay-up, RTM. Supplier to the transport industry, apparatus and machine industry, electrical industry, construction, sanitary industry, medicine. [Switzerland]
CompoTech Structural Composite Tubes
Design, product development and manufacture of high performance FW composite tubes for industrial applications, drive shafts, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Marine tubes. Aaxial fibre filament laying process in carbon, glass or aramid. [IOW, UK]
Coosa Composites, LLC
Manufacturers of structural, E-glass reinforced, polyurethane (PU) panels used in the marine and other industries. Not subject to water rot or insect infestation and are lighter than traditional structural materials. [Pelham, AL]
Creative Composites Ltd
Part making and design for defence, transportation and industrial markets. RIM, RTM, compression moulding. [County Antrim, Northern Ireland]
CRP Group
Manufacturer of surface and subsea buoyancy products including distributed buoyancy modules, bend stiffeners, cable protection systems and fendering systems
Crystex Composites LLC
Engineering pages and data for Mykroy-Mycalex glass mica composite. Where to purchase, manufacturing information and contacts listed.
CST Composites
Manufacturer of a full range of filament wound composite tubing, pultruded profiles as well as custom products for industrial and marine applications.
Cuming Corporation
Manufacturer of composite materials such as syntactic foam flotation and insulation equipment for the offshore oil and gas industries including deepwater buoyancy modules, subsea pipeline insulation, floats, risers, flotation technology,fairings,stealthbuoys.
Current Inc.
New Haven, CT. Manufactures thermoset high-pressure laminates . Phenolic, epoxy, silicone, melamine, and other resins. Substrates include canvas, linen, glass cloth, carbon fiber and paper. Tube, sheet, rod, and prepregs. Fabrication services available for all NEMA grade industrial plastics including G-3, G-5, G-7, G-9, G-10, G-11, LE, CE and XX.
Custom Composites Ltd
Manufacturers of glass and carbon fibre composite tubes, and composite components for industrial, electrical, military, communications and sports applications. [Rochdale, UK]
West Patterson, New Jersey. Leading global prepregger of advanced composites, supplying E-glass, S-2 glass, aramid and carbon fiber prepregs in Epoxy, Cyanate Ester, PEEK and other resins. Also supply adhesives. Aerospace and sporting goods. Manufacture in US, UK and Germany.
Dr. Barbero, West Virginia University
University activities on composite materials. Links to local SAMPE and other sites.
Dream Telescopes & Accessories, Inc
Carbon, Aramid and S-glass/epoxy composite tubes. Descriptive intro to composites.
Dura-Tech Industrial & Marine Limited
Nova Scotia, CANADA. Designers and manufacturers of fiberglass tanks and products. Repair services.
Dynagrout, Inc.
NY. Distributor to marine and automotive industries. Epoxy resins, fiberglass, hardeners, catalysts, chopped and milled fibers, pigments, sealer glaze.
Dynamic Composites Inc.
Primarily involved in research and development.
Dynatex SA
Belgium. Manufacturers of patend protected bi-axial, tri-axial and quadri-axial composites for reinforcement applications. Custom engineering services. Technical information on PDF files. Application and installation video. English and French.
Manufacturing and development of high quality friction and brake material. [South Africa]
Ebert Composites Corporation
Composite research and development, specializing in 3-dimensional fiber reinforcement and pultrusion. [Chula Vista, CA]
EDON Corporation
Architectural fiberglass columns, column covers, cornice and domes manufactured in the United States for over 43 years. [Horsham, PA]
Epic Resins
Epoxy, polyurethane, adhesive bonding materials and encapsulants. [Wisconsin]
EPM Technology Group
Composite manufacturer for Formula One and high performance vehicles.
EPO Fasern GmbH
Produce prepregs for industrial applications, especially based on large tows. UD and fabric using E-glass, R-glass, carbon and aramid. Epoxy and phenolic. Data sheets. English and German. [Willich, Germany]
Ercon Composites
Pultruder of GRP sections such as cable trays, gratings, ladders, walkways, handrails, structural sections, cross arms, discharge rods. UP and Epoxy. [Rajasthan, India]
Luxembourg. Manufacturer of lightweight products based on honeycomb core, based on Nomex aramid. The product range consists of various types of honeycomb, panels, formed, milled parts and drop-in parts for a wide range of industries and especially for the aeronautical industry.
