Market research companies (or occasionally research institutions) that are soliciting individuals or families to participate in surveys, usually on a continuing basis, over a period of time. They may or may not offer rewards.

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American Consumer Opinion
As a member, you will help evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you like, don't like, and want in the future.
Registration site that rewards consumer, business, and technology panelists for taking surveys on various topics. Sponsored by Amplitude Research.
Provides paid online surveys for market research while survey takers remain anonymous. Payment is typically through Paypal.
Consumer Village
North American consumer research panel focusing on retail and automotive survey sample.
Online consumer-panel that pays cash for participation in market research surveys and offers consumers to express their views and opinions about brands, products and services.
Polling site that rewards members for signing up and taking surveys on various topics. Provides online research for businesses.
EPG Survey
Surveys are conducted in partnership with the healthcare industry and some of the largest and most respected market research organisations in the world.
Offers the opportunity to participate in paid research studies. Free online registration form.
An online marketplace where consumers from around the world participate in the development of new-to-the-world products and services.
Greenfield Online
Consumer and marketing research firm. Sign up to be part of their online marketing survey pool.
Harris Poll Online
Offers point system rewards for surveys aimed at decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations.
Participate in online focus group discussion forums and online surveys. Plaza Research.
Keynote Research Panel
Provides an opportunity to join an online panel, evaluate websites and get rewarded.
MediaTransfer AG
Market research on the internet. As a participant you evaluate such things as websites and products. Efforts are compensated with in-kind items (no cash).
Consumer opinion gathering company that specialize on quantitative data collection online.
Online Panel that offers cash and rewards for survey participation.
NFO Interactive
Market research gathered by online surveys.
NPD Online Research
Insight from an online consumer panel of over 2.5 million registered members with offices in 60 countries.
Opinion Outpost
Survey research data collection company. Improve consumer products and services by sharing your honest opinions and views and get rewarded too.
PlanetPanel is an online survey site. Aside from the possibility of winning prizes for completeing surveys members can interact with other members from around the world
Poles Apart UK
Online access panel aiming at the Polish community living in the UK.
Product Testing Services
Specializing in on-line surveys and product testing and evaluations. Offers cash and product incentives to panelists and survey participants.
Q & A Research
Market research firm conducting studies through online surveys and focus groups both in English and Spanish.
Spider Metrix
Become a "spider" and get paid for completing surveys. Registration is free and you get paid for each and every survey that you complete.
Consumer panel of Canadian Viewpiont (CanView) covering Canada and many international centers.
Provides online surveys and polls for people who want to get paid for expressing their opinions through surveys, polls. mystery shopping, and trying out new products.
Surveys members for the opinions on the products and services they use. Payment for member participation and for the participation of those that their members refer.
Tell researchers what you think of their products and services or give your opinions on the issues of the day. Offers prizes and rewards for participation.
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