Naming agencies and verbal branding companies are firms that specialize in the development of the words used to label or describe goods, services, and organizations. This list is comprised of firms that provide unique and valuable content online in addition to providing naming services. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all agencies providing naming or verbal branding services.

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Brains on Fire
South Carolina based national identity development company. Book Authors of "Brains on Fire" and "The Passion Conversation".
Brand Institute
Global full service brand identity consultants specializing in market research, trademark screening and linguistic services. Provides market research using a panel of healthcare professionals and patients.
NYC based. Specializing in collaborative brand and name creation services. Offers a NowNaming store with ideas delivered in 10 to 24 days.
Northern California based. Specializing in verbal branding and trademark development. Offers a look into the creative process behind choosing a name.
Brighter Naming
Northern California based agency specializing in rapid development.
Minneapolis, Minnesota based specializing in identity design. Provides information on areas of focus for brand naming and a blog about brand creation.
New York and California based. Provides a naming guide, how-to videos, a name visualizer and naming game.
Aurora, Illinois based agency. Provides articles on how-to create brand names along with tips for best practices.
Eat My Words
San Francisco based agency specializing in the verbal branding of food and drink.
North Carolina based name development agency. Provides linguistic evaluations, brand evaluations and market research services.
A Hundred Monkeys
Mill Valley, CA-based agency specializing in developing brand identities and positioning strategies.
San Francisco, California based. Provides information on name meaning, type, style and creative brand strategy methodologies.
Sausalito, California based. Offers a blog on corporate and consumer identity development, positioning and research.
Geneva, Switzerland based agency. Specializing in pharmaceutical brands and offers articles around the concept of "Abstract Naming".
Lexicon Branding
Sausalito, California based agency. Specializes in international brand names, naming market research and global linguistic clearance services.
Master-McNeil, Inc
Berkeley, California based company offering identity development and brand architecture services since 1989.
San Francisco based consultants. Provides information on the importance of verbal branding.
The Name Stormers
Austin, Texas based company providing verbal branding, consulting and software.
New York based. Provides information on trademark services, market research, global namecheck and verbal branding.
New York based agency specializing in name creation. Provides brand stories and tips on securing intellectual property.
Terminologically trained experts provide product and company names for small businesses.
Name development and testing company led by Mark Prus, author of "The Science of Branding: 20 Proven Ways To Make Better Branding Decisions".
San Francisco based agency specializing in automotive, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods branding. Offers a "constructional linguistics" approach.
San Francisco Bay Area based. Specializing in brand consulting for top-tier and small to medium sized businesses, including agency and panel contribution.
Carefree, Arizona based. Provides information on name development around the science of verbal branding.
Nametag International, Inc
Minneapolis, MN based. Provides information on brand identity creation using a proprietary Ideonics name development method.
The Naming Company
Creates memorable, marketable names for new products, services and businesses.
Naming Force
Specializing in crowdsourced knowledge for product and company naming.
The Naming Group
NYC based agency. Provides information on namescape strategy development for brands.
Naming company offering identity solutions for products, services and businesses.
The New Foundry
Ann Arbor, Michigan based. Provides branding through strategy shaping, storytelling and naming.
Paris based global agency established in 1981. Provides information on name creation, linguistic checks and branding strategies.
Cambridge, Massachusetts based. Provides extensive blog on identity service and naming topics.
Operative Words
The principles and practice of brand naming.
the Rabbiter
Sofia, Bulgaria based. Provides identity creation packages and a blog on successful brand naming.
River and Wolf
New York City based. Specializing in company and product naming, tagline creation, brand storytelling, copy and script writing.
Russellmark Group
San Francisco Bay Area based. Provides corporate identity systems and information design for complex, sophisticated offerings.
Washington DC area branding and advertising agency. Designs strategic identities, names, taglines, logos and marketing campaigns.
Strategic Name Development
Minneapolis, Minnesota based. Provides information on name DNA, global linguistics and brand architecture.
New York City based brand language firm. Specializing in naming, taglines, stories, messaging and voice strategies, and copy.
Denver based. Provides information on name development with expertise in intellectual property and strategic branding.
Tungsten Branding
Brevard, North Carolina based. Site includes a "Company Branding 101" section and extensive blog on naming topics.
Werner Brandl
Munich, Germany based. Specializing in new product names, company naming, and naming architecture.
Berkeley, California based. Specializing in company and product brand name development, naming architecture and brand strategy. Publisher of the naming guide "The Art of Naming".
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