Eurofiber SL
Filament wind pressure vessels (Al, Carbon or Inox steel liner with fiber overwrap) and laminate complex forms using carbon, glass and aramid fibers. Vinyl Ester, polyester or epoxy resin. Bilingual English/Spanish site. Eurofiber high technology composites, containers and resistant elements developed with carbon fiber glass fiber ... and complex laminated products special container bags obturer and pressure resistant bags. [Madrid, Spain]
Excel Material Composites.
Canada. Manufacturing of bumper or fifth wheel style fiberglass trailers also subcontracting manufacturing of fiberglass parts and moulds
Fiber-Tech Engineering, Inc
Manufacture custom composite patrs. Specialize in corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic fume and oder control ductwork,hoods,chemical process tanks and scrubber bodies for OEM customers. Wet Lay Up, Chopper Gun Spray Up, FW, Pre-Preg - Vacuum Bag - Oven Cure, RTM and Vacuum Assist Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM). [California]
Fiber-tech Industries
Manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced panels for the transportation, construction and agricultural markets
Fiberflon Ltd
PTFE (teflon) coated glass, Kevlar and Nomex fabrics, high temperature PSA tapes ; conveyor belts ; silicone coated glass fabrics [Corlu - TURKEY]
Fiberglass Molding and Engineering
NC. Engineers in the art and science of fiberglass molding and fabrications. From large animals and lighthouses to van covers and spas, also custom parts.
Fiberglass Sales LLC
Manufacturing and importing composite parts, components and molds including carbon fiber, Kevlar and handlaid fiberglass into the US for the marine, automotive, architectural and industrial type industries.
Fiberglass Supply, Inc.
Online Catalog of fiberglass reinforced plastic materials and supplies for building and repairing surfboards, windsurfers, boats, canoes, kayaks, cars and many other fiberglass products. [Bingen, WA]
Fiberglass Tank and Pipe Institute
Texas. Information about fiberglass tanks and piping systems
Fiberglass Unlimited
Fiberglass fabrication company. Specialized in Church Steeples. [Roanoak, AL]
Fiberglass Unlimited, Inc
Provide GRP storage tank service and modifications, including tank installation, tank repair, and Xerxes tank recertification. [San Carlos, California]
Fiberglass World
Contains listings composite suppliers - fibers, resins, and components. Companies pay to be listed.
Fiberset Inc.
Design and manufacturing in composites using carbon and other fibers, for aerospace and industry
Fiberwrap Construction Inc.
Composite Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Walls.
A company whose main focus is finding uses for carbon fiber in aerospace and non-aerospace applications, i.e. string, cable, and rope.
Fibre Glast Developments Corporation
Offer a complete line of fiberglass supplies and composite materials including fiberglass cloth, epoxy resins, carbon fabric, and Kevlar. Excellent online catalog and also some technical information. Wide range of products can be ordered online, export customers outside US also serviced. [Brookville, Ohio]
Fibreglass Solutions Inc.
Specialize in GRP forfluid handling, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy. Piping, tanks, dampers, valves, fittings, grating,structures, pipe insulation, and custom fabrication, training, installation.
Fibregrid Ltd.
Fibreglass grating and anti slip stear treads.
Film Technology Inc.
Quick Draw vacuum bagging films eliminate extraneous bleeder, breather and resin distribution materials. Suitable for VARTM. [TX]
Finishline Advanced Composites
Manufacturing of carbon fiber composite products for applications including aerospace, industrial, medical and recreational. [Benicia, California]
The Forbes Group
Manufacturers of GRP Tanks, Vessels, Scrubbing and Stripping Towers and Odour Control Systems. [UK]
Forever Compsoites Co. Ltd.
Manufactures molded and pultruded gratings and FRP profiles and other FRP products in China.
Forte Composites, Inc.
Manufacturer of cast polymers, coatings, grouts and flooring systems for chemical protection. Only one page on web site
FRE Composites
Design and manufacture advanced composite products. Filament winding. (Quebec, Canada)
Futura Composites
Netherlands. Part maker. Many processes including Filament Winding and Autocalve.
