Business Materials Abrasives Grinding Wheels
This category is concerned with what can be considered a group of cutting and machining tools that can be usefully assembled under a heading of its own.
Acme Abrasive - Hanson Co.
Produces bonded grinding wheels and abrasive supplies for foundries, steel mills and roll shops.
Anchor Abrasives
Specializes in the manufacturing of resin, epoxy, and oxychloride bonded nut-inserted discs and cylinders used to grind a variety of tools and automotive parts.
Bates Abrasives
Manufacturer of resin grinding wheels and other abrasive products. Product line includes wheels for cutoff; bench, knife and weld grinding; saw gumming and snagging; mounted points and segments.
Breamer Grinding Supply USA
Diamond, Borazon (CBN), superabrasives in resin, metal, and vitrified bonds. Electroplated form wheels, diamond dressing tools, diamond core drills, carbide burrs. Wheels for surface, internal, external, centerless grinding.
Camel Grinding Wheels
Manufacturer of resinoid and vitrified bonded grinding wheels, cut-off and depressed center discs and flap-discs. Located in Israel.
Colonial West Company
Supplier of abrasive stones and grinding wheels for metal working and machine shops.
Diamond Grinding Supply
Canadian supplier of PDC cutters, diamond grinding wheels, tungsten carbide parts, and graphite displacements for PDC drill bit repair companies.
Diamond Wheel Inc.
Sells assortment of grinding supplies. Includes diamond and carbide wheels and drills, as well as belts and discs. Also offers selection of wood and metal cutting tools.
GCH Tool Group, Inc.
New and remanufactured parts and components for grinders. Specializing in Cincinnati Centerless. O.D. and I.D. parts and components for many other makes and models.
George Jowitt & Sons Ltd
Manufactures specialist wheels, discs and segments. Other languages include French, Italian, Spanish, and German.
Georgia Grinding Wheel Company
Distributor of grinding wheels and abrasives, including standard and "make to order" products. Features an online store, technical reference section, and online quotations.
Grier Abrasives
Produces a range of resinoid or vitrified grinding wheels and mounted points.
Hayes Abrasives Inc.
Manufactures assortment of rubber bonded thin slitting wheels. Details of available sizes and types and discusses advantages and applications.
Ilyich Abrasive Co.
Russia. Manufacturer of conventional grinding wheels, superabrasives, PCBN cutting tools and other abrasive products.
JiangYan SuMeng Grinding Wheel Ltd.
Specializes in resin-bonded reinforced grinding wheels. Includes list of other products.
Jinrui diamond tools industroal Co.,Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer of diamond grinding wheels, diamond drill bits and polishing wheels for glass processing.
Just Saw Supply & Equipment Inc.
Purchase sharpening tools, equipment, supplies, accessories, grinding wheels, carbide tips, carbide blanks, files, abrasive belts, discs, diamond wheels, welding supplies.
Krebs & Riedel Schleifscheibenfabrik
Manufactures conventional grinding tools in vitrified and resinoid bond, superabrasive tools in vitrified bond, diamond tools in sintered metal bond, grinding machines.
L & L Abrasive Supply Company
US Distributor of grinding wheels, cut-off wheels and regulating wheels. Features online store and contact information.
Modern Abrasive Corp.
Produces industrial mounted points and wheels, sharpening stones, and dressing sticks. Includes catalog and list of distributors.
Moravia Abrasivi
Produces a variety of grinding and cutting wheels. Located in Kunštát, Czech Republic.
Pacer Industries Inc
Manufactures resin bonded and cork filled rubber bonded centerless and roll grinding wheels.
Pferd, Inc.
Manufactures files and rasps, tungsten carbide burrs, ultrahigh-speed steel (HSS), rotary cutters, hole saws, hole cutters, fine-grinding, polishing and brushing tools, diamond and CBN tools, reinforced grinding wheels and cut-off wheels for freehand use, cut-off wheels for stationary machines, air-powered straight and angular grinders, flexible shaft machines, electric power tools. August Rüggeberg GmbH and Co. KG.
Radiac Abrasives
Manufacturer of industrial and automotive abrasives. Site provides recommendations and tips for a variety of grinding applications.
Random Products Inc.
Supplies coated and bonded abrasive products to network of distributors. Includes product catalog.
Research Abrasive
Manufacturer of a wide variety of plastic bonded grinding wheels for the automotive, steel and other metalworking industries.
Manufactures diamond- and CBN-plated grinding products includes jig grinding mandrels, grinding wheels. Customization, and strip and replate processing. A unit of U.S. Avionics, Inc.
Shapton Stones
Supplies ceramic sharpening stones. Includes technical information and online ordering.
The SIGMA Group, Inc.
Distributor and manufacturers representative for grinding wheels, tooling and machinery. In-house tool design, CAD, engineering studies and consulting.
Sterling Abrasives Ltd.
Manufactures a range of vitrified and resin bonded grinding wheels.
Produces the Shur-Grind brand of grinding segments for vertical spindle grinding and vitrified specialty stones.
Taiwan Resibon Abrasive Products Co., Ltd.
Produces grinding and cutting wheels and sanding disc papers.
Manufactures grinding wheels, abrasives and cutting tools in China.
Vista Abrasive
Manufactures resin bonded cutoff and grinding wheels in Malaysia.
Walker/Kaizen Inc.
Manufactures brushes for industrial use, specialized in staple-set brushes, including cylinders, flats, curved surfaces.
YingLong SuperHard Materials Manufactory
Manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide, HSS/Alloy Steel and Chrome Steel Cutters as well as SuperHard Grinding Wheels. Product listing and contact information in China.

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