Internet market research is a process of specifying and locating information to make business decisions related to the Internet. It can include designing methods for collecting data into the Internet, managing and implementing data collection, analyzing results, communicating findings, and/or consulting on the trends and implications of Internet market research findings.

Many sites CONDUCT research on the Internet into a broad range of topics. Although they use the Internet as a tool, these sites are not about "Internet Marketing" and do not belong in this category.

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Byte Level Research
Provides customized research and consulting on Web globalization and wireless technologies.
Internet market statistics, news and reports. Focus on comparing its market data results with those published by other well-known consulting groups.
FAD Research
Conducts research related to e-business strategy, interactive marketing, Web development, and government policy issues related to the knowledge based economy.
Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence
Provider of database products and direct marketing solutions to the high-tech and communications industries in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Hellerstein and Associates
Research group specializing in market analysis; niche marketing and segmentation analysis; competitive intelligence; regulatory analysis; competition policy; and market access issues that help companies better compete in today's broadband market.
Advanced Digital Research
Killen & Associates
Research specializing in electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP), electronic statement presentment (ESP), and multi-channel e-business (MCEB).
Market Truths Limited
State of the art market research and analysis including: data mining, Web surveys, mail surveys, Web focus groups, information searches, and market scans.
Michael Rigby Associates
Michael Rigby Associates specialise in internet marketing, market research, PR and fact-based marketing for the building, window and home improvement industries.
MRG Multimedia Research Group Inc.
Publishes market analyses of new technologies for the communications industries, and provides market intelligence and strategy consulting for its client companies.

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