Glassfibre & Allied Industries
Mumbai, India. Polyester, Epoxy and Polyimide resin based, fiberglass reinforced laminates, rods, tubes, for electrical insulating material.
Gurit-Heberlein AG
Switzerland. Group of companies, active in composite materials and construction components, and dental and medical products. English and German.
Hadlock Plastics Corporation
Ohio, USA. Custom molder and fabricator of FRP. Contract-manufacturing services including compression molding, resin transfer molding (RTM), open molding, machining, painting and assembly of thermoset composites.
Hardwire LLC
Hardwire manufactures high modulus steel reinforcement materials for use in composite applications. e.g.composite tooling, concrete repair, ballistic and blast protection.
Hawkeye International
Release film/fabrics, breathers, bleeders and all equipment for vacuum bagging. Catalog in Adobe acrobat. Los Angeles, California.
Hexcel Corporation
Leading global supplier of advanced materials - Carbon Fiber, Epoxy resins and adhesives, glass, aramid and carbon fabrics, prepregs, aircraft flooring and components. [Stamford, CT]
Hitco Carbon Composites, Inc.
Heavy tow carbon fibers and components based on carbon fiber composites. Brake linings for aircraft. [Gardena, CA]
Hobas Pipe USA
Manufacturer of large diameter (18 - 110 inch) centrifugally cast fiberglass mortar pipes with inherent corrosion resistance. Sliplining, microtunneling, jacking direct bury and above ground installations. [TX]
HuaXiang Frp Co Ltd.
China. Manufacture FRP grating, mainly to US. Also flowerpots and other Glass/UP parts
Hudson Fiberglass
Custom fiberglass fabrication, repair, and onsite work. All types of manufacturing including fiberglass bows, haz-mat holding tanks, composite pipe, funnels, and clean out ports. [Lake City, FL]
Imatec srl
Manufacture a wide range of metal and nomex honeycomb, sandwich panels and components. [Milan, Italy]
Industrial Brake & Supply
Industrial brakes and friction materials products including clutch linings, overhead crane shoes and bonded brakes; custom brake bonding and fabrication.
JEC Group
Portal for composites, providing news and a business directory.
Jefferson Fiberglass Co.
Family owned company. Fabricate custom fiberglass and aluminum parts such as battery and cooler boxes for various industries including oil, transportation and marine. [Harvey, LA]
Jinli Composites Ltd;
Manufacturer of composites products, prototyping, custom and mass-production for automotive, marine and recreational sports industries. [Dongguan, China]
Jostec composites
CFRP partmaker, marine industry. CAD/CAM CNC facility [Germany]
KAR-DEL Plastics, Inc.
Fabricator of fiberglass tanks, ducts, pipe, fittings, dampers, inserts, scrubbers, containment systems, baffles, and weir plates.
Kemlite Company
Manufacturer of FRP panels for trailer liners/roofs, Glasbord wall/ceiling finishes, corrugated patio covers and RV Filon sidewalls. Employs over 9,000 people in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. [Stanford, CT]
Kempel Group
A specialist manufacturer of materials for the electrical, consumer products and reinforced products industries. [Preston UK]
Lancaster Composite Pilings
manufactures structural marine pilings for piers, marinas, docks, and wharfs made from composite materials. E-glass in polyester and epoxy.
Lance Brown Import-Export
Australia. Exporter of fiberglass materials including roving, chopped strands, tissue, tapes, high silica fabrics, UP resin, FRP grating. E-glass, AR-glass.
Lopour & son
Production of composite tubes and products based on glass-carbon-aramid-epoxy. Insulating poles for maintenance of overhead power, telecommunication or traction overhead lines (de-icing, manipulation), current collectors for trolleybuses, insulating tubes and rods, components for ultra-light aeroplanes. [Czech republic]
Magnum Venus Products
A fiberglass equipment company. Products include fiberglass spray equipment, gelcoat products, frp systems, and cast polymer supplies.
Material S.A.
Software, engineering design and prototyping for filament winding of fiber reinforced plastics (composites). [Zaventum, Belgium]
Matrix Composite Materials Company (MCMC)
Distributor of thermoset resins. Distributor for Sicomin products. [Bristol, UK]
Database includes thermoplastic and thermoset polymers, aluminum, cobalt, copper, magnesium, nickel, steel, titanium and zinc alloys, plus a growing list of ceramics. Fiber and some composite data.
Meggitt PLC
Composite seats for aircraft, composite armor for marine, aerospace and military. [Dudley, UK]
Metal Matrix Cast Composites
MMCC is a custom manufacturer of particulate and continuous fiber reinforced aluminum and copper alloy castings.
Mica Manufacturing Co. Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer of mica products.
Micamac Incorporation
Manufacturer and exporter of all types of Mica and micanite products, including powder, flakes and mica 'V' rings-cones.
MSM Industries
Small business specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced technology materials and custom resin systems. [Corona, CA]
NA Design Co.
NADC is focused on composite parts analysis,design, production and repairs. Offers atmospheric and non-atmospheric technology for primary and secondary parts from glass, carbon and hybrid reinforcements, various resins and honeycombs. Aerospace and other parts. [Czech Republic]
Polymer nanocomposite reference and links. Nanotechnology and nanomaterial review.
Global research, consultancy and online media company, creating and using innovative technologies to advance the composites industry.
Ningbo Grand Fiberglass Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer of fiberglass mesh, fiberglass tape and frp grating, all AR-glass. [Ningbo city, China]
Nippon Glass Fiber
Manufacturer glass fiber yarns, rovings and flakeglass. E-glass, K-glass, U-glass, C-glass. Owned by Nippon Sheet Glass.
Novis Sealing Ltd.
Manufacturers of phenolic laminate heat shields to the automotive, rail, mass transit, aerospace, petrochemical and defence industries. Part of the Dutch Koninklijke Econosto N.V. or Royal Enonosto group.
NVF Company
Manufacturer of thermoset composites (glass, Kevlar), vulcanized fiber, custom containers, circuitry materials, custom fabrication, welding products, and molded plastics.
Omidfar Electronic
Manufacturer of epoxy glass laminates (FR2-FR4)for the electronic circuit board industry. [IRAN]
Omnia Group Ltd.
Thermoplastic panel technology and sandwich panels that offer excellent strength to weight characteristics, durability, recycling and sustainability. Polypropylene (PP) /E-glass skins and PP honeycomb cores. [Nottingham, UK]
Owens Corning Composite Materials
Producer of glass fiber, for housing insulation as well as composites. Site contains technical data on GRP.
Pacific Panels - Honeycomb Sandwich Panels
Bonded structural panels manufactured from a variety of lightweight, high strength materials. [Oakland, CA]
Parabeam 3D Glass Fabrics
Sandwich material made of 100% E-glass. Consists of two decklayers with inter-connecting piles in between. Based on 3D fabric. Applications for structural and non-structural parts. [NL]
Park Electrochemical Corp.
Develops and manufactures advanced composite materials and high-technology digital and RF/microwave printed circuit materials. Based in Melville, New York.
Performance Composites
CA. Partmaker of fiberglass and composite products.
Performance Composites Ltd.
Somerset, UK. Filament winding or moulding from Prepreg materials. Carbobn aramid and glass in epoxy. Guideline mechanical date provided.
Permali Gloucester Ltd.
They supply phenolic and epoxy composites for use as aircraft cargo liners, fire resistant and low smoke panels, ballistic armour and cryogenic supports. Also tubes and foam materials.
PFI Composites. Piedmont Fiberglass Inc.
Manufacture composite parts for architectural, commercial, industrial, transportation and marine applications. Open molding and LRTM.[Mooresville, NC]
Plascore Inc.
Manufacture lightweight/high strength honeycomb core materials (Aluminum, Nomex(tm) and Polycarbonate) for the aerospace and commercial composites industries. Meets MIL-C-7438, MIL-C-81986, AMS 3711 along with customer specifications. [Zeeland, MI]
Plastic Reinforcements Inc
Manufacturer of laminated composite structures for rail, entertainment, marine, aerospace, military and space applications. Contoured, flat or laminated Structures. FOD Shields. Honeycomb Structures. [CA]
Poliya Composites Resins and Polymers Inc.
Manufacturer of Polyester resins and vinyl ester structural resins, gel coats, pigment color pastes, release agents and structural fiber bonding pastes for composites industry. [Turkey and Germany]
Porcher Industrie
Weaver of E-glass, S-2 glass and carbon. Leader in fabrics for electrical industries. Owner of BGF. [Badinieres, France]
Porteret Beaulieu Industrie SA
High temperature insulation, industrial gaskets, filtration, sealing, and conveyor rolls. [Bezouotte, France]
PPG Industries
USA. Glass fiber for nonwoven and textile applications. Fiberglass fabrics, products and composite structures for automotive, construction and manufacturing industries. Description of manufacturing process, characteristics and properties of glass fiber. Library of research articles. Enter upon registration.
Precision Composite Structures
Pacific Radomes, Inc., manufactures precision composite reflector and radome structures for a broad range of RF antenna applications [Santa Clara, CA]
Premix Inc.
Thermoset composite company develops, manufactures and markets molding compounds and custom-molded parts.
Pultrusion Developments
Consultancy providing advice on the design and manufacture of pultruded profiles and associated processing equipment; product feasibility studies to complete factory set-ups and technology transfers. [Liverpool, UK]
Quadrant AG
Switzerland. Manufacturers of semi-finished and finished specialty engineering thermoplastics and composites. Technical information on PDF files. English and German.
Quickstep Technologies Pty. Ltd.
Quickstep Technologies process involves the out-of-autoclave manufacture of advanced composite materials. Applications in many industries including aerospace and automotive. [Perth, Australia]
Real Carbon LLC
Produces raw and finished custom carbon fiber parts. Design and development, engineering services and consulting. [Hood River, OR]
Refitech B.V.
Part maker using carbon and aramid fibers. From design to production. Autoclave, RTM, vacuum bag, blow-moulding, cold and hot pressing. [NL]
ReVerie Accessories
Auto Accessories Carbon fibre steering wheels, Custom fire extinguishers, Niche auto accessory design services.
Roblon AS
Industrial fibers, cable and rope machinery. [Fredrikshavn, Denmark]
Rojac Patterns Limited
Mould, pattern and model makers to the automotive, aerospace and motorsport industries. Specialists in CADCAM CNC 5 axis machining RIM RTM PU composite moulds, mouldmaking up to 20 tonnes, online project management. Worldwide customer base. Drawings/specifications can be sent over the Internet. [West Midlands, UK]
RTM Composites
MI. A resin transfer molding and Vacuum molding supplier of equipment, consumables and know-how. Designer, educator, support company. The site provides links to raw materials suppliers and RTM processors.
Manufacture of multiaxial fabrics (non-crimp fabrics) and core materials for the production of fiber-reinforced composite. [Saerbeck, Germany]
Sahney Insulation Group.
India. Manufacturer of mica and mica based insulation and composites for the Locomotive, heating appliance, and furnace industry where high voltage and temperatures are required.
Sazeh Morakab, Inc
Manufacturers of hand lay-up and compression molded fiberglass reinforced plastic composite products (FRP) for applications in the defence, aerospace, automotive and chemical industries. Also, technical consulting services. English and Iranian.
Scanfiber Composites A/S
Manufacturer of composite armor. Glass, aramid and UHMWPE. [Denmark]
Scott Bader, Ltd
Polyester and Vinyl Ester resins for the composites industry.
SDM Technology
Platen Presses, Multi-Opening, Air Over Oil High Pressure System, MAX-RAMP Technology. Fabricator of Lightweight Composite Structures. [CA]
Servi Fibra
Manufacturer of GRP polyester resin items. [Mexico]
SGL Carbon Group
Manufactures heavy tow (48k-360k) PAN carbon fiber and graphite products at 25 locations in 10 countries. [Wiesbaden, Germany]
Sheldahl, Inc.
Produces flexible printed circuitry and laminates, and high density substrates used by automotive, electronics and datacom markets. Includes overview of company in Northfield, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: SHEL)
Smyth Composites (Plastics) Ltd
UK. Manufacturing low maintenance shatter/vandal proof GRP and Phenolic Flat Sheet Products that don't drip, melt or soften in fire. Optional cores, solid colours, surface textures/finishes for most in/external glazing/cladding purposes.
Spaulding Composites
Manufacturer of composites for the automobile industry and other fields using technologically engineered products and composites. Manufacturer of Mykroy-Mycalex glass-mica composite. Prepregs, FW, laminating. [Rochester, NH]
Starfire Systems Inc
Manufacturer of high temperature silicon carbide composites and ceramics .
Sui Generis International Ltd.
Manufacturer of GRP fiberglass grating, slip resistant stair treads, industrial linings, and spill containment products. Specifications, pricing, and company news.
Suter Swiss.Composite Group
Switzerland. Group of companies, involved in liquid plastics, tool resisns, accessories and finished composite products. Product catalogs and technical information on PDF files. Glossary of terms. Links to related sites. English, German and French.
Taconic is a worldwide manufacturer of advanced, engineered composite materials consisting of Teflon(R) coated fiberglass, Kevlar(R), and Nomex(R).
Teel GRT
Teel GRT develops compounds, using natural fibers and thermoplastic materials, for the construction, automotive, consumer, and compounding industries. Subsidiary of Teel Plastic Inc. [Baraboo, WI]
Tencom Ltd.
Pultruder of GRP rods, tubes and poles. Custom colors and lengths. [Holland, OH]
Texcel Co.
Weave fiberglass fabrics, tapes, braided, twisted, knitted ropes and tubes, welding blankets as well as electrical insulation tapes and sleeves. [China]
Thomas Products
Thomas Products is a manufacturer of high quality fiberglass storage cabinets designed to protect fire extinguishers, breathing air packs, and other sensitive equipment from exposure to harsh, corrosive environments
Thompson Polymer Specialists
Manufacturer of fiberglass pools, tanks, syrup kettles, buildings, and enclosures. [Louisiana]
Ticona Engineering Polymers - Celstran LFRT
Manufacture thermoplastic molding compounds reinforced with long fibers - glass, carbon and aramid. Subsidiary of Celanese. Mainly for injection and compression molding. [Winona, Minnesota]
Toray Carbon Fibers
PAN based carbon fiber (in Japan, USA and France). Prepreg in Japan and USA. Also produces parts by molding and Filament Winding.
Trade Name Index
Composite materials listed by trade name. Does not cover all materials, nor completely up to date, but useful.
TRB Lightweight Structures
UK. Manufacturers and fabricators of lightweight honeycomb panels, composite structures and adhesive bonded assemblies for the Rail, Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Motor Racing Industries. Carbon, Kevlar, and glass skins plus anodized, painted aluminium, and stainless steel.
Tri-Cast Composite Tubes Ltd
Suppliers and Manufacturers of Carbon, Glass and Aramid Fibre Composite Tubes to the Military, Industrial Tube and Sport industries.
Ultracor Inc.
CA. Formerly YLA Cellular Products. Design, manufacture and market specialty honeycomb materials under the trade name Ultracor.
United Composites
Fire-retardant, high temperature and armoured composite products. Thermoset resins with most fibres [Netherlands]
University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials
Center for research, education, and technology transfer of composite materials. Internationally recognized for success over 30-year history
Valspar Composites
Manufacture a range of products for composites manufacturers including gel coats, bonding adhesives, mold releases, and resins. Features how-to and troublshooting guides.
Vectorply Corporation
Non-crimp fabric (NCF) reinforcements for composites applied to infrastructure, auto, aerospace, sports and marine applications. Stitch bonded fabrics offer greater range and flexibility compared to the weaving process. Carbon, E-Glass, S-glass, Aramid and hybrids. [Phenix City, AL]
Thermoplastic LCP reinforcements used in aerospace, ocean exploration and development, electronic support structures, recreation and leisure industry, safety materials, industrial applications, ropes and cables, composites, and protective garments. [Charlotte, NC]
Vince Kelly's Carbon Fiber data
Information on PAN based carbon fiber technology
Western Advanced Engineering
Manufacture Prepreg equipment for carbon and graphite fibers, Kevlar, boron and fiberglass fibers. ,"S-Wrap"? impregnation, Dual product rewinders, 100 ft./min. production speed. [Anaheim, CA]
Worldwide Composite Materials Search Engine